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Automatic Email Notifications

Automatic Email Notifications

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Automatic Email Notifications

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With WebReserv you can select what email template to use when a reservation is pending,  confirmed, declined or cancelled. If you do not want a particular email to be sent to customers, then you can choose None (no message/email) for that template.  In addition to the default templates provided by WebReserv, you can define your own email templates.


A customer will automatically receive a reservation email under the following circumstances:


A new reservation is made
Reservation status changes from pending to confirmed
Start date/time or end date/time is changed
The product has been changed.


In any of these circumstances a reservation email is automatically sent to the customer.


Auto Email Notification


You can also designate if you want a Pre-Visit and/or Post-Visit email sent to customers.  These notifications are designed to prepare and remind your customers of their upcoming reservations and to thank them for their business after their reservation.  (Note: this feature is only available to Gold account users.)


Pre and Post Visit Email


In addition to sending  notifications to your customers, you will receive a notification email whenever a new reservation is made. It will be sent to the email address you used when you created the account, but you can also add additional email addresses here.


Business Notification


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