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annual trip at Pinecone.. 

Review by kc on 10/20/17 10:44 PM

We had another great annual camping trip to Jenkinson Lake!! Staff always helpful, campsites and bathrooms clean. We already reserved for our 5th year, see you then!!


Review by Pam on 10/10/17 3:20 PM

Beautiful relaxing place. Outhouses were not very clean but other than that very nice

Pinecone #6.. 

Review by CAJ on 10/6/17 11:24 AM

What an Excellent experience! We started off worried when we found that the tent campers next door had taken a large area of our site for their own. The camp host and ranger were on it immediately! I didn't want to cause trouble or ruin someone's experience but the host and ranger handled it in a courteous and professional way and the campers moved one of their tents without a fuss. The lake, facilities and host were amazing! I would camp here again in a heartbeat!

Amazing employees.. 

Review by Glenda on 9/28/17 12:07 AM

My first time camping without a grp of friends.'It was just me, my 78 y/o Dad and my 7 y/o son on a cold Sept 26th. My car's alternator broke down the ff day while we were parked ay Hazel campsite ready for a hike to the falls. Our campsite was a few miles away, Sierra Spur. A camper helped me jumpstart the battery but it keeps dying. When a campsite caretaker ( not sure if that is the right title) Sonny Wells came to help us he didnt just help a simple little thing. He went all the way from letting me use his cellphone to call the insurance (my phone courier doesnt have a coverage ); gave us water; used his car to drive me back and forth to my campsite and even helped took the tent down and load our stuff to my dead car. Well, he couldn't do all of these while he is "on duty", so what he did he used his lunchbreak and another unpaid hour ( or more) to be able to help us. He didnt get to eat on his lunchbreak and he didnt stop checking on us until we took off riding in a tow truck. His helping hand and kind heart is genuine. When I asked for his home address he told me to not send him anything but a Christmas card on Christmas day. Another patrol ranger named Roger helped take his calls while he was off-duty. And helped to make sure we were ok. And another patrol ranger (I didnt get to ask his name) , drove us through Hazel campsite when I asked for direction but looked a little puzzled if I get it . Everybody at Sly Park is nice and helpful. Not to mention the gorgeous place; big and different views yet close to the lake. I want their higher up to know how blessed they are to have such an amazing employee. Thank you sooo much Sonny. May God bless you!


Review by Rose on 9/27/17 11:14 AM

Everything about the place was incredible! Clean, large campsites, great host, gorgeous lake for kayaking. A great place to spend a birthday! The only part I didn't like was $15 a night for extra car parking, seems really steap to me.

Very pleased .. 

Review by Greenhorn  on 9/21/17 5:46 PM

First attempt at "dry" RV camping. Perfect place to give it a go. Spaces are roomy, easy to back in to. The camp site areas were all clean and well maintained. Being there in the middle of the week in September was nice as it was somewhat empty which made for a quiet camp. I hope to come back.

roudy and loud.. 

Review by Dave on 9/19/17 8:16 PM

This last trip for us was a noisy experience for us as the camp site next to us was a party atmosphere where people yelled cheered, hollered and staggered around until the wee hours of the morning drinking, cursing and letting everyone know what a great time they were having staff or rangers seemed to take notice. The next morning I had to wait a long time to use the out house because two men were inside bathing together using a bucket and soapy water!.......Bathing in an out house!..... This place has gone down hill in my opinion :(

Pinecove #36.. 

Review by Camping/Kayaking Adventures on 9/18/17 11:58 AM

We just spent 3 amazing days at Pinecove Family Site #36! The site is amazing with plenty of space for all of us even with 6 tents! Terry the Camp Host is polite and super friendly - which is refreshing. You can tell that he loves his job :-) The staff at SlyPark were great on all encounters. We didn't have any complaints - other than the bathroom smell from the vault toilets when the wind hit since the bathroom was right at our site. Wish they would of had it cleaned out during the weekend when it got super busy. The lake water was warm, and the weather was perfect! We will definitely return to this site next year.

