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Beautiful park but poor ranger/front desk staff!.. 

Review by Matthew on 6/20/17 11:39 PM

We have been coming to Sly Park for our annual camping trip for many years now and almost always have had great experiences with staff and rangers until this year.( I want to be clear though that our Pinecone campsite host was amazing, very proactive, cleaning sites/bathrooms and checking in on campsites, it was 2 rangers and a lady at the front desk though whom made our vacation difficult and were rude.) Also the fact that you only get 1 vehicle per campsite with your reservation and you have to pay $15 a night for any additional vehicles. So we had to pay to get our 2nd vehicle in at first to unload stuff. Also they made us pay for a day pass just to bring our 2nd vehicle in for 30 minutes or less to load up when our reservation was done. Very disappointed with the fees and the front desk staff and specific rangers.

Overall Not Bad.. 

Review by PC on 6/20/17 3:23 PM

Been staying here for years. Chose site 68 this time. Close to the day use area, which I knew would be party central. Just had to use some patience in dealing with the music and trail walkers coming thru my site. I asked a host if we could rope off my site and she sent a ranger over to put up caution tape. All staff were very friendly and helpful. And they had a dedicated camp host monitoring the day use parking area, I assume because of a previous reviewers issue in site 69. Love the view from site 68, but the fire pit is right below 67's pit. Felt like our neighbors were on top of us.. which they basically were. Going to site 176 over the 4th... usually a big party area, so I'll check in after that trip to let you know if we stay for full 3 nights we reserved.

June Family Camping .. 

Review by Lina T. on 6/20/17 11:27 AM

Amazing place for family camping. I love how nice the staff was.

Awesome place for family campout.. 

Review by Mountain man on 6/20/17 9:59 AM

We've been doing a three-family campout at Sly Park for three years in a row, and we can't wait to come back for year four! The campsites are clean, the staff is friendly, and the kids had a blast roaming in the woods. The staffers at the Stonebraker boat launch are super friendly. This is great place to rent a kayak.

too many patrols come through.. 

Review by site 78 on 6/16/17 3:28 PM

we came for memorial day weekend. the weather was beautiful and the park was full. It was very annoying to have park patrol come though the grounds at 5 minute intervals constantly all weekend and on top of the patrol so did the camp host and maintenance workers also. Thee was a constant flow of employees and it was not a very relaxing trip because of it.

Annual girls trip... 

Review by Bre on 6/13/17 7:39 PM

First time camping at Sly Park for all of us girls. We arrived early Friday morning and had no problem checking in early. It was storming but, we wouldn't let that stop us from staying at this beautiful place for the weekend. We set up camp in the storm and headed to the cafe up the road from he campsite (right across the street from the main entrance). We had a quick lunch and great drinks. The place was packed and only one bartender that was also the waitress and cook. Be patient in this place. Luckily, Saturday cleared up and we were able lay out on the lake! Sly Park is well maintained and the rangers keep close watch on the park. We will be back before summer is over!

Nice time.. 

Review by Oldtimers on 6/13/17 2:11 AM

We have been going to the Sly Park Recreation area for many years now, including time I spent at the resort/group outing area where I had band camp in high school. We have been camping at Jenkins Lake for over 15 years and always enjoy our selves. The only problem we had this time was the weather didn't cooperate. We arrived on Thursday and it was cloudy and cold. Friday rained. Saturday was clear, but still very cool. Sunday, our check out day was also cloudy and I understand they had rain and the threat of thunderstorms. Could have need worse as the summit had snow! When we left, temos were only in the upper 40's! Otherwise, the lake was beautiful. We hiked to the falls and we're surprised at the amount of water! Pictures from a previous trip of the falls showed significantly less water than this time! Had a great time with our new travel trailer.

Outstanding place.. 

Review by Mel on 6/8/17 4:27 AM

Five stars every time my family and I stay at slypark!, your staff and crew always nice and welcoming, we can't wait till our next stay, see you soon!


Review by Campgal on 6/7/17 12:32 PM

The campground and surrounding areas are beautiful! Five stars for sure for scenery and location. I'm giving the camping experience only three stars because it is packed!! The sites are soooo close together, you are very cozy with your neighbors. It's like a parking lot. Also, the price is pretty steep for few amenities. It cost us an additional $60 for an extra car, boat and dog for two days. They should definitely allow two cars per site in the reservation cost. There are no flush toilets or showers. This was ok because the vault toilets were very clean. But, there was no sink (even a common area sink) and the faucets for running water are spaced sporadically around the campground (not one per site). I have no idea how they expect us to brush our teeth and wash our face! We had to gather water and then spit out in our fire pit. We won't camp there again only because of the close quarters, unless we can reserve a more spacious site (of which we found one and will likely have to reserve a year in advance).


Review by Sandy on 6/7/17 1:32 AM

Myself, my family and friends had a fantastic weekend of camping, paddle boarding, kayaking and enjoying this beautiful location. The lake is gorgeous and the campground was so nice and clean. Our camp host was very helpful and personable. We had a wonderful time and will definitely be returning.

Wouldn't do it again... 

