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40' obstacle course

This is a 40 foot obstacle course that comes in two pieces. Fun for the whole family. The large slide at the end can be used wet- or dry.

It comes in two pieces, both of which are heavy, plan accordingly.

Bumble Bee

A bounce house big enough for adults.

Inflatable Size: 11' X 13' X 10'
Weight Limit 500 lbs total

This weighs 130 lbs, so be sure to have some help ready to load and unload.

Cotton Candy Machine

Table Top Cotton Candy Machine
Sugar available $15.00 a box (Makes approx 50 cones)
Paper cones $5.00 for 50


The Croc Slide is 22 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 8 feet tall. Capacity; 5 kids @100 lbs each

l-shaped obsacle course

L-shaped obstacle course - large enough for adults to enjoy long
Each leg is 27' long and it is 15' tall

Misty Castle

Misty Castle is 14 feet long, 13 feed wide, and 9 feet tall, It has a capacity of 6 kids @100 lbs each

Police Dog

A bounce house / slide combination with a basket ball hoop inside.
It is 28' long, 16' wide and 14' tall

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn machine, make theater style popcorn at home

Red Slide

10' Red Slide that can be used wet or dry

Rock Star

Huge bouncing area 10.5 ft x 8 ft with long slide 7 ft long. An inflated basketball hoop is included for extra fun. Weight Limit 500 lbs total. (100 lbs per child)


Super star is 14feet long, 11 feet wide, and 7 feet tall. It has a capacity of 5 kids at 100lbs each

Tables and Chairs

60'' round table that seats 8 people comfortably, and can fit up to 10 people, 8 foot rectangular tables, 6' rectangular tables, and white folding chairs

Tiki bounce slide combo

15 feet long, 16 feet wide with an approx 6'x6' jump area and two slides, It can be use wet or dry. Recommended for children 100 lbs and under


The Truck is 18 feet long, 11 feet wide, and 7 feet tall. Capacity; 6 kids @100 lbs each
Featuring a tailgate slide and ball pit/play area,

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