I must have stayed at a different campground.. 

Review by Grump on 9/12/17 10:32 AM

First of all, the people who work at Sly Park are polite and friendly. The lake and the hiking/biking trails are pretty nice. The facilities were in pretty good shape and well maintained. Unfortunately, it was the worst kind of group campground. We specifically chose the Jenkinson loop to be away from the RVs/generators etc. Unfortunately the first night there were several families (dad's with pre-teen boys) who were literally yelling much of the night. Not like kids having fun and making noise, but literally yelling. Kept us up for quite a while. The second night they had moved on, but then the noise from the Sierra RV campground adjacent to us picked up. Someone was literally playing music until at least 3 am. Additionally we saw one large group by the Sierra beach area who were literally throwing trash everywhere, on the beach, in the lake. Unfortunately the "rangers" didn't seem to be aware of or care about any of these things. The people who are attracted to Sly Park don't seem to have a very good concept of the etiquette of group camping. Despite the nice facilities etc, I won't come back.

Love Sly Park!.. 

Review by Camper Gal on 9/12/17 9:14 AM

We have been camping at Sly Park for four summers now, and absolutely love it there! We have a trailer and stay in the Sierra campground. What I enjoy: 1. The camp-spots are spacious. I particularly like the outside spots where you back your trailer in and the "outdoor living space" is outside your door as opposed to behind the trailer. 2. The campground is quiet but not too quiet. By this I mean that it isn't the campground where people are playing loud music up until quiet hours and partying loudly. But it also isn't the campground that you have to worry when your kids are loudly playing tag and enjoying themselves. 3. A couple of years ago they added book libraries at the various campgrounds. I always bring a couple of kids books to leave behind. I love looking through the library to see what other books are available there. 4. The waterfall is amazing. The first year we camped at Sly Park we didn't look at the map and didn't realize that there was a waterfall to hike to. I highly suggest taking the trek there. It is an easy hike that even my 4 year old was able to do. We did drive to the Chimney area and hike from there though. Things I don't love: Let me qualify this by saying that none of these things would make my 5 star go to a 4 star, they are just my own personal preferences and observations. 1. If you bring dogs keep in mind that they can not go in the water. This is not ideal for those water loving dogs. But on the flip side, it is nice when you are on the water with your kids and there are not off leash dogs running everywhere. 2. The generator hours are odd to me. It seems that they allow generators to run during breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours only, which is cool. But on the other hand I feel that 7am is a bit early for people to be running generators. 3. There are a lot of camp personnel driving through the campgrounds enforcing rules. This is great. But on the other hand it can be a bit much. And other than the employees at the main gate, I don't find the people driving around to be all that friendly. They aren't rude, but I haven't noticed them saying hi or whatever when they drive by. But maybe since they are constantly driving by they don't want to constantly interrupt the campers by saying hi every time they drive past. 4. As I said above, I like the outside camping spaces. But our first year we were on the inside of the loop and did not care for our spot. I don't like the spots with the narrow driveway where you park your trailer and then the fire-pit and bench are behind the trailer. But some people might prefer that. As I said, we've been camping at Sly Park for 4 years and will likely be camping there for as many years as we are into camping. Great place!

Made Our Day(s).. 

Review by MeLee on 9/4/17 11:42 AM

Many thanks to the gate attendant personnel who REALLY made our days happen. I had a "senior moment" and misread our calendar/reservation such that we showed up a day late. I WOULD NOT EXPECT THIS --- but, they were fortunately able to work us into a site and accommodate us. This was during the week. They don't realize that they REALLY made the stay happen for a senior couple & their handicapped son which may well be OUR LAST camping trip due to our situations. THANKS FOR BEING FANTASTIC & GOING BEYOND EXPECTATIONS. --- 4-WORDS = ALWAYS PAY IT FORWARD ---


Review by Andersens camp trip on 8/29/17 9:55 AM

Had a great weekend in pinecone- camp host was very nice - the bathrooms were very clean- had a great time! We booked next years trip on the way out!

