Camp Pollock

Terms & Conditions

Camp Pollock is open to the public from Sunrise to Sunset every day of the week.

Renting space at Camp Pollock does not give renter exclusive use of property. Sacramento county rangers lock the gates at sunset. If access to parking lot is required before or after hours special arrangements must be made in advance.

Authorization. The authorization to use space at Camp Pollock is a revocable license. Unless special arrangements are made for the exclusive use of space and/or facilities at Camp Pollock, the license is nonexclusive. You must contact SVC at 916-792-4368 at least 3 months in advance of any of the following proposed uses of Camp Pollock to make appropriate arrangements: Exclusive uses; event uses that will be open to the public; multiple event uses; and large group uses (250 or more persons). The submission of a written application and the execution of a written license agreement will be required to authorize any such uses of Camp Pollock.

Vehicle Access. Sacramento county rangers lock the gates to Camp Pollock at sunset and unlock the gates at sunrise. If vehicle access to or from the Camp Pollock parking lot is required before or after daylight hours, special arrangements with SVC must be made in advance. DRIVING ON LAWN IS PROHIBITED.

Insurance Requirements.

All licensees must meet the following insurance requirements at the licensee's sole cost and expense. Individual licensees who are homeowners may want to consult with their homeowner's insurance provider to arrange for appropriate endorsements to their existing policy.

Special Event Insurance from -

A. General Liability and Property Damage. Licensees shall maintain occurrence-based commercial general liability and property damage liability insurance for the duration of the use of Camp Pollock in coverage amounts of not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence of injury and $200,000 for each occurrence of property loss or damage, with a replacement cost endorsement, and with a general aggregate limit of $3,000,000, with all standard extended coverages, including medical expenses, vandalism and malicious mischief.

B. Worker's Compensation. Licensees shall maintain worker's compensation insurance as required by the State of California for each employee of the licensee involved in the use of Camp Pollock, and shall cause all agents and independent contractors supporting licensee's use of Camp Pollock also to maintain such worker's compensation insurance.

C. General Requirements. Each policy of insurance required to be maintained by licensee shall be issued by an insurance company authorized to do business in California with a current A.M Best's rating of no less than A-VII. Required insurance protection may be carried under a blanket policy. Each such policy shall include as additional insureds: (i) Sacramento Valley Conservancy and its directors, officers, employees, contractors and agents; (ii) State of California, State Lands Commission, and its officers, employees and agents; (iii) Sacramento County Regional Parks, and its officers, employees and agents. Licensee shall provide SVC with a certificate of the required insurance coverages at the following addresses:

Sacramento Valley Conservancy
PO Box 163351
Sacramento, CA 95816

California State Lands Commission
100 Howe Avenue, Suite 100 South
Sacramento, CA 95825-8202

Sacramento County Regional Parks
10361 Rockingham Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95827

Acord insurance certificate with all required coverages and limits. Endorsement listing SVC, State Lands Commission, and Sacramento County Regional Parks as additional insured. SAMPLE ACORD and ENDORSEMENT FORMS ( All required certificates and endorsements must be received and approved by SVC a minimum of 2 weeks prior to event. Host Liquor Liability coverage is required for all rentals with the presence of alcohol.

Download Insurance Requirements for easier forwarding to your insurance provider. -

Assumption of Risk. Licensee fully assumes all risks associated with entry onto Camp Pollock by the Licensee Parties (as defined below). Sacramento Valley Conservancy ( "SVC") assumes no responsibility for any conditions existing or occurring at Camp Pollock or for the actions or inactions of the general public at Camp Pollock. SVC shall not be responsible to the Licensee Parties Licensees for warning of any hazards, known or unknown, associated with Camp Pollock, including, without limitations, any hazards associated with weather or floodwaters. As used herein the term "Licensee Parties" means licensee and every person or entity entering Camp Pollock at the direction, request or invitation of licensee. 

