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Business Information

Business Information

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Business Information

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The Business Information section of the Setup pages allow you to manage general information about your business as well as other functions important to reservation managements.  Each section is described by clicking on the links below.


If you want to. . .

See. . .

enter your business address and contact information


enter a description of your business


designate your type of business

Business Category

add pictures of your business


inform customers of features & attractions about and around your business

Features & Attractions

include important reservation information about your business that customers must read

Term & Conditions

view where your customers will know how to get to your business

Map & Directions

include specific search words so your customers will find you easily on WebReserv.com

Search Keywords

know how to set up cancellation rules and fees

Changes & Cancellations

set up how your business will receive payment


set up business hours including holiday hours

Opening Hours & Holidays

set up advanced reservation rules for your business

Advanced Options