Casa Deco 9680 Coconut Road
Miami, FL
Phone number: 678-935-9635

Online Booking

Suite Our luxurious Suite offers a panoramic view of the harbor and the beach front. Also included in our suite is a large flat-screen TV, king sized bed and a sitting area.
Holidays$ 140.00Per night Weekday$ 100.00Per night
Queen Room
Queen Room Our beautiful Queen Room has everything you are looking for. Fantastic ocean view, large flat-screen TV and iPhone/iPad compatible speaker system.
Holidays$ 160.00Per night Weekday$ 130.00Per night
Double Room
Double Room Our beautifully decorated double-room has two queen-sized beds, TV, stereo and a small sitting area.
Holidays$ 110.00Per night Weekday$ 90.00Per night
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