Reviews for Chewonki's Big Eddy Campground

Millinocket, Maine

 Corporate getaway

Review by Mandy on 8/8/19 7:58 AM

Our company stayed at Big Eddy for a small corporate retreat and everyone had a great time. The most outstanding part to me, as the organizer, was the help Chewonki staff gave me from staff at the reservation center, to the staff at the campground. Sarah was my main contact, and all of her communications were timely and on point, answering my many questions. We were able to able to physically preview the campground and determine where our group would fit best. Staff gave us pointers on where to go locally for activities our group was interested in, and there is a lot to do near the Big Eddy from rafting to spin casting to fly fishing to moose cruising. The facilities and campground were clean, and we would do it again.

 "My little piece of heave"

Review by Robbin & Rob on 4/7/19 8:48 AM

We have gone to The Big Eddy for the Past 2 years.I just made Reservations for this year. Funny. .my husband Rob talked me into going camping with him 2 years ago for the first time..I was really not feeling it ..But I desided that since he likes fishing..and I did go camping as a young child and enjoyed it... I figured sure ,okay..we will try least that once. Well !!! when it was time to come back home I really didn't won't to.I had relaxed and felt very comfortable and really enjoyed our time there . We traveled the Golden Road and some of the side roads ,to See if we could see some wild life...deer ..moose..etc. We did see deer..we didn't see a moose but did hear that a few had been seen a few on the Golden Road in the boggy areas.We did some fishing ..swimming. Traveled to A very small town.. Kokadjo "Population Not Many" which is a beautiful spot in the Park area ..and went and watched the white water rafting ..also on the golden Road...Off of our wonderfull campsite we could go fishing, (which my husband went early in the am..and braught me 2 salmon to cook for breakfast... mmm that was very tasty. I also found time to do some reading ..quiet relaxing time for me!!!! There is canoeing and kayaking on the river with..a boat launch on the office side of The Big Eddy.!!! We really enjoyed watching the kayakers and their guides coming down the white front of our campsite.!! There are open fire pits to cook on or to just enjoy a fire in the evening.And plenty of wood at the office..or pick up the fallen and dead wood to use.The coffee porch at the office, for that wake up cup and great conversation or just to relax and read. Is awesome as well !!!- A n outdoors stone pizza oven fireplace on the office side property if you want pizza outdoors.. We find that the prices to stay at The Big Eddy are very reasonable..and easy to reach for anyone that wants a very enjoyable ,inexpensive commune with nature get away.!!!!! As For the Staff...on a scale from 1-10, I would give them a are awesome and very pleasant..very knowledgeable about the area and very helpful.Could not ever ask for better hosts... I recommend The Big Eddy Camp to Everyone..The Area as I said in my opinon is awesome and Like a. "A small piece of Heaven"!!!!!

 The cathedral of the universe

Review by Paulette on 7/6/17 6:36 AM

Have been coming to the Big Eddy for years. A wonderful place to rest, relax and recharge your batteries. The many and varied sites are great and are completely off the grid.The staff could not be better and make every effort to ensure an enjoyable stay.

 Great staff, even better fishing

Review by Dom on 7/1/15 1:11 PM

A few friends and have stayed at Chewonki Big Eddy Campground year after year on annual trips up from Mass to fish this amazing stretch of river. Lots of smaller brookies, a few bigger ones. Salmon very cooperative this year. All sizes. Sometimes in a cabin, mostly on a tent site. Always have a fantastic time. The tent sites offer easy access to the river with most right on it. Some of the best fishing we have had is in the campground. The staff this year was particularly helpful. Gave good fishing advice, help locating the right tent site, and even helped us with a dead battery. Can't say enough about how pleasant and helpful the staff was. Highly recommended.

 Out of your mind!!!

Review by Johnny O' on 1/21/15 7:33 AM

If you want to experience the most fantastically peaceful and relaxing time of your life then Big Eddy is the place to be, at least it has been for me for the last 10 years +++. It's an out of your mind experience everyone should try at least once and if you have kids share it with them also. This is my first review EVER for Big Eddy and honestly that was because I was a little selfish & protective of this very special place. I didn't want the whole world to know how special this place is and overcrowd and take it over like so many other places so I kept my mouth shut. Well I finally decided to write a review. I just booked two trips again this year and decided to write a review. This will be short and sweet. Peaceful = 5 Stars - Natural Beauty = 5 Stars - Cleanliness = 5 Stars - Staff = 5 Stars - Value = 5 Stars - Bathroom/Toilets = 5 Stars (for where you are) remember you are in the boonies!! - Sites = 5 stars but some I would give a much higher rating and I'm not telling which ones... ;-) - Booking process = 5 Stars - Overall = 5 stars ++ Remember folks your are in the boonies here so if you are expecting another run of the mill campground with all the amenities then this place is NOT for you. But if you are looking for a peaceful electronic free time with your family/friends or by yourself then you have struck gold with this wonderful place. You need to plan your stay with regard to food as you will need to bring ALL your supplies with you except for possibly water. Each site has a fire ring, cooking grate and picnic bench at a min and that's it!! Some sites have running water and electric hook up but I have never stayed at one of these sites. I hope you decide to stay here as you will not be disappointed and if you bring your kids they will have a blast as mine have over the years. To simply sit around a campfire and have your kids just talk to one another and to you with no electronic distractions or to play cards or board games under a camp light is a truly magical time and one they or you will never forget.

