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Willow River, British Columbia


There are two ways to access Penny by road. One is to take the turnoff from highway 16 about 21km east of Prince Geroge at the Giscome, Upper Fraser turnoff. This road winds through Ferdale, Willow River, Giscome, Eaglet Lake, Newlands, Aleza Lake, Upper Fraser across the new Hansard bridge on the Fraser river then on to Sinclair Mills, Longworth, then arrives at Penny (this route is kept open all year but check you weather report and go prepared. The second route is to take highway 16 East from Prince George to the Penny Access Road (about 100km), which leads you to the Fraser River landing at Penny, which is crossed by boat in the summer and is crossed over the ice in the winter


Category: Log Cabins / Treehouses

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