Pinecone Thanks Terry Camp Host.. 

Review by Camper on 8/27/17 8:17 PM

Camped two nights with a large group in Pinecone campground. The Pinecone camp host was awesome. Refreshing to have a camp host who is so passionate about his job. Campsites were great close to the water and all in our group had a great time. I would definently recomment this campground with Terry running it.

Great place.. 

Review by crawfishx3 on 8/27/17 2:58 AM

Stayed here for two nights mid August. Had to book 2 weeks ahead of time. That being said, I'm sure this place sees heavy traffic throughout the summer. I was in Sierra Spur area #56. When I arrived the campground was were the restrooms. Now ive been to campgrounds in late summer before and, well lets just say you know people have been there before you. So kudos to the cleaning crew and to all who keep the park clean. My daughter came to see me 1 day at the campground and we wanted to rent Kayaks. The park did have an alternative source, but I was a bit disappointed that the park rentals were only on weekends. So we hiked instead, but came across 2 different parties that also wanted to rent kayaks. Besides that,.... beautiful spot!!!

Pinecone #17.. 

Review by LJ on 8/22/17 3:01 PM

Loved the large space we had and pretty close to the water where we parked our boat. The host was awesome and very helpful. Would use this spot again probably. The only downside was the restrooms. Of the four options one smelled kind of good but the other three made me want to vomit and I was unable to use them. Also by Sunday morning the toilet smell had worked it's way down to our campsite and it made it hard to pack up without vomiting. Wondering how often the bathrooms are flushed out?

Hilltop Campground.. 

Review by First time campers on 8/22/17 12:46 PM

Stayed at Hilltop. Awesome view from campsite. Camp hostvwas friendly and helpful. Bathrooms were always clean and stocked. Wood available to buy. Beautiful campground. Lake is beautiful.

Always a great time at Sly Park.. 

Review by Paris & Sherri on 8/22/17 11:28 AM

Had a blast!! HUGE appreciation for Terry the Pinecone Camp Host. Super friendly and willing to make the campers feel welcomed. Be careful Sly Park, we might want to hire Terry for a future endeavor of ours :)

Perfect family camping adventure.. 

Review by Wolff Pack on 8/22/17 2:57 AM

What an awesome location and clean park. Totally convenient, the lots were spacious, access to the lake was all-star, and the visitors were friendly and considerate. It was definitely nicer to have enjoyed a Thursday evening to avoid the weekend crowd, but other than one late partying group (celebrating a birthday) must admit that we love the spot. Definitely bring a mountain bike as there's a wonderful single track loop around the lake definitely worth riding, and bring water stuff. We had SUPs, rafts, kayak and floaties to enjoy with two other families that came with us. Kids had a blast and it felt pretty safe to let them run around unattended. I highly recommend this spot if you're looking for hassle-free camping.

Pinecone campground 12.. 

Review by A&G Sanchez Family  on 8/22/17 1:21 AM

We had an excellent time!! Campground was very kept up, and bathrooms were clean as well. The dumpsters were filled to the brim. Probably could use some attention in emptying. Was awesome to park my boat right next to camp, but boaters with no respect and no boat/ lake eddicate were driving into the cove and making huge wakes. It probably would be an excellent idea to place wake zone buyes by cove. Maybe 30yrds from bank shore. Just a suggestion. Overall we will be coming back and spending more nights than usual. Thank you sly park and staff for all your hard work. Blessings, Sanchez Family

Can we live here?.. 

Review by The Anderson's on 8/19/17 9:34 AM

This was our first family camping trip and it was amazing! The water was great and our campsite was perfect! We came in the middle of the week so we almost had the place to ourselves. It was really clean and the rangers were always driving by, keeping an eye on things. The only suggestion I have is to have the rangers check any dogs they let in to make sure they're friendly. One of the 3 family's camping in chimney brought a dog that got loose and chased my kids. I don't even want to think what could have happened if my husband hadn't been right there. Please don't let that happen again, the next family might not be so lucky

Wonderfull place .. 