 Another satisfied visit

Review by Happy Camper on 7/28/14 6:55 PM

My daughter and I have been to TheBig Eddy several times, the last being about 4 years ago. This year we decided to head back up and were very happy we did. The campground has changed very little over the years. The sites are clean and well spaced, the self- composting outhouses were as clean as they could be in the middle of the woods, the shower house was well lit and clean also. We chose to hike several of the shorter trails aroundBaxter State Park and were not disappointed. We came home today and have already planned for next years trip and plan on climbing Katahdin!

 Rhode Island Visitors

Review by Allan & Heather on 8/15/13 11:46 AM

The best peaceful getaway! Leave your radios and TV's behind and get back to enjoying nature. Of the 3 campgrounds we have stayed in the south entrance Baxter State park area, they have the best showers and bathroom facilities, hands down the best customer service, and the quiet sound of water rapids to sleep to each night. They also have a wood fired pizza oven and the best fishing around right on site. There web site could use a little work for more details (each camp site is different) however, unless they are fully booked, they will work with you to find the site that is right for you. Email seems to be the best contact option. Don, the manager, was extremely helpful and always went the extra mile to ensure our stay exceeded our expectations. If you are use to tenting or camping without hookups and your blue tooth ear piece and your tablet in front of you, you'll love this place. However, they do have limited electrical and water hookups if you need them on the RV sites. Showers are on the office side. The wild side (other side) just has out houses. This place really is a gem for nature lovers!

 Great place to layover...

Review by MMR on 7/14/13 9:34 AM

We were very pleased with this campsite. It was clean, the sites were spaced far enough apart that there were woods between you and other campers and the table/firepit were in good repair. (I live in the country. When I go camping, I don't want to be closer to other people than I am at home.) Great place to layover for our Allagash canoe trip.

 Excellent Stay

Review by Andrew on 7/3/13 7:58 AM

I posted about the reservation process being very well done, and in follow up, I was extremely satisfied with the trip. I have been going to the campground for 30 years (since it first opened), but I hadn't been back since the 90s. I am pleased with what the staff has done with the place. It is rustic. It was the quiet experience we were looking for, with a level of convenience that took the edge off. I was happy to hang out and drink coffee in the office in the morning. The staff was very helpful to explain all the recreational options in the area. Even though there were other people in the campground, we barely knew it. This is exactly what we were looking for out of a camping trip. We're definitely going back many times.

 A Pleasant Stay

Review by hollora on 7/3/13 6:07 AM

We did our reservation by phone. Found no problems with that service. I felt the fee was reasonable for the offering. As for the previous review about the clean shower/rest room facilities which are unisex - we are talking a rustic campground here! It is a perfect with their offering of rustic outhouses which have hand sanitizer, are extremely clean and do not smell! In addition to the outhouses, the bath house is very nice. The rustic library building is also very nice although we did not use this because we were on the go 12 hours a day. Staff were pleasant and grounds clean. If you asked your questions were answered, otherwise you are allowed to prepare for your own adventures and experiences. Coming into the North Maine Woods, one should prepare for the adventures they seek. This is not your average vacation but an opportunity to enjoy life and the beauty of the Maine Woods. A place sportsmen & women have sought and enjoyed for generations! Thank you BEC for a wonderful weekend and all you hold dear and preserve for more generations to enjoy!

 Great reservation service

Review by Andrew  on 6/19/13 4:01 PM

So, through my own mistakes I made online reservations for the wrong weekend. I sent an email and my problem was solved without any further explanation. This campground is someplace that has always been special to me. I have been going there since I was kid. The fact that they can manage to run technology while at the same time operating a remote, "wild" environment is testament to how special a place it really is.


Review by Chris on 5/13/13 8:30 PM

No where on this site does it say that Chewonki Big Eddy Campground has ONE building with only 2 bathrooms that contain a shower/toilet/sink AND it is a building that is shared by males and females!! Young children and teenage girls stay at this campground, one building where males and females enter and exit is NOT A GOOD IDEA!! Who thinks up this stuff and WHY is this acceptable? There are outhouses, but with no running water. I would not allow my teenage daughter to stay at this campsite! Everyone needs to know this information prior to sending their teenagers to this campground because this is an incident WAITING to happen!!

 Reservation Process and site

Review by Big Eddy on 7/18/09 2:40 PM

*need campground map *need individual sites listed (I understand that is happening ) * there are some sites on wilderness side that allow pop-up tent campers but not trailers. I sent Chris Riley a list *Need location info listed for GPS nuts. If you have a Maine Atlas and Gazetteer you can find the Campground on Map 50, D2. The coordinates for the campground are: 45 52' 33 N 69 07' 50W *I received a great photo of my cabin, but had not paid anything and my balance due showed $0. Should include check in and other info right there along with good directions from Greenville or Millinocket. And suggestion to get a Delorme map ahead of time. *Under rate details: electricity should be an option. Generator hours should be posted or pop up if that is selected. *No tax on electric should be charged * Teens and non-profit groups should also be able to selected * Under payment info should direct customer to an page with deposit due calculated and the address to send it to with a due date deadline. * Office needs to be able to input that payment has been recieved. Maybe different color instead of green or reserved color. * Pets (select that and should go to pet policy pop up) *Photos of each site would be awesome. What size jpegs do the need to be?