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Gift cards

Gift cards

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Gift cards

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The gift card feature enables you to sell gift cards to your customers. Gift cards can be used later as payment for a reservation.


A Gift card has several components:


Gift card definition. The gift card definition is similar to a product or a discount code; it tells the system what the customer can purchase, the gift card value, how long it is valid for and any other information the system needs to be able to sell gift cards.


Gift card certificate. When a customer buys a gift card, he or she will receive a gift card certificate via email. The certificate includes important information such as who the gift card is from, the name of the gift card, a description and most importantly, a gift card certificate number. You can use the built-in gift card templates or create your own templates.


Gift card redemption. When a customer uses a gift card to make a reservation, the system will automatically validates the certificate code and marks the gift card certificate as used, thereby ensuring that a gift card only is used once. Note that the system does not carry over remaining value.


Gift card certificates are stored in the system alongside with your reservations. The gift cards can be distinguished from other reservations or purchases as gift cards starts with the letters GC-.


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