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 Easy and professional

Review by Tommy on 7/9/16 8:19 AM

Rented a road bike for 3 days. Everything was very professional and so easy. No hidden fees and small letters. Staff friendly and competent. Bike standard very high as well. Best place I ever rented a bike (have rented several places in Europe). Thanks Tommy


Review by David on 7/7/16 1:43 PM

Raced IM70.3 Hawaii June of '16 and the staff at Bike Works Kona location did an awesome job of have both my and my wife's bike ready upon our arrival. Pedals and saddles were installed and adjustments made with no delay. The bikes were in excellent condition tuned and adjusted perfectly. The staff took time to explain the Shimano shifting on the wife's bike (we have SRAM) as well as the disk brakes. Every question she had was answered and discussed to ensure she was comfortable with the differences. I should add the reservation process was very easy and the internet communications were beyond awesome. Thanks Bike Works for making our bikeacation and race simple and pain free.

 Great Staff!

Review by Bentley55 on 6/12/16 10:06 AM

This shop was awesome. Rented wheels from bike works and wheels were awesome. Bike tune up was great. Great customer service and very knowledgeable. Staff was friendly and easy to talk to. Will definitely do business with bike works again!

 Great shop!

Review by schulaura on 6/5/16 9:52 AM

Great service, great bikes, great staff. Have rented a bike from BIke Works twice now and will do again next time I am in Kona.

 Great rental experience!!!

Review by Wingsprint on 5/19/16 11:46 AM

Awesome! The rental road bikes were in great condition and were tuned perfectly for our amazing ride in Kona. The staff was helpful and friendly. They took the time to make sure the bikes fit us. On a side note the staff also had a great suggestions for an after ride meal- Patricio's Mexican Taqueria had fantastic authentic Mexican food. In Hawaii!!! I lived in Arizona for 20 years. I know Mexican food. Thanks Bike Works! You helped make our vacation awesome.

 #1 Bike Rental Shop

Review by girlylibrarian on 4/15/16 1:00 PM

Just the best. Great service. Likeable staff. Accommodating and fast. Don't go anywhere else.

 Fantastic Experience

Review by Alaska Wookie on 4/5/16 10:50 AM

I booked a last minute plane ticket to Kona for a 5 day getaway. I was anxious to swim, run and bike ALOT outside after a long Alaskan winter of training indoors. Bike Works hooked me up with a Cervelo P2 time trail bike easily and efficiently for my 5 days there. It was FANTASTIC and SO easy ! I really appreciate their customer service. There is absolutely no attitude or intimidation in the shop either - very grounded and helpful staff. That is much appreciated! Mahalo and thanks again for the incredible experience! BTW I think I yelled out several times in glee along the Queen K Hwy. while riding that bike.

 Kohala and Mauna Loa

Review by Kohala and Mauna Loa on 4/5/16 9:45 AM

My son in law and I rented road bikes from Bike Works in both Waikoloa and Kona this past trip to the Big Island. The Kona location was good, easy to interact with despite our changing things around at the last minute. We road up Kaloko Road from there. The Waikoloa location had great road bikes, one that fit me almost exactly like my primary road bike back home. That matters a lot to me since I am a bit older and do a lot of climbing and having it fit is important. The bike had di2 and a 32 tooth rear, so it was helpful in climbing Mauna Loa. In particular, the guys at the Waikoloa location were spectacularly friendly and helpful. Really pretty exceptional. Look forward to my next visit and rental there.

 Loved the 29er Tandem

Review by P&P on 4/4/16 7:31 PM

Checked on line and Bike Works seemed to be best suited to the type of riding we normally do. The staff was terrific, spending enough time with us and a map that we knew the rides available in Kona and North on the Queen highway. There are not a lot of bike-friendly roads, so this helped us decide where to ride. We picked up the tandem the night before we needed it. The tires were pumped hard since we planned to ride it on the road. The staff put our pedals on for us and included a repair kit with tools so we could make seat height adjustments, which we needed, and fix flats, which wasn't needed. After we dropped the bike off, I borrowed the key to the shower (!!) and cleaned up before dinner. Super bike to rent and excellent staff support. We will do it again. BTW, the Yoga place next door was terrific for a relaxing restorative yoga class.

 Vacation Enhancing...

Review by Brian & Sherri on 4/2/16 5:32 PM

The staff and service was outstanding. We rented bikes and were able to ride during our vacation in Kona. This truly helped to enhance our vacation. The rental price was also outstanding compared to other places we have rented.

 Look 675

Review by Greg J. on 4/2/16 10:50 AM

Coming from Alaska it is a real pain to haul your bike to Kona. The Bike Works worked out great, they had a new Look 675 that I rode for the week I was vacationing. The staff was real helpful in setting the bike up and getting it ready to roll.

