Reviews for Molas Lake Park and Campground

Silverton, Colorado


Review by Unhappy  on 7/22/22, 7:54 PM

Site was all rock and not level. Only spot for a tent was super close to fire ring. Sites nearby had pine softer ground but ours was terrible Not impressed. !!No TP ever at the bathrooms and the water all the way at office..

 High-Altitude Beauty

Review by Jimmy Mac on 7/3/20, 12:41 PM

These are strange times so it was comforting to find this campsite in such a beautiful location with a management team that went out of their way to make us feel comfortable, welcome and safe. Everything from the campsites to the showers were clean and continuously being attended to. The night sky is amazing and deer wandering through the area is to be expected. If you live below 3,000 feet (we live at sea level), I would recommend investing in a few bottles of a product like Boost Oxygen. The altitude kicked our butts.

 A delightful camping experience

Review by Vicky on 8/24/17, 5:44 PM

My family discovered this wonderful camp ground in the early 1990's and I've come back on several occasions. I love the views of the lake and mountains and the access to great hikes. This most recent visit (August 2017) was by far the best. The current managers are doing an excellent job of keeping the road free of potholes, the bathrooms clean, and providing excellent information on hiking opportunities. I had made a mistake in my reservations and they were very understanding and supportive of helping me correct the problem. I'm sure I'll return for many more visits!

 Changed Site categories with no notice

Review by Camp fanatic on 6/6/15, 10:26 PM

Made reservations for 1 site type (the description of the site online was pretty clear). Weeks later, I noticed that the campground changed the description of the site type, making my reserved site no longer suitable for our rv. Of course, the campground didn't let anyone know this, and by now the entire campground is booked up. Basically, my holiday weekend plans that I made MONTHS ago to avoid this very situation--are ruined. My kids are thrilled! :-( Pretty unprofessional.


Review by Jubee on 8/18/14, 9:25 AM

We stayed 4 nights, and unfortunately it was 4 nights too long. The campsite is right off the highway, and all the highway noise reflects off the mountain right toward the campsite. For some reason, at night, cars seem to play a game of "who can honk the longest while driving by the lake." We reserved a tent site that wasn't right on the water. It only put is about 30 yards farther from the lake than those sites that were "water front". It was nice, the view was beautiful. The two camp sites right I front of us were quiet, until day two. A dually truck backed a 40 foot horse trailer across those two camp sites, then unloaded about 20 kids. The group took up 4 sites, and despite "quiet time is all the time" signs everywhere their favorite form of communication was yelling at each other from 3 sites away. The kids were running through our site, having sword fights, knocking over our chairs. We learned there may be leeches in the lake? I can't confirm this, it's just what I overheard despite my desperate attempts not to given how loud their conversations were. At least the country music they blasted over their stereo from sun up well past sunset helped to drown out some of their dialogue. Oh, and they didn't have horses in the horse trailer. That's just what they needed/used to bring all the crap they needed to "rough it" for a few days. The vaulted toilets were nice, and always clean as vaulted toilets go. But they were very far apart. I wouldn't have thought this would be a big deal. You know, you're camping, it's naturey, you're wild in the great outdoors, let's forget our butt-to-sofa norm and let's move a little. No - It seems most people don't like walking. Not even when motivated by beautiful peaks and grated roads. The campsites sit right on the road. So aalllll day and alllll night cars were driving back and forth back and forth to the toilets. Despite these grievances of mine, I feel we lucked out with our campsite. Some sites are completely exposed on little hills for the entire camp to watch. It beats TV. And people on those sites appeared miserable, sweltering in the heat as the sun beat down on them with not even a bush to hide under. I could hear their complaints and requests for a new site when I'd venture into the office. The requests seemed to mostly be denied. When I camp I bring my awesome solar heated little shower that gives me 7 minutes of hot wonderful showery goodness. I couldn't use it, since my site was sitting in our neighbors lap and there is absolutely no privacy to speak of. Not a problem, showers are provided on site. But it's $5 for 4 minutes of water. Seriously? Would I recommend this campground? Yes and no. If you're like me and looking for some solitude, reasonable peace and quiet, a little distance from your neighbor, and want to let your circadian rhythm reset with nature, then no, I say stay as far away from this place as you can. However, if you're in an RV, dont want to "get back to nature", need all the comforts of home, and have kids that will probably be contributing to the noise pollution but want a decent get away with family and pretty views then this is the place for you.

 Nice place

Review by Davey on 8/14/14, 1:40 AM

This place is set off to the side from the highway. Limited wood gathering as almost everything is well and alive there. A great trail leading to cliffs and a waterfall. Awesome little lake for fishing. Some spots next to the lake need to be reserved. The host was really nice and didn't bother us about anything. Beautiful scenery. ... but a little too close to other campsites in my opinion.

 Great Spot to Camp

Review by Rock Man on 7/3/14, 2:03 PM

Couldn't have camped in a more beautiful setting .. accomodations/facilities were great as expected .. Service/Hospitality exceptional .. coffee and pastry offerings were unexpected and much appreciated .. hot showers were a treat .. bring an axe to split the large pieces of wood should you decide to buy a bundle or two .. will come back ..