Reviews for Funbuggy Punta Cana/Bavaro

Bavaro, Dominican Republic

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Review by Tripadvisor on 3/1/18 9:14 PM

 “***À FAIRE ABSOLUMENT :) ****”

Review by Vacanciers2011 on 10/11/11 10:19 PM

Nous avons fait l'activité de "Fun Buggy", le 6 avril 2011. C'est une journée remplie d'activités et absolument génial!!! Notre guide Kurt parle plusieurs langues et explique très bien la vie en République. Nous avions réservés avant notre départ par internet sans aucun problème. À apporter: - runnings shoes, car il faut escaler pour aller à la grotte. - petites gâteries pour les prochaine fois j'apporterai des sous à la place de friandises (moins encombrant) Visited April 2011

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Review by Alain Antwerpen on 10/10/11 1:35 PM

Wij zijn in September met Kurt, ook een Belg en eigenaar (al 19 jaar woont hij daar) van FunBuggy opstap geweest met de Buggy Tour. Het was geweldig met de buggy te rijden, op binnenwegen en op de straat, in het Binnenland hebben we een Dominicaans winkeltje bezoekt, een familie die daar leeft, een demo hanengevecht met bokshandschoenen, we bezochten ook een grot, Paard ritje in de suikerriet plantage, een fantastische lunch, en in de namiddag zijn we op het beste strand van Punta cana geweest, Macao. op het einde nog een sigaren fabriek bezocht en dan nog iets bij Kurt thuis gedronken. Het was de moeite en als we terug komen doen we het weer

 “Fun-Buggy tour lives up to the name.”

Review by sgn001 on 6/19/11 10:35 PM

There were buggies. There was fun. This was a great trip for me and my family. We were staying in one of the many nearby all-inclusive places and were very happy to have scheduled this trip so that we could get out and see some of the real Dominican Republic. We took our 8 year old daughter on this trip and she had as fun a time as my wife and I did. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and kept us busy all day with lots of interesting stops. Well worth the time and expense. Visited May 2011

 “If you do nothing else in the DR, DO THIS!”

Review by AZ Betty on 6/19/11 10:32 PM

The Fun Buggy web site says it best…”The tour you have to do in the Dominican Republic.” We were so glad we had one day left on our trip to Punta Cana as it rained out the original day we had planned to be on the Fun Buggy Tour. Kurt picked up the group and by the time we made it to his house...the pouring rain had us turned around headed back to our resorts but with a date for the next day and those buggies! While other excursions we considered doing in the DR seemed fun, nothing we found compared to the fun-filled day Kurt’s Fun Buggy Tour provided! This was the perfect way to leave the all-inclusive resort we were staying at and get a taste of what the Dominican Republic is really about. Our adventure included miles of country side (and some totally crazy drivers on the roads), a typical Dominican home, cock-“boxing”, a short hike into a hillside cave, singing children at a local school (who loved our treats of pencils/crayons/silly bands/chalk), a traditional Dominican lunch, horseback ride on a ranch and a cigar factory where we were saw how they are made by hand and were offered a sample to smoke. Our tour had to skip the beach as the sky opened up that afternoon – leaving us to take up shelter in a local watering hole/market while we tried to dry out and wait for the rain to pass! Kurt told us only 3 times in all the years he has been doing the tour did he have to stop because of the weather. Despite the rain and thanks to Kurt and his crew and the great group we were with….we had an amazing experience we won’t soon forget! Some tips: Don’t wear flip flops! Bring treats for the children, bug spray and a hat. Buy the Mama Juana bottle on the ranch!

 Funbuggy FUN!

Review by Petit Simonsen on 8/12/10 12:11 AM

OMG we had the time of our lives! Kurt and his crew are professional, very attentive, well worth every penny we spent. Enjoyed the entire day learning the area, the way of life and seeing first hand the most beautiful untouched country side. We had approx 20 people who spoke four different languages and Kurt was able to make each person feel most welcome and comfortable. This was indeed the highlight of our trip to Punta Cana. Would highly recommend to anyone considering this opportunity! Thank you for a most memorable day! We Loved IT!!!!!

