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Taking Payments

Taking Payments

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Taking Payments

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Your business is ready to launch. You created a new website to increase customer traffic. You integrated the booking system directly to your website in order for your customers to be able to view availability and book your vacation rental, B&B, RV rental or other service online.


But one question remains unanswered – when and how should I charge my customers or guests for online bookings?  The WebReserv system allows for you to easily take all your payments for reservations online, and it is customizable. You most likely have learned in the set up process about payments, but you still need to know more about all the in and outs to taking payments through WebReserv.


You’ll find the answers to most online payment questions in this section.


If you want to. . .

See. . .

learn about the payment processing methods in WebReserv

Payment Processing

learn about the options for accepting payments (i.e. deposits)

Payment/Deposit Options

learn how to add a booking/processing fee to reservations

Booking Fees

learn how to view your reservations in WebReserv

Viewing Reservation Payments

know how to apply additional payments on a reservation

Making Additional Payments on a Reservation

know how to refund a customer

Refunding Customers

learn tips for safe payments

Safe payment tips