Reviews for Fort Valley Ranch

Fort Valley, Virginia


Review by C Brock  on 5/27/17 7:32 AM

The worst experience I've had in 20 years of trail riding and camping. They said they could handle a 38 ft rv and 20 ft horse trailer. Ha. Had to Un hook before could get in site. Squeeze d in between a half a dozen trees. After they brought us in place over a cow path and creek because we couldn't fit in gate. After 2 hours we finally got set up. It was raining. The corrals we put horses in weren't level. Much lower than surrounding ground. Water stood everywhere. My poor horses looked like they were standing in a hog pen of mud 4 inches deep. When asked if we could set our own pens up on a graspy area we couldn't. Our reservation was for 4 nights. Couldn't take seeing my horses like this. Decided to leave. When went to check out they wouldn't give us a break for poor conditions. We were so disappointed. Felt very lied to.

 Honeyfield Morgans

Review by Honeyfield Morgans on 11/1/16 1:10 AM

I just keep going back. They make you feel at home. The views are outstanding and the trails are endless. There are different levels of trail difficulties and they are marked well. I just love FVR. 💓

 After Dark

Review by Mary on 11/22/14 7:25 AM

Six of us recently stopped on our way from Tennessee to Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania. We'd been riding in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The drive was a little over six hours. I figured we'd make it all in daylight. Someone named Laura met us in the dark, helped us unload and situate our horses. There was a big and unexpected freeze. She had a large tank of water waiting for our horses and the light was on in the porch of our cabin. I rate the service here TOP NOTCH!


Review by jay on 10/16/13 12:51 PM

I have never been able to reach them on the phone. However, I reserved on their website and was a bit intimidated because I was not sure I would make it. The cancellation policy of 48 hours is fair, in my opinion. However, my girlfriend and I could not make it to our reserved trail ride. I was able to cancel, after leaving a message on the phone, and emailing them through their website on Webreserv and original website. They responded 2 minutes later. I was very pleased with how this turned out. I will definitely make another reservation and follow through on it at a later date!