Indemnification Requirements. Licensee agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SVC, and its directors, officers, employees, contractors and agents; and the State of California, State Lands Commission, and its officers, employees and agents from and against any loss, damage, injury, accident, fire or other casualty, liability, claim, cost or expense (including but not limited to attorneys' and expert fees) of any kind or character occurring to any person or property arising from or caused by (i) any uses of Camp Pollock by any of the Licensee Parties, (ii) any act or omission of any of the Licensee Parties, (iii) any bodily injury, property damage, accident, fire or other casualty on the Licensed Property caused by any act or omission of any of the Licensee Parties, (iv) any violation or alleged violation by any of the Licensee Parties of any law, ordinance, or regulation now or hereafter enacted, and any enforcement action taken by any governmental authority with respect any such violation or alleged violation; (v) any loss or theft whatsoever of any property or anything placed or stored by any of the Licensee Parties on or about Camp Pollock, and (vi) any costs of duly removing Licensee from Camp Pollock; provided, however, that Licensee shall not be obligated to indemnify SVC for any such matter to the extent caused by the gross negligence or intentional misconduct of SVC or any person acting on behalf of SVC.

Permits Generally. With the exception of the Parkway Plan Compliance Review that SVC will arranged with the Sacramento County Department of Regional Parks ("County Parks")(further addressed below), a licensee shall be responsible, at the licensee's sole cost and expense, for obtaining any and all necessary and required government permits or permissions for licensee's use(s) of Camp Pollock and shall comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. Examples of activities that may require specific authorizations from one or more regulatory authorities include: amplified sound (e.g., Sacramento City Code Chapter 8.68); the consumption of alcoholic beverages; the sale any goods, services, liquids or edibles for human consumption; commercial filming; the operation of a bounce house; and the conduct of an event open to the general public. Licensee must have a copy of each required permit onsite during licensee's use of Camp Pollock. Licensee will not be allowed to conduct or engage in any activity at Camp Pollock for which a required permit has not been obtained.

Parkway Plan Compliance Review. After receiving from licensee the required certificate(s) of insurance coverage(s), SVC will arrange for County Parks' Parkway Plan Compliance Review on the basis of the information provided by licensee in the reservation details comment box. Licensee will be solely responsible for the payment of any fee charged by County Parks for such review. SVC will provide licensee with the County Parks review documentation when issued. It is licensee's responsibility to provide accurate and complete information about licensee's intended activities at Camp Pollock. Intentionally providing false information may result in the cancellation of licensee's reservation and/or additional charges.

Plastics: (a) Lessee shall not provide for sale, or alow other parties to provide, any prepared food in polystyrene foam containers or packaging, nor shall Lessee, or other parties, keep on the lease premises any polystyrene foam containers or packaging of a type, design and condition appropriate to the preparation of food for consumption on or of the Lease Premises. (b) Al packaging for prepared food that is consumed on or off the premises, or for takeout service, shall be degradable. Lessee shall provide, upon demand, copies of paid invoices that verify the purchase of degradable containers ni quantities sufficient ot validate Lessee's compliance with this provision. (c) For purposes of this Lease, the following definitions are applicable. 1) "Prepared food" means foods or beverages which are prepared on the lease premises by cooking, chopping, slicing, mixing, freezing or squeezing, and which require no further preparation to be consumed. 2) "Food packaging" means al bags, sacks, wrapping, containers, bowls, plates, trays, cartons, cups, straws and lids which are not intended for reuse on or in which any foods or beverages are placed or packaged on the Lease premises. 3) "Takeout food" means prepared foods or beverages requiring no preparation ot be consumed and which are purchased in order to be consumed of the lease premises. 4) "Polystyrene foam" means any styrene or vinyl chloride polymer that si blown into a foam-like material, an example of which is marketed under the trade name "Styrofoam". 5) "Degradable food packaging" means food packaging which within two years substantially reduces ot its constituent substances through degradation processes initiated by natural organisms whose end products are substantially, but not necessarily entirely, carbon dioxide and water. Degradable food packaging does not include cellulose-based items that have a synthetic or plastic coating comprising more than five percent (5%) of the total volume of the item.

Grounds Rules:

1. Limited parking; car-pooling encouraged for large groups. Suggested donation for parking is $5 per vehicle. Gates will be locked sunset-sunrise.

2. No RV or vehicular camping allowed. No individual camping, pre-approved groups only.

3. No loitering. No dumping. Visitors on the property after hours who are not part of an approved reservation are trespassing.

4. Restroom use and private events are allowed only when reserved in advance. Reservations must be booked online. No walk-ins.

5. Help protect our Native Plant Garden. No people or pets in the garden.

6. Automobiles in parking lot only. NO DRIVING ON THE LAWN. Keep walkways clear.

7. Smoking is allowed on paved surfaces only. Please be considerate of non-smokers and properly dispose of butts.

8. BBQ's are permitted on gravel surfaces only (courtyard and parking lot). No BBQs, propane cooktops or open flame in the lodge, on the deck, or on the lawn. Permit required.