Review by Natu on 8/16/17 1:06 PM

We love this heavenly place and it's been my family's annual tradition camping site.Everything was wonderful and already reserved for next year. This is our third year in a row at Sly Park. We love the water front sites and the small lake. Bathrooms were the cleanest I've ever experience in years pasted. .Rangers were friendly, helpful and present keeping the park in great shape. We have already booked a return trip!

Amazing time!.. 

Review by Aay G on 8/15/17 1:01 PM

Had a great time! Everything was well organized and beautiful spot.

Awesome as always`.. 

Review by Nancyg on 8/15/17 11:31 AM

My family's been going here for years, usually stay at Pinecone by the water, but got Stonebreaker this time. Great site, even though it was behind the boat ramp - it was still quiet on the weekend. The host was awesome, and the bathroom actually smelled good! The sites are spread out, and level in Stonebreaker. Lake was full and beautiful, campers were mostly families and the beaches were full on the weekends as expected,. But still plenty of room to swim, play and relax.

Great time.. 

Review by Debbi on 8/15/17 8:43 AM

Everything was wonderful and already reserved for next year. We reserved 3 sites to offset additional cars/last minute invites. I can't believe I'm one hour out of Sacramento and I'm in the woods camping with that beautiful lake. Everything was nice and clean and was very grateful there were no bees. The only complaint are the tent spaces aren't level. It wouldn't take much to grade them. It made sleeping difficult. Drive by each sites and it would be obvious to get a flat head shovel and level them.

Great stay!.. 

Review by Log Cabin living  on 8/15/17 1:24 AM

This was my first time camping at Sly Park. We stayed in the Hilltop loop site 115. A nice shady spot with plenty of room for our large tent. It was an easy walk down a trail to the water. The vault toilets were the cleanest I've ever seen. They were actually pretty spacious and well lit from the frosted windows which was a plus. I think the guys name was sunny that worked there he came around throughout the day to check on us and to ask if we needed anything. We loved talking with him! The ladies at the front were also very nice and informative when we asked for directions to the waterfall. Overall a great stay and we will definitely be back!

Pine cone campsite host.. 

Review by Girls campout weekend  on 8/13/17 3:35 PM

I just want to point out an exceptional host we had for sly park lake. this was the third time this year I stayed at pine cone campsites . Bathrooms where the cleanest I've ever experience in years pasted. He was such a accommodating host. Such a happy personable man. He was always driving around checking the bathrooms asking if we needed anything or just. Saying hello. God bless you for your warm heart , your hardwork to do your best to make your campsites the cleanest and the best. Thank you we will be back and we will be asking for your campsites

Better each year!.. 

Review by pinecone family on 8/12/17 4:38 PM

This was our 8th year in Pinecone. It is always clean and well stocked. Terry, campsite manager, has been there for years and we always love to see him. He is informative (the tree/bug situation this year) and accessible. We were there midweek and loved being surrounded by other like minded family campers. Will keep going back!

OK, expensive, FLIES!.. 

Review by MikeK on 8/11/17 7:19 PM

$35/nite PLUS $15/night for 2nd car= $50/night for regular site, i.e. too expensive Sites vary from excellent to awful: visit first to cherry pick your site!! CRITICAL! bathrooms generally very good, but a LOT of really stupid campers leaving seats up, doors open, etc Very nice location, close to Sacramento, ~20 minutes to a Safeway (expensive), lots of very nice hiking trails, a nice waterfall after ~ 1 mile hike. Lake is only 645 acres: you can water ski and boat and fish Right now (2017), LOTS of firewood to pick up due to cutting down of beetle infested trees Only really con is the FLIES! Much too many flies (note: we were there during the week, and were one of two site occupied in that area)

Sly Park Recreation.. 

