Faywood Hot Springs Operations, LLC

Faywood, NM

About Faywood Hot Springs Operations, LLC

Faywood offers outdoor parking (storage) for your RVs in an unimproved parking area. The area is located near the Visitor's Center and inside the gated Faywood compound. The storage/parking is available for short or long term use. It is charged per day. The RV may not be occupied while in storage and access to other Faywood services requires additional fees.


  Daily Notes
2020 Covid Rates
(11/8/20 - 3/28/22)
per day
Covid 20% rates effective Nov 8, 2020
2022 7% Increase as of 3/28/22
(3/28/22 - 12/31/25)
per day
7% increase as of 3/28/22