9. Burn Permits are required for all open fires, such as campfires, barbecues and portable stoves. Campfires are only permitted in designated fire rings. Burn Permit from CalFire: Campfires will only be allowed if also authorized by Sacramento County Regional Parks. Please read American River Parkway Campfire and Smoking ORDINANCE UPDATE: S.C.O. 936.058 (C,D).

10. REMOVE YOUR GARBAGE AND RECYCLING FROM THE PROPERTY. No dumpster on site. Minimum $200 charged for any trash left on the property. Practice Leave No Trace ethics and clean up after others who are less considerate.

11. Children must be supervised at all times.

12. Pets must be leashed at all times. You must supply your own resources to clean up after your pet and practice Leave No Trace. Only service animals required because of a disability are allowed in the Lodge.

13. Waterway use is at your own risk. Natural river access. No dock or launch ramp. Use of Personal Flotation Devices is required. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. CAUTION: strong currents, cold water, submerged debris, and uneven bottom.

Additional Rules for Lodge, Deck & Courtyard Uses:

1. DO NOT use nails, tacks, screws, pins or affix any objects on or to the woodwork, railing, or beams. String or twine is recommended for hanging lights. If tape is used, it must be painter's tape or No damage/3M products.

2. After your event the property and access road must be left clean and free of all articles from your event. See the Cleaning Check-out List for more information about cleaning the lodge.

3. All garbage removed from the property and trash cans, and new liners placed in the cans for the next user. Trash left on the property will result in a forfeiture of the deposit, a minimum $200 fee.

4. BBQs, propane cooktops, candles, and other open flames are not allowed on the deck or inside the lodge.

5. The property shall be free of trash, and any hanging décor (banners, balloons, directional signs, etc) at the time of check-out.

6. Set up and breakdown times must fall within the total rental time period. It is the responsibility of the renter to move the equipment within the facility or on the grounds during the event.

7. All activities including your rental check-out list must be completed by the end of the reservation and never later than 10:00 p.m. It is recommended that at least two hours be allowed for event breakdown and clean-up.

8. The primary reservation contact person will be the only person given access to the site, and must be present to check in and out.

9. ALL event trash on the grounds, courtyard, deck, and sidewalks (including cigarette butts and candy wrappers) must be removed from site. If signs or balloons were placed near entrance or along frontage roads, they must also be removed. DO NOT place your signs on or attach to the existing Camp Pollock or neighbor signs.

10. No sparklers, fireworks, styrofoam/polystyrene packaging, confetti, glitter or throwing rice are allowed at Camp Pollock.

11. Adirondack chairs and picnic tables are to remain in the courtyard area. Tables and must be returned to their original placement in rows at the end of your event.

Additional Rules for Camping:

1. Carry camping equipment to campsite. No vehicles on grass. 

2. Burn Permits are required for all open fires, such as campfires, barbecues and portable stoves. Campfires are only permitted in designated fire rings.  You will need to acquire a burn permit from CAL FIRE Campfires will only be allowed if also authorized by Sacramento County Regional Parks. Please read American River Parkway Campfire and Smoking ORDINANCE UPDATE: S.C.O. 936.058 (C,D)

3. Water available, but not at individual sites. Please provide the ability to transport water.

4. Showers available at this time.

5. Restrooms available, depending on group size, renter may be responsible for purchasing additional units.

6. Picnic tables available in select camp sites. First come, first served.

7. No electricity access for campsites.

8. Limited parking; car pooling encouraged for large groups.

9. No RV or vehicular camping. No camping in Parking Lot. No people in the lodge overnight.

10. No alcohol permitted in campsites.

11. Pack It In, Pack It Out & Leave No Trace ethics practiced. REMOVE YOUR OWN GARBAGE and RECYCLING FROM THE PROPERTY. Trash left on the property will result in a forfeiture of deposit, minimum $200 fee.

12. Adults must be present to chaperone youth group camping.

13. Camping check-in is 3pm. Check-out at Noon.

14. Minimum 1 night stay, max 7 days camping.

15. Campers and lodge events must register and pay on-line. NO WALK-INS, except for day users.

16. No driving or parking on the lawn. Irrigation lines are shallow. Access road may be used to drop items closer to camp sites, but all vehicles must stay on roads and in the parking lot. Vehicles parked in the designated open space area may lose their deposit.

Anyone who violates any of the rules will be directed to leave Camp Pollock. No refunds.

