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Gift cards

Gift cards

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Gift cards

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The gift card feature enables you to sell gift cards to your customers. Gift cards can be purchased and used later as payment for a reservation.


Important!  The Gift Card feature is offered at different account levels.  To know if your account has this feature, go to Administration - Features when logged into the account.


There are several aspects to the gift card feature.  Click on the links below for information.


If you want to. . .

See. . .

learn about the different components of the gift card feature

Gift card components

learn about setting up gift cards in WebReserv

Creating gift cards

learn how your customers can purchase gift cards

Purchasing a gift card

learn how gift cards can be redeemed and viewed in the system

Gift card usage



Important! Use of gift cards in WebReserv are for business who are set up with automatic payment processing including credit card and PayPal payments.  See Payment Processing section for more information.