MTM Maritime Services

Glassboro, New Jersey

About MTM Maritime Services

MTM Maritime Services is located at:

MTM Maritime Services
411 S Cummings AVe
Glassboro, New Jersey
Phone: 856-686-4689



Sailing Charter- After 1PM

Standard sailing charter beginning after 1PM. No additional hours may be added.


Sailing Charter- Before 1PM

Standard sailing charter beginning before 1PM. Additional hours may be added at the specified rate.


Sailing Instruction

Basic sailing instruction by Captain Jack Manning. You will be taught the beginning basics of keelboat sailing to prepare you for a formal training and certification course. There is no certification provided.


Scattering of Ashes

MTM Maritime will scatter the ashes of your loved one in a legal and appropriate manner. Please contact us for further details and restrictions.


Sunset Cruise

A sailing charter that will begin 90 minutes before sunset and will return to port 90 minutes after sunset.

Cheese and crackers or other appetizers provided.

MTM Maritime Services Features

Anam Cara is a Catalina 310 sloop rigged sailboat manufactured in 2000. She is a comfortable and easy to sail production boat made by Catalina Yachts, makers of the most popular production boat in history, the Catalina 30.

She accommodates seven day-passengers (5 plus 2 crew) and is operated by Captain Jack Manning, a licensed Captain and Master Mariner.

Terms & Conditions

1. Certificate is valid for the sailing season (June 15-Sept 30) during the year stated on the Certificate. The Certificate has no cash value.

2. Passenger number is restricted to the number stated on the Certificate. Ratio of Adults to Children Under 13 is 1:1. If passengers are under 16, at least one passenger must be a parent or guardian of at least one of the children. The Captain MUST be notified in advance of any minor passengers so the appropriately sized life vests will be aboard.

3. ALL passengers MUST be able to move about the boat under their own power, ascend and descend the companionway steps without assistance and demonstrate the ability to don a life vest without assistance. Items such as scooters, wheelchairs, infant carriers and car seats cannot be secured on board and will sink in the event of an emergency.

4. The Captain has the FINAL say as to whether or not the boat will sail. A charter may be cancelled at ANY TIME before or during the trip without notice. Reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to, weather or sea conditions, mechanical issues, concerns about passengers. If NOAA issues a SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY or above, or any other warning that constitutes hazardous wind or seas in the sailing grounds or adjacent waters, the boat WILL NOT SAIL or the trip will be terminated if already underway. The Captain and/or Ship’s Master will review the day’s weather forecast to determine if it is safe to sail. It is recommended to start a trip prior to 12:00 noon since most thunderstorms will occur during late afternoon/evening hours.

5. Sailing, as with any water sport, can be dangerous even when done safely. Wind, water and elements are unpredictable and unforgiving. The Captain will take all measures to make the trip safe for all passengers. By boarding the boat, you and your companions hold harmless The Captain, Ship’s Master, MTM Maritime Services, Inc. and Anam Cara’s owners, their employees, heirs and insurers. The aforementioned entities and individuals will not be responsible for injury, loss of life or damage or loss of personal belongings. All passengers under the age of 12 are required to wear a USCG approved PFD at all times while underway.

6. A sailboat handles much differently than a power boat or cruise ship. Those prone to seasickness or motion sickness should take precautionary measures approximately one hour prior to departure. Seasickness can be debilitating to a person. The Captain may decide to terminate a charter if an individual is seasick and he feels that it is in their best interest to get them back to port.

7. Charters may be rescheduled if the trip is cancelled for weather or mechanical reasons or for reasons beyond the Captain’s control. Trips that have started and have continued beyond two (2) hours from departure from and arrival at port will be considered completed and will not be entitled to a reschedule unless approved by MTM Maritime Services, Inc. At least 48 hours notice must be provided by the bearer of this Certificate to be eligible for a reschedule.

8. An EMERGENCY PROCEDURES briefing will be provided BEFORE departure. This briefing will include instructions for emergencies, locations of fire extinguishers, life vests, first aid equipment, radio equipment, etc. The briefing will be conducted 30 minutes prior to departure. All adult passengers will be expected to participate in emergency procedures should the Captain deem it necessary in order to preserve life and the vessel. By boarding the vessel, you agree that the Captain or Master has ultimate authority aboard ship and to follow his or his crew’s orders.