9 Miles - Memorial Beach to Wohler Bridge - We will shuttle your vehicle down to Wohler Bridge parking area, while you enjoy your day on the river. Your car will be there when you arrive, our boat guys will have your keys and let you out of the locked parking lot at the end of your trip.

Our full day trip has it all: Great current, long pools offering amazing reflections, clear and clean swimming holes, a great rope swing, and amazing birds and wildlife! Pack a picnic lunch and your favorite beverages and set off down the most secluded and hard to access section of the Russian River in your comfortable and stable SOAR Inflatable canoe.

This is the Dog-Friendly section where your dog is free to swim and romp all along the way. Since 2000, thousands of dogs have joined their owners on one of the most fun day outings that any dog can ever have. SOAR canoes are so stable that even the biggest dogs can't tip them over.