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Reservation Rules

Reservation Rules

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Reservation Rules

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On the Reservation Rules page you specify what rules should be used to determine if a reservation is valid or not. The settings are:


Availability Calculation


Valid options are number of products and number of people. Number of products is the default option and it is used for all reservations where you have a fixed set of units that can be rented, such as a room or a vehicle. Choose number of people if the availability is based on the number of people that can reserve at the same time, this option is typically used for tours and charters.


Number of people per reservation


Specify if there is a minimum or maximum number of people on a single reservation. In most cases you should only specify the maximum number of people.


Length of reservation


Specify if there is a minimum or maximum length of a reservation.


Required days


Specify if certain days are required for this product. In most cases you want to leave this setting blank.


Reservation Handling


Specify if the system should allow for reservations that are shorter than the minimum length. The default setting is to allow the reservation, but charge the customer an amount equal to the minimum time.


Reservation time


Specify the minimum time in advance a reservation has to be made.


Daily/Nightly reservation


Use Daily/Nightly to specify if the reservation is for a day or for a night. For example, if a reservation from the 5th to 7th counts as 2 days, select nightly reservation. If it counts as 3 days select daily reservation.


Rate Calculation


Specify how fractional minutes, hours or days should be calculated. For example, if a unit has daily and weekly rates, should the system calculate the rate for an 8 day reservation as 1 1 * weekly + 1 * daily rate or 1 * weekly rate + 1/7 * weekly rate.


Valid Period


If this product can only be reserved for a specific timeframe, enter the from and to dates here.


Booking Information


Enter booking information that should be shown to customer upon making a reservation. This information can include opening hours, check-in/check-out times and similar.



Reservation Rules

Reservation Rules