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Safe payment tips

Safe payment tips

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Safe payment tips

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The following is a list of safe payment tips.


Never request credit card information through emails or unencrypted websites. If you need to get a credit card number from a customer, call them or ask them to call you with the credit card information.


When processing refunds, always refund to the credit card that was use to make the payment. Never allow refund to a different card, as it can be part of a fraud scheme using stolen credit cards.


Do not send cash in the mail and don’t ask your customers to send cash in the mail either. Only checks should be mailed.


Similar to credit card refunds, be cautious about check refunds. Do not refund a check payment until after the check has cleared. Scammers have been known to send stolen or fraudulent checks and shortly after cancel the booking and asking for a refund.


Always keep customer credit card information stored securely. When you use WebReserv.com or WebReserv.eu, all customer and payment information is encrypted the same safe encryption methods used by banks and credit card companies (SSL or Secure Socket Layer).