Review by Norma V on 8/9/17 8:14 PM

We stayed in the Pinecone Peninsula and we had another amazing weekend camping trip. We are never disappointed. The camping site was clean, safe and our stay was great. Our host was very friendly and he brought our firewood to our campsite. The gatehouse employees were friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. We had an amazing time. We will always recommend Sly Park. Thank you again for your hospitality.


Review by gena on 8/8/17 5:42 PM

I just wanted to Thank Sly Park staff for being such friendly folks. Everyone was super nice and helpful. A special thank you to our Park Host he checked in on us every day and I noticed the restrooms were always stocked with TP.


Review by Hannah on 8/8/17 10:29 AM

We celebrated my brother's birthday this past week-end and, as usual, it was fantastic. The campsite is peaceful, exceptionally clean, and secluded from other campsites. The Rangers were friendly and helpful and our Camp Host, Sonny, is the BEST!! This is a family tradition and we will be returning again next year. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Sly Park!

Premium but 1 star.. 

Review by JJ on 8/8/17 9:09 AM

I paid for the premium camp site by the water , only problem the pics on the internet show plenty of shade , it did not have any shade from 10am to 5pm big problem they had cut down the trees facing sun rise , basically the camp site was useless could not stay there and I had my mother who is disabled, the pics on the internet did not reflect the cutting down of the trees very disappointed 1 star .

40th Birthday.. 

Review by Amber on 8/7/17 5:43 PM

We camped from 8/2/2017 to 8/5/2017 and had an excellent experience. We were in the Pinecone Campground and had water view sites. It was pricier than I expected, especially with not having showers - but I knew this going in, and decided it was worth it... Our view was gorgeous, the water was a perfect temperature for swimming, and the kids had a blast. The people who took care of our check in at the front gate were very helpful, as well. All of the campers around us were very courteous, and we had no issues! Definitely going back.


Review by Niccardoza on 8/6/17 1:39 PM

We were excited to camp here since we had heard a lot about it being accessible for wheelchairs - my daughter is in a wheelchair and this was her first time getting to camp. Unfortunately I think that the place is not doing a great job of clearing debris from trails - while most of them would have been easy for her to manage there was too much rock, branches and general mess to navigate very far. Also, our campsite was filthy when we arrived - no effort made to clear litter, we spent 30 minutes just picking up trash so we wouldn't have to look at it all weekend. I've never see a campground with so much litter left lying around. Add to this the number of staff we saw throughout the week driving around, standing around and not doing much maintenance it was unfortunate. This place is pricey compared to many other places throughout the area and Northern California, and for that price I expected a cleaner and better maintained campground. We won't be returning. When a friend from the area wanted to come visit for the day they told her it would be $12 just to enter the campground. So I brought her kids up with me instead - then when she arrived to pick them up that evening they still wanted $12 from her, she was able to talk them into letting her drive in and pick them up, but when she didn't immediately leave they came and hassled her to leave. Of course I wanted to ask if they had time to monitor her so closely did they have time to pick up trash while they waited from her to get her kids out of the their swimsuits and into her car. I wouldn't recommend this place, honestly they are so many better, cleaner and less expensive options.

Love this spot!.. 

Review by Cynthia on 8/6/17 8:56 AM

This is our third year in a row at Sly Park. We love the water front sites and the small lake which is great for our small children. There were a few items this year that lowered by rating. First is the bathrooms. The past couple of years they have been washed out daily and I did not see them washed out the 5 days we stayed. The smell was pretty bad. I did not see a lot of park ranger presence like in the past. We are used to seeing them several times a day which gives you a sense of safety. Lastly we had a dumpster in between our two sites. The dumpster was missing half of the lid so the flies were pretty bad in our sites. I feel that if the dumpster had a full lid, the flies would not have been as bad.


