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Entry Codes

Entry Codes

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Entry Codes

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With the Entry Code feature you can send property access codes automatically with the reservation confirmation email.


This feature is useful for all business that are looking to automate access to the properties using a random generated access code. The entry code is replaced with a new entry code every 24 hours or another interval.


If this is the first time you are using entry codes, you will need to create an entry code custom field. The following article explains how to add an entry code custom field to the system: Create entry code custom field.


You will also need to upload an entry codes file.


The file format is described in this article: Entry Codes (.CSV) file format.


When you have the entry codes ready for upload, follow the instructions in this in this article: Upload entry codes.


You can easily test the entry codes by following the steps in this article: Testing entry codes.


Note: The Entry Code feature is not available with all WebReserv packages. Please contact WebReserv support to get this feature activated for your account.