 Holiday Road Bikes

Review by IanK on 4/1/16 4:29 PM

We hired 4 road bikes while on holidays from Australia. Bike pick up and return was a breeze. Set ups were spot on and we had no problems at all. Thanks for the exceptional service and advice on our planned rides.

 Renting 2 years in a row

Review by Michael Heffler on 3/31/16 10:11 AM

The folks at Bikeworks in both Kona and Waikeloa were helpful in every way. The bicycle I rented performed well on the hills and the IronMan course.

 Bike Rental

Review by Paul on 3/26/16 7:52 AM

Excellent place to rent a bike. Staff was skilled, quick and knowledgeable and there were no hidden charges or last minute sales plays

 Friendly Staff

Review by Shoosh on 3/16/16 10:13 AM

Rented mountain bikes from the Kona facility. The staff were friendly and helpful. The bikes were in good working order. It would be great if they offered mountain bike rentals at the Waikaloa store. My suggestion to the staff was that they use tubeless tires and Stan's fluid to minimize flats.


Review by Jan on 3/5/16 10:57 AM

We have rented from both stores but the Queen's Shop is preferable only because it's minutes from where we stay. Not only do they have a great choice of high-end road bikes but their service is friendly & efficient. What is really impressive, tho, is each time one walks in the store, they remember your name & the bike you've rented! The staff is very cognizant of the importance of personalized service!

 Great ride, great bike

Review by William on 3/2/16 12:58 PM

Rented a Specializes Tarmac from Bikeworks on our last vacation. The staff went out of their way to accommodate my needs, and set up the bike perfectly. I have rented bikes from Bikeworks many times now, and have always gotten great service. Highly recommended!


Review by Bowen on 2/24/16 3:46 PM

The staff was great and very accommodating. We rented bikes for two days and they made affordable and easy. Would definitely rent from them again and would recommend others to as well.

 Superb outfit, great service.

Review by Michelvl on 2/20/16 3:47 PM

Rented a Cervelo R3 2016 from Bikeworks and was very impressed with the quality of service, available/provided material and assistance. Enjoyed 10 days of great riding and suffered only one flat which didn't matter because I had the bikeworks provided seat pack with 2 spares and tools. I would highly recommend the Hawi Loop but caution the less experienced climbers to understand that it is a long steep one. Highly memorable. Tip! take enough fluids with you, the sun bakes fluids out of you at a rapid rate and drinking is key. Bikeworks is a top outfit and my automatic choice when next on the big island. Mahalo!


Review by John on 2/20/16 11:45 AM

A group of us rented bikes for a week, we are aggressive riders, we were impressed with the quality of the bikes. A traveler should note that there are stores in Kailua Kona and in Waikoloa Beach. Pick the one closer to where you are staying, we wasted 45 minutes each way and the associated logistics. Be certain to check out the bike (fit and tire pressure) before you take the bike from the store. The staff at the Kailua Kona shop were fabulous.

 As good as it gets

Review by Max Vincent on 2/18/16 9:52 PM

I rented a bike for 11 days from them. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I was invited on group rides and they also suggested good rides to hit. My bike was perfect, and I appreciated the fact that they took the time to fit me on it. I will rent from them again, for sure!

 Well-maintained bike, knowlegeable service

Review by LCG on 2/15/16 4:34 PM

I rented a bike for a week while at a conference. The on-line reservation system was a breeze. The bike I rented was not new, but was well maintained. The mechanics knew to switch out the stem on the bike to fit my measurements and I got great advice on popular local routes (and which roads were not good for road cycling because of poor sight lines or inadequate shoulders). Highly recommended for rentals.

 Bike Works Kona

Review by Larry on 2/5/16 2:28 PM

This is the third year I have rented from Kona Bike Works. I appreciate the service they provide and the bikes are in great condition. Always well tuned and road ready. Can't wait to get back to the island in 2017!! I think rental prices are reasonable and comparable to other places I have rented


Review by David on 1/21/16 5:43 PM

Great shop and very helpful....I am from the Portland, OR area (home of bike shops) and I would have to say Bike Works is one of the best shops I have been to. I was able to have conversations over the phone when to my error, I mistakenly chose the incorrect date...They very helpful in the shop as well...Will definitely rent from them the next time we visit Kona.

