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WebReserv's flexible rate calculation system allows you to setup rates for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reservations. You can also specify rates for weekdays, weekends, holidays and much more. This section describes the parts to the rate system, and will teach you how to configure and test your rates.


If you want to. . .

See. . .

get an overview of the rate system

Overview of Rates

learn how to create a rate list for a defined date range or seasonal rates (i.e Spring, Winter, Peak or Off peak rates)

Rate Lists

learn how to create a rate category for a rental period of time (i.e. Hourly, Daily, or Weekly rates)

Rate Categories

specify how a product will calculate a rate

Rate Calculations

learn how to test your rates after set up

Rate Tester

see examples of common rate configurations

Common Rate Configurations

troubleshoot common rate errors

Troubleshooting Rates

migrate from the old rate category to the new rate category set up

Migrating old Rate Categories to new