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City Kayak offers kayak and standup paddle board related services;
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City Kayak

City Kayak


Private Event with Guides

If you have over 6 people, we can host a private kayaking event for your group. Please ask if you need an event during closed days or hours.

1 Hour $54.00 / hour
2 Hours $69.00 / 2 hours
3 Hours $79.00 / 3 hours

Daily Take Away Rental

Reserve kayaks and SUPs for your overnight trip to Yosemite or beyond.

Items like inflatable kayak, SUP(stand up paddle board), canoe, or cargo box can be reserved.

Daily $0.00 / day

Youth Camp

Join a youth summer camp. It is a week-long fun and learning activities for age 8 and up.

The program includes kayaking, standup paddle boarding, canoeing, and small boat sailing.

$449.00 / person

McCovey Cove Experience

Paddle to McCovey Cove, home of The San Francisco Giant's Splash Hit.

*Giants Fireworks Show trip is scheduled for 4/12/19 Friday 8pm-10:30pm.

$64.00 / Adult
$59.00 / Youth

SF South Beach Kayak Trip

We paddle on the quiet waters of the San Francisco Bay. The waterfront near South Beach Harbor and Mission Creek is a hidden gem.

$64.00 / Adult
$59.00 / Youth

San Francisco Downtown Kayak Trip

If you have prior kayaking experience, you may join this kayak trip and enjoy spectacular views while paddling the world-class San Francisco waterfront on seatouring kayaks.

$79.00 / Adult
$71.10 / Youth

Full Moon Kayak Trip

Paddle along the San Francisco waterfront at full moon rise.

Previous seakayaking experience within 2 years is required.

$89.00 / Adult
$80.00 / Youth

Alcatraz Kayak Trip

Enjoy paddling around The Alcatraz island and San Francisco bay.

$89.00 / Adult
$83.00 / Youth

CLASS Intro to Kayaking 101

Learn how to paddle a kayak in a quiet water.

This kayaking session is suitable for first time paddlers and families. No paddling experience is required, and beginners are welcome.

$54.00 / Adult
$43.00 / Youth

CLASS Beginning SUP SP1

Learn the basic maneuvers on a SUP(Stand Up Paddleboard).

This SUP session is suitable for first time paddlers and families. No paddling experience is required, and beginners are welcome.

$59.00 / Adult
$54.00 / Youth

CLASS Seakayaking 201

This class is Part 1 of essential seakayaking skills valuable for San Francisco bay.

Part 2 Reentry 301 must be taken to be able to rent a touring kayak at most outfitters.

$69.00 / Adult
$62.00 / Youth

CLASS Reentry 301

Part 2 of essential seakayaking skills- reentry to a seatouring kayak is covered in this session.

Reentry is a requirement in renting a seatouring kayak from most outfitters.

$59.00 / Adult
$53.00 / Youth

CLASS Roll 401 YMCA Embarcadero Pool

A good Eskimo roll enhances your kayaking safety. You can also venture out to exciting and fun conditions like chops, surf, and whitewater.

This session is done at the aquatic pool in YMCA Embarcadero.

$85.00 / Adult
$76.00 / Youth

CLASS Surfski- SK1

Learn the basics of paddling a surfski- an extremely fast kayak that can handle difficult ocean conditions, like waves and wind.

$79.00 / Adult
$72.00 / Youth