 Kona Bike Works Rental

Review by Larry on 1/11/16 9:35 AM

Pricey but excellent bikes and excellent bike shop. They insist that you use their online rental request forms and can be pretty rude if you call and try to ask them questions (hung up on me, told me just to do it on the internet). They also do no give clear instructions (as opposed to some of the other shops in town) as to how to measure the measurements they want to fit your bike. They have limited availability at busy times so rent way in advance. Once you physically get there they are very helpful. I rented a bike for two weeks and they gave me a loner floor bike tire pump which was very helpful and nice of them. Kona and the Big Island have very steep hills (volcanoes) so unless you plan to stay on the very busy Queen K highway make sure the bike you rent has low enough gears for steep climbing.

 They Upgraded Me

Review by Michael on 1/9/16 7:43 PM

For years I have been renting mid level road bikes from Bike Works when we come to Kona,on vaca. This December they must have over rented in my category cause when I returned the bike I learned I had been riding a top tier bicycle . Now that's what I call customer service and the bike appeared to be brand new as well. That pretty much cemented my loyalty. Mahalo Bike Works and Happy New Year,

 Treated me like long time customer

Review by Ed  on 1/6/16 9:29 AM

Wanted to take the bike shop back home with me. Everyone treated me like I had been a long time customer even though this may have been my first and last rental. The Bike was in great shape and great value. Hope I can come back again someday.

 Great to ride on the Queens Highway

Review by MJT on 12/31/15 12:41 PM

Easy rental process and got me set up quickly when I arrived. Enthusiastic and helpful in recommending rides. Will definitely use again when we come back.


Review by Calgary cyclist on 12/23/15 1:03 AM

I rented for one day recently in Kona and was extremely happy with the bike, advice, set-up, and assistance by the great crew at Bike Works! I will definitely rent from them again. Thank you! Cheers Jeff

 All the Quality with none of the attitude

Review by Ben on 12/20/15 2:01 PM

Bike works was great! Being a little jet lagged I accidentally showed up a day early to pick up my bike. They quickly got it ready for me and had me on my way, The staff were friendly and knowledgable and the equipment was top notch. Highly recommended.

 Great riding On the Big Island

Review by CHoop on 12/10/15 9:38 AM

This was our 2nd visit to Kailua-Kona and from our previous visit knew that cycling was going to be part of the agenda. We chose Bike Works again as their bike selection, service, and knowledge were all top notch. Once again they were on their game and equipment was top notch and in great shape. There is no doubt that when we make it back, Bike Works will be our 1st stop after arriving on this beautiful Island!

 Great women's bike

Review by Michelle on 12/7/15 12:43 PM

Visiting Kona, it was a delight to find a bike shop with women's bikes. I am short and hard to fit but they had a 44 cm frame with great gearing that made it possible to ride up as well as down the many hills around. Great attention to fitting, rental includes repair kit and spare tube as well. Highly recommended.

 Bike rental

Review by BobH on 11/18/15 11:02 AM

I have been visiting Kona for a week each year for the past several years, and have rented a road bike or TT bike for a couple days each trip. The bikes and service provided by Bike Works have been consistently excellent over the years, and this year was no exception. I've always been quickly fitted and on the road after arriving to pick up my reserved bike, the folks there are all friendly and helpful, and I've never had a problem with ANY of the bikes I've rented. This year was no exception. Thanks!

 Ironman Kona bike course

Review by teri&blaise on 10/30/15 9:10 PM

My boyfriend and I were visiting Kona with his family and we decided to take a day trip ourselves and check out the Ironman Kona bike course. I found Bike Works online, and I am glad I did! We rented two bikes and they were great! The service at the shop was also great. The mechanics were very helpful with our fittings and the bikes were well maintained. The guys and gals made suggestions for our ride and we had a blast! Thanks Bike Works for making our trip even more memorable!!

 excellent service

Review by dugan on 10/19/15 2:05 PM

We rented four bikes to tour around the Big Island during the week of the Ironman World Championships. All of the bikes were high quality TT bikes in very good working order. Mine was brand new. Despite the chaos of being the biggest race week of the year, the staff was extremely helpful with the entire rental process and making all the adjustments needed for proper fit. Great place, cool people.

 My Kona experience

Review by Graham L on 10/18/15 6:30 PM

Looking at the bike I got I think it was brand new as it was spotless. The bike I got was great and suited my size. The price was quite reasonable. If I am ever back in Kona I would definitely hire a bike from Bike Works.

 Rental bike

Review by Awesome shop! on 9/24/15 4:07 AM

Absolutely great experience renting from Bike Works. They took the time to make sure the bike fit and made the proper adjustments. I would highly recommend them and will definitely use their store and rental services again when my travels take me back to Kona. Thanks a bunch Bike Works!!!!

 What a ride!!

