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Reservation Type

Reservation Type

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Reservation Type

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On the Reservation Type page you select the type of reservation for this product. The options are:


Reservation Type




Choose this type if you book your products by the day or one or more days.

car rentals, boat rentals


Choose this type if you book for one or more nights.

vacation rentals, bed & breakfast rooms, RV rentals, camp sites


Choose this type if your reservations are less than a day or a combination of hourly, half day, and full day reservations.

boat rentals, bike rentals

Flexible Schedules

Choose this if you book on a hourly, daily or weekly schedule that changes from week to week or if the availability varies per week.

seasonal tours, city tours, food tours, boat tours

Fixed Schedules

Choose this type is you book hourly, daily, or weekly schedules that have the same availability each week.

day tours, boat tours, guided tours


Important!  For the Schedules setup, you will add your schedules in the next screen, Schedules.  See the Schedules section for setup instructions.


Reservation Type

Reservation Type


Important! If you set up your reservations as hourly, then you will also need to set up the time rules for the reservations.  See Time Rules for more information.


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