Review by Pincone Campground on 8/5/17 5:34 PM

We camped over the past weekend. It was 17 years since I had last camped at Sly Park and my husband's first time. We had a wonderful time. The park was well maintained with perfect weather night and day. Our Pinecone camp host, Terry, was our camping neighbor and he was what made our trip so great. He was friendly and went around and said good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to us and other campers. He was full of knowledge and helped us with all of our camping needs. He made the campground like a home away from home for everyone. We definitely will be returning, to Pinecone if Terry continues to be the host. Jeff and Theresa

Thank you for a nice time!.. 

Review by Toney #6 on 8/3/17 1:35 PM

Staff was helpful and friendly. Lake was beautiful. Special thanks to Camp Host Terry at Pinecone for being amazingly kind and helpful. He helped us with places to go and things to do in the park as well as with firewood and noisy neighbors. He is professional, kind and an expert. He is an asset to your company! Largely due to Terry and the beauty of the lake we will be back. Thank you!

Happy Pkace.. 

Review by Dawn R on 8/2/17 4:28 PM

I grew up in Placerville. During the summer my Dad would take us to Jenkinson Lake to swim and fish. Now I live in Bay Area. Love to do weekend camping with family and friends. It is close enough for a day trip too. I love to head to the lake with our kayak and spend the day on the water. This is the first year I got to swim at the base of Hazel

Annual trip.. 

Review by Orchid gal  on 8/1/17 3:39 PM

My friends and I make an annual trip ladies camping trip to Sly Park. We have gone there for 7 years and keep returning because we love it there. We tend to get a little loud, the rangers have always stopped in to remind us to quiet down. We treat them with respect and they are friendly in return.

Great Place!.. 

Review by Nreed23 on 8/1/17 12:02 PM

Beautiful, clean and so much fun! Staff were very friendly!

Site 187.. 

Review by Blue Eyes on 7/31/17 9:43 AM

We camp at site 187 Dogwood every year, several times a year. We mentioned about the large, deep bull dozer tire tracks that my son fell in and broke his ankle!!!! we reported the safety hazzard and still the trench is open and not been covered up for safety. Also yelling, all night partying and the noise level is louder and louder and goes on none stop and the rangers never shut down the noise at all, even when you complain!!!! Also im a medical professional who acts professional at my job. I think the rangers need to remind there employees at Sly Park to be respectful to there guests-paying customers!!! There was a ranger who could give a hoot about customer service and he was so mean, rude, and nasty!!!! please put a check on rude employees and remind your staff to be professional. I know its hot and the bugs are hardy but please be nice. and try to get the all night party people to respect other people trying to sleep!!!!

Sly park Park Rangers.. 

Review by Dad on 7/28/17 4:18 PM

We love this heavenly place and it's been my family's annual tradition camping site. We've been camping with my family at Sly Park for the past 25 years. For some reason and for the first time we (my kids and I) did not feel welcome and it was due to a couple of the Park rangers personality/attitude. There was one specific younger with beard ranger who was at the gate greeting people at first then seen him driving around in the park which we though he was speaking in a very rude tone to people. My kids even noticed it. We ran into him twice and both times he disappointed us by his manners. I am hoping that these two Park rangers read this review and treat people with kindness and respect. I never write a review in general and the only reason I am writing this to hope for the rangers to read this. There is always next year to look forward to.

A new favorite!.. 

Review by Holly on 7/27/17 11:21 AM

My friend and I reserved a spot at Sly Park because other campgrounds were unavailable to book several months ago due to the heavy snow of last winter. We were so pleasantly surprised at the beauty,cleanliness, peaceful atmosphere ! We loved seeing all the birds-even spotted an eagle, walking to the waterfall and kayaking.Rangers were friendly, helpful and present keeping the park in great shape.We have already booked a return trip!

Just Amazing .. 

