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Custom lists

Custom lists

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Custom lists

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A custom list is a custom field with a list of options that the customer selects from. The custom can select only one item from the list. At time of reservation.


Custom lists can be used to get additional information from the customer during the reservation process. Customer lists are preferred whenever the customer only has a set number of choices. For example, a list of states or countries should be presented as a custom list rather than a text field (you don't have to define those lists though, both of these are standard customer fields).


Custom lists can also be used for additional charges. You can provide a price for each item in the list, and if selected by the customer, the price will automatically be added to the total price. When adding price to custom fields lists, you can specify the price time period and and if the price is for the reservation (regardless of the number of people) or if it's per person. If the price is the same regardless of the length of the reservation, set the time frame period to 0 days.


custom field selection list


Custom lists are an extremely powerful way of extended your WebReserv booking system to fit your needs.