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View/change reservation

View/change reservation

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View/change reservation

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When you open a reservation in WebReserv, you get all the details on one single page. The reservation screen in WebReserv consists of the following sections:


Reservation Details


Shows what has been booked, when it was booked, the reservation status, number of units/rooms, number of people and/or number of adults and children.



reservation - reservation details


Rate Details


The rate details section shows how the system has calculated the rate for this reservation, including rate adjustments, additional charges, tax and deposit.



reservation - rate details


Customer Information


The customer information shows the customer name, address, phone, email address and custom fields related to the customer.


reservation - customer information



Additional Reservation Requests


The additional requests section shows custom fields for this product.


reservation - additional reservation requests


Payment details


The payment details section shows the payment details for this reservation. If the reservation was paid with credit card, you have the ability to make final charges to the credit card.


reservation - payment details


Customer comments


The customer comments field shows any additional comments entered by the customer.


reservation - customer comments