Review by Biker Dan on 9/8/15 8:54 AM

Arrived at the shop a little early but once the shop was opened I was met by a professional staff who helped get the bike I was renting set up for me. Although they may think that going to the left on Queen's Highway is a flat ride this flatlander from Delaware had a different opinion, in the 30 mile ride I took "Run Keeper" told me that I had almost 1500 feet change in elevation. The lava rock was hot and the winds were strong at times but the scenery was beautiful and I got to experience something that I know that nobody else on the cruise ship I was on was able to do. Trust me it was worth the effort and next time I am there I will for sure rent a bike again.

 Great experience!

Review by Steve on 9/7/15 9:47 AM

Rented a road bike dying my vacation. Bike Works provided a good bike for a fair price. Staff was helpful and knowledgable. They also gave me a floor pump to use. Very cool shop as well.


Review by Matthew on 9/7/15 9:29 AM

Great experience! I rented a very nice Specialized Venge with SRAM Red in a 61cm size, which is hard to find in a rental. It was a superbly maintained bike, also not easy to find in a rental. The staff was very helpful and friendly, and the shop is large and well-stocked. Lastly, the rental rate was surprisingly reasonable. I was told the bike is a few model years old, so the rate was lower as a result, but it was in such fine condition that I would have believed it was nearly new.

 Great MTB for Mauna Kea

Review by Richard on 9/6/15 2:26 PM

Rented a MTB that worked very good for my daytrip Kona ~ Mauna Kea. I expierienced very good and uncomplicated bike rental service.

 Had a great time (as always)

Review by Paradise Found on 9/3/15 10:19 AM

I've been renting bikes from Kona Bike Works every year for about 10 years now. Both locations (Kona & Waikoloa). The bikes are always is great shape. The staff is friendly and helpful. They adjusted and even changed the saddle that was not comfortable for me. They have accessories for rent or purchase if you need them: Bottles, repair kit, CO2 cartigdes, lock, helmet, etc. I was in Kona for a week, had a great time, loved the bike and the riding.

 5 days in heaven

Review by Vegas on 8/28/15 9:26 AM

Great, shop I arrived super close to closing time. The very friendly staff stayed late and I had a 5 great days of riding. Talked to some great riders and runners. Very impressed with the shop and the bikes are top notch. Mahalo from Las Vegas


Review by Yahsunray on 8/23/15 1:47 AM

Great customer service! A fantastic experience! These guys didn't hesitate to take care of any issues that there were. Very friendly and involved staff. I'll definitely be back and highly recommend "Bike Works" to anyone interested in biking!


Review by Tom on 8/7/15 10:11 AM

Wonderful, friendly staff. Bike was well maintained and well tuned.....stress free experience and fairly priced. Kudos to all.....will see you later in the month;-)


Review by Lee on 7/21/15 9:47 AM

I have been renting race bikes from Bike Works for over 5 years. They have top-end bikes and their service is fantastic. I intend to continue using their rental service for as long as I keep racing.

 outstanding service

Review by timetraveler on 7/20/15 9:35 AM

I have rented with Bike Works 4 times now and have to say they have been fantastic everytime. Great price and wonderful service! keep up the great work and I will be back to rent again. Mahalo!

 Good bike, good service, good price

Review by Kevin on 7/19/15 6:26 PM

I had a very good experience with my rental. The style I reserved was not available for my entire stay, so I got a free upgrade. The upgrade happened on the fly, and although the bike I ended up with was great, it was still dirty from the previous rider. That's my only complaint. Otherwise, the staff were attentive to my needs and I even brought the bike back to the shop to have air put in the tires and the chain cleaned after a few days of riding. I met and rode with the owner, Grant, and his wife while on a local bike club ride. They were really nice people, conscientious cyclists and very involved in the cycling/triathalon community. I left Kona wishing Bike Works was my LBS.

 Road Bike Rental

Review by RedDog on 7/12/15 4:34 PM

For several years now I have been traveling to Kona for vacation and cycling. I have always used Kona Bike Works to rent a road bike and found their staff and equipment to be great. The bikes I have rented were new and in great working condition and the service staff was most helpful setting the bike up to my measurements for a perfect fit. If I needed an adjustment later or wanted to switch and try something different it was not a problem. Kona Bike Works rates are also reasonable and they have a great shop with lots of equipment as well as cycling supplements. I will continue to use Kona Bike Works in the future.

 Rental and Maps

Review by Dave & Cathy on 6/22/15 4:39 PM

We had a great experience with the staff and the bikes at your store. Everyone was friendly and helpful everyday when we stopped in for new supplies and maps for local rides on the Island. We brought our own pedals and the staff set us up with great bikes (A Womens - Cannondale and a Mens Look). We had a fantastic time touring the island on our bikes with the help of Bike Works. We would definitely recommend Bike Works!

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