 Full Day of Fun

Review by Luxe travler on 5/11/10 10:57 AM

Booked this excursion about two weeks before we arrived in Punta Cana and promptly received email confirmation of hotel pick-up. We did this excursion on March 2, 2010 and this is a full-day excursion. The day begins early (I think our hotel pick-up was at 7:45 am). As previous reviews state, you get a brief intro to operating the buggies when you arrive at the Fun Buggy headquarters. My boyfriend and I opted not to drive, as neither of us know how to drive stick shifts, and we were placed as passengers in a buggy with two others. Not a problem, but please know how to drive a stick if you volunteer to delay the group's trip and annoy other passengers if you don't actually know how to drive stick, and your car keeps stalling! You will drive on back roads where it seems other cars rarely travel, as well as on main roads, so be prepared! You tour a homestead/family business ("colmado"), watch a cock fight demonstration (no blood), visit a cave, eat lunch (delicious, and comes at the perfect time) and ride horses at a ranch, visit a school (take along school supplies), take a beach break (water was even prettier than at our resort), and then visit a cigar shop. One word of advice: you will pass a lot of children on the roads. Some simply wave hello, and some stand with their hands out hoping for small treats; if you DO decide to bring along snacks, toys, trinkets, etc. please don't throw these treats out at the children as you're zooming by. It's very dangerous when the children run out towards the car to retrieve the goods. Slowing down or stopping the buggy and HANDING the treats to them seems more appropriate--not to mention, safer! Johnny the videographer is sweet, and will capture all of the major moments of the excursion on his DVD. It costs $35 and you can make a deposit or pay in full, then he will have it delivered to your resort for easy pick-up. The DVD turned out better than we expected, and if for nothing else, we paid the $35 because Johnny worked so diligently at filming during the day. Make sure you wave at the camera!!! This excursion is packed, but it's the best $90 you will spend on any excursion. Kurt (the owner) is awesome with a great sense of humor and a wealth of knowledge about a country he has made his home (originally from Belgium). I also want to mention the mechanic, whose name I unfortunately never caught, but who drove behind the buggies and helped restart the cars if they stalled, replaced a battery when it died, and even retrieved my hoop earring (without my asking) when it flew off while driving at high speeds. We were on a major road, and there was a truck behind him, too, and he somehow saw that my earring flew off, swerved to avoid running it over, and delivered it to me at my next stop. I almost cried at how thoughtful that gesture was a cheap hoop, anyway, but the fact that he retrieved it meant a lot. All of them worked hard, and enhanced our trip with their friendly smiles and warm personalities. We tipped them well, and encourage others to do so, too! Definitely a great value for all that you get! Good job, guys!

 Funcar S.A/Funbuggy

Review by Eileen/Pittsburgh on 2/25/09 12:15 PM

My group of 6 made reservations via the fun buggy website/email in advance. We were picked up promptly and taken to the Fun Buggy Location. This is an all day trip. We left our hotel around 7:10 and didn't return until around 6:00. This is a great tour and our group really enjoyed it. We've previously done Outback Jeep Safari and Bavaro Runners, but I think we liked this better. It really adds something when you get to drive yourself. Wear old clothes as you probably will get dirty (depending on your driver and the amount of puddles you encounter). The buggies are all stick shifts and fit 4 to a car. You can take turns driving. Drinks are provided as well as lunch. I think there were five buggies of tourists, plus the guide in the front and the mechanic in the back for a total 7. There was a videographer who taped the whole tour and it was for sale at the end for $35. We got to drive through the "city" and around lots of back roads as well as some of the main streets. It seems we even drove through the city dump? (see my pics). There was also a road that had a huge ditch like maybe they were running a water line or something. What an adventure! First stop was a visit to a local general store and typical home. They did a cock fighting demonstration as well. We visited a cave and got to do some exploring. Wear good shoes! The next stop was Rancho Jonathan for lunch and then a short horseback ride on "automatic" horses. LOL (meaning they pretty much know where to go without any help from you). Then back on the road again to the local school: Escuela Rur Cana a Honda. We got to go inside the classroom and hear about the typical school and see the children. You can leave donations with the teacher of cash, toys, notebooks, etc. You will pass lots of kids on the roads. Some will ask for money or just wait for candy or toys. The tour guide suggests you pull over if you want to give something to the children. Do not throw things at them as this is a dangerous practice. I've read that some people think it is a bad idea to give candy and money because it teaches begging to the kids and many don't even have toothbrushes. It is up to you what you want to do. We brought some school supplies for the kids and left it with the Beyond the Beach Foundation. I do wish we would have kept some to give to the kids along the road and at the school. The next stop was a beautiful public beach. You will see that almost all the tours come to this beach. You are given time to swim and relax. There are some vendors - mostly jewelry - on the beach. There were also children selling fresh coconuts that they open up for you to drink for $1. The final stop was at the Vivaldi Cigar Shop & Museum. You will learn all about cigars and get a sample if you like. They are also available for purchase. From the cigar shop it is a quick trip back to Fun Buggy Headquarters. Here we end the day with a cuba libre (or two). It's a great way to end the tour before getting transferred back to the hotel.