Cancelations. Cancelations are accepted up to 30 days prior to check-in to receive a partial refund, (less $100 booking fee and 25% rental fee) otherwise refunds will not be offered. If flooding should close Camp Pollock to camping, you will be notified and a full refund will be made. Refunds will be processed to the credit card used when reserving. Refunds will be credited within 2 weeks of cancelation. To cancel a reservation and to receive a refund, contact or log onto Web Reserv -

Reservations and Payments. All reservations and payments must be made online. Credit card payments only; no cash or checks. No walk-ins allowed. No payment exchanged on site. All reservations, including cleaning deposit, must be paid in full 2 weeks in advance of use.

Processing Fees. A $100 processing fee is charged to each site at time of booking and is non-refundable.

Staff Assistance. Camp Pollock is a no-host site. Renters are responsible for checking themselves in and out, as well as all setup and cleaning. The renter's deposit will be deducted for on-site staff assistance. This includes interrupting staff who may be on the property working on other projects.
Hourly rate: $100 (minimum 2-hour increments)
Before 8am or after 5pm: 1.5 x hourly rate
Saturday: 1.5 x hourly rate
Sunday or Holiday: 2 x hourly rate
While we want your event to be a success, we simply cannot afford to pay a staff member to help you for free. We are able to keep our prices low by not charging renters upfront for staff assistance. If you'd like to schedule a meeting before your event (or before booking), please contact us with a few date/time options that you are available. A $50/hour meeting fee will be charged for all pre-scheduled on site visits with SVC Staff. Keep in mind, there is no charge to chat with a staff member at our monthly open house. And for additional free assistance, you can always email Questions should be emailed at least 72 hours before a reservation, but we can usually respond the same day. There is no fee for email assistance.

Special Event and Wedding Fee. A $75 American River Parkway Plan Compliance fee for any event requesting alcohol, amplified sound, charge to attend/vend, open to the public, or camping overnight. An additional $600 is charged for all wedding events, including reception-only celebrations, and large-scale special events. A special event fee may be added for any rental longer than 8 hours, more than a single day, 50 attendees, or has vendors for catering, music, or decorations. Email our staff for clarification. Trainings, board retreats, speaker events and educational events are typically exempt from this fee. Intentionally providing false information may result in the cancelation of a reservation and/or additional charges.

Security Recommended. Security is recommended for large events, private parties with alcohol, and any event that is open to the general public. Security is required for all events with hard alcohol. Security is required for all events that will sell alcohol, or will provide free alcohol to guests who have paid to attend. Contact your local ABC Office for more information.

Security, Cleaning & Damage Deposit. Renters must provide a $400 security deposit per space rented. The property will be inspected at time of checkout, and security deposit will be returned within two weeks if rental is left clear of trash, clean, floors mopped, and no damages are identified. If the property is not left clean, and free of articles, including rented items, or trash, a cleaning/trash removal fee of $200 (minimum) will be charged. $100 minimum deduction for leaving on lights or thermostat, or failing to secure the lodge. $300 for using the fire extinguisher. Deposit may be entirely forfeited for intentionally providing false information about the event logistics, setting off the alarm, or not checking out on time.

If damages are present, Renter will be notified in writing within 30 days. We will complete repairs as soon as possible and provide a reconciliation of the cost of repairs against your deposit. Due to weather, scheduled rentals, and owner availability, repairs may take longer than 30 days to complete.

The balance of your deposit, minus any charges for the costs of repairs, replacement, extra cleaning, breakage or loss resulting from Renter's use of the property will be returned after all repairs are completed. Renters agree to pay for all costs of repairs, replacement, extra cleaning, breakage and/or loss resulting from Renter's use of the property, as well as all of SVC's collection costs, lost rent, attorney fees, court fees, owner's time and expenses for travel, inspections, bids and repairs. In cases where such costs exceed the amount of the security deposit, SVC shall provide Renter with a written accounting of the amount of such difference and remit payment to SVC within ten (10) days after SVC's delivery of such notice. Renter's failure to make such payment to SVC within ten (10) days of SVC's notice shall constitute a default by Renter under this rental agreement without the necessity of further notice. SVC's use of any part of the security deposit for the cost of repairs, replacement, extra cleaning, breakage or loss resulting from Renter's use of the property shall not constitute a bar or defense of any other of SVC's remedies under this rental agreement.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions. By making a reservation for use of Camp Pollock you are agreeing to all of the foregoing terms and conditions.