Review by Domi on 7/27/17 12:11 AM

For the 4th time in last few years we had another amazing camping trip at Sly Park with my family Our two camp sites were clean, and we had an awesome view of the lake from two different vantage points. Park Ranger "Gene" was very welcoming and accommodating. Every morning he came over to check up on us to see if we were having a great time and he was a sweetheart. We will be back next year and hope to see him there as well. One recommendation for those whom may have had a horrible experience due to able to relax is to Spend your camping days in weekdays. You won't regret it

Sisters Go Camping.. 

Review by MCCC on 7/25/17 2:01 PM

The campsite itself was wonderful (#21, Pinecove strip), and the lake is beautiful and perfect for a warm sunny day. We enjoyed the trails, and were able to rent a canoe from a rental place near the Safeway on Pony Express trail (cannot remember the name) and paddle on the lake. Unfortunately, people can ruin a perfectly good campsite, and we were awake from 12:30-1:30 am while our neighbors let their child scream bloody murder. And our other neighbors used profanity like they were in their own home. If you go camping, please respect the fact that other people want to relax and enjoy nature - and that this is not your personal party. But I love the lake, and the rangers/park staff, and will definitely be back, perhaps when it's less crowded.

Great Camping Trip.. 

Review by Ken M. on 7/25/17 1:18 PM

We had camp sites #4 and #18 this past 4 days and had a great time. Camp Host Terry was awesome. He greeted us upon arrival, gave us all the information we needed, answered all our questions, and couldn't be more helpful. He even offered us his own personal water when the main broke and the sites were out for a short time. The sites were very clean and the lake was incredible. The bathrooms were as clean as could be expected for large outhouses. I've read other reviews complaining about the Rangers or Camp Hosts enforcing the quiet time hours of 10pm-7am. I would suggest people who wish to party into the evening go to lakes like Loon Lake. I've camped there as well and it's great for finding your own space away from others who don't care to be kept awake. (and yes, even low music and low conversations have their moments of laughter that awakens neighbors). I hope Rangers and Camp Hosts continue to enforce quiet time hours. Sly Park Rangers on the lake were great as well. My buddy forgot to use his flag once and was kindly reminded that as long as his rope was out, his flag needed to be out as well. No ticket, no aggressive attitude, just keeping the lake safe which is what we all want. I personally appreciated the large staff and order that was kept. We will be back! Thank you Sly Park Staff for a great 4 days!

Replant soon!.. 

Review by Camper on 7/25/17 11:24 AM

Hope they start replanting trees soon, they absolutely ruined the kamloop/hazel creek area :( looks incredibly ugly and no longer has any shade

Great weekend.. 

Review by Luckylindsy on 7/25/17 9:16 AM

Just camped here for the weekend & it was fantastic! Highly recommend!

Great campsite, noisy neighbors.. 

Review by pvilleboi on 7/25/17 7:37 AM

We camped recently at Sly Park and had very nice/spacious camp-site fairly close to the lake. I have been to the park numerous times in my life and find it to be one of the best lakes in the region for hiking/water fun. My family had a great time during the day, just like always. I have read a few complaints about camp rangers being aggressive at enforcing quiet hour rules. I personally am very much in favor of enforcing them and wished it would have occurred at our camp-site. We had very noisy neighbors who blasted rap/rock music during the day and into quiet hours. They then stayed up until 1am drinking/loudly all kind of resembled an outdoor frat party. I have nothing against the music, it is just not appropriate for the setting or why I came there in the first place. Sly Park Rangers/Hosts: I am on your side. Please enforce quiet hour rules aggressively.

Awesome!! .. 

Review by SpanishGirl on 7/25/17 1:11 AM

Awesome experience! I loved the place and it was pretty easy to move around there. The hiking around the lake is easy which is perfect for begginers as me, the temperature of the water is warm but refreshing and the campground has all you need. There is even a safeway 10 minutes away for buying food or whatever. Only con, we were on site 64 in Spur Sierra what was supposed to have a bit of slope but the slope was pretty inclined which made things more difficult, such as putting the tents, trying to eat on the table... Just we aware of this! Great experience! I totally recommend this place!


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