Review by Megan on 6/6/17 7:13 PM

I've grown up going here and the lake and the area is always beautiful but the staff really are somewhat unbearable. This was my first time camping here yet I come every summer for quick hike. The staff are never willing to be flexible or help you out. It feels a little like staying in a prison they always want to catch you doing something wrong. The officer or ranger who works out front was extremely rude and disrespectful. One example was, a friend was picking me up from camping because my car wasn't big enough to haul everything. And they charged her 15$ just to pick me up AND another 15$ to drop me off. She was there for five-ten minutes each time. They were very rude about it and scolded her for even inquiring about the situation. Also, dogs aren't allowed in the water so don't plan a trip with dogs here. It got really hot out and it was very devastating not allowing my dog to cool off. I'm done coming here.

CAMP "ON"!!.. 

Review by camping it on 6/6/17 12:26 PM

Great camping sites for family & friends. Beautiful lake with well marked hiking trails. Lots of park rangers driving around helping people out. I'd highly recommend this campground :) -ap

Perfect .. 

Review by Andrew925 on 6/6/17 9:07 AM

I was a bit worried that we had too many people since I've never camped here before but once we got there it was a huge relief. We had so much room, the view of the lake from our campsite was amazing especially in the morning when having some coffee. The staff was very friendly and helpful at all times. It was nice and quiet at night so the kids were able to sleep very well before the adults hit the sack. The waterfall was very beautiful. I can honestly go on and on in every detail about how much I loved this campsite, not one single thing to complain about except that we needed more ice lol but to make a long story short we have officially made this our annual camping grounds. Miss it so much and wish we didn't have to leave back to the city life. Can't wait to go back.

Hands down the best camping we've ever had!.. 

Review by The Blanche Family from Elk Grove, CA on 6/4/17 1:58 AM

We loved, Loved, LOVED Sly Park Recreation Area! We planned our trip during the week and found the campground to be beautiful, quiet, and exceptionally clean and maintained. Respectful campers and attentive camp hosts. We enjoyed a nice glass of wine while watching the sunset over the lake. Best camping ever. We will definitely be back.

Can't Wait to Go Back!.. 

Review by Haines Family on 6/2/17 1:43 PM

After having lived 15-20 minutes from Sly Park Lake for the past 18 years, this was the first time I've actually camped on the premises with my husband. And we had a great time! We stayed in the Chimney area, campsite 132, right before the craziness of Memorial Day Weekend (Wednesday-Thursday). While this particular campsite wasn't my favorite and we would have preferred a little closer to the water to get our canoe more easily in and out (all my fault however, should have checked a map more closely!) it was still a lovely spot, kept clean and the entire area quiet at all hours. The staff on the way in were remarkably friendly, as well as all the park rangers we saw doing the rounds throughout our time there. The geese were obnoxious from day use people (quite close to our campsite) allowing children to feed them, but that's the fault of parents; not the camp. We are looking forward to going back sometime this summer!

Paradise at Pinecone .. 

Review by Joe on 5/31/17 6:51 PM

Our group reseved 4 spaces on Pinecone for the Memorial Day weekend and overall were very pleased with the experience. The vaulted toilets were kept in good shape and the camp host helped keep the noise down. Easy access to the lake. Our family also enjoyed the Water Fall hike.

Doesn't get much ch better!.. 

Review by EDH Mom on 5/31/17 5:19 PM

Our family lives in El Dorado Hills. From our front door to the campsite is barely an hour, yet we feel we are deep in the woods, far from home. The lake is clean (and full right now). Although some sites are better than others, they are all great! We booked Memorial Day weekend -only 5 days before the trip. Had a choice of 4 spots.... Very pleased. Toilets are kept clean. Staff/EID/Sheriff all very pleasant and helpful. Planning our next trip now!

Great time .. 

Review by Camping girls  on 5/31/17 4:50 PM

We camped in the Sierra campsite and the found the campsites to be good size We had very friendly neighbors and thought the Park Rangers and staff to be extremely nice and helpful We had a great time and are already thinking about booking our next trip

Wonderful memorial day weekend! .. 

Review by heathbrain on 5/31/17 10:25 AM

We had campsite 29 on the Pinecone strip. We were pretty happy to see that our campsite had not been affected by the recent cutting down of diseased trees and we had a lovely beach area across the road from our site all to ourselves, (with the exception of the Geese). The hiking & biking in the campground was lovely - the waterfall was in full force, albeit cold!! We all thought the staff & hosts were very helpful & friendly and the bathrooms were keep as clean as you can with the "pit" toilet. Kudos to the camp store right outside the entrance to the park - they have all the odds & ends you need - and a bar :) We will be back!

Relaxing/some unruly kids .. 

Review by Tammbike on 5/29/17 11:09 AM

We camped in site 69 and stayed a week Sunday to Saturday. We had a wonderful relaxing time during the week. On Friday some louder campers were up the hill from us and allowed their kids four of them about ages of 7 to 10 to run wild literally. They were in the day use Area banging with sticks on the recycle bins like drums and screaming not yelling but screams for echo noises. This went on for about an hour an half we didn't want to dampen their fun (still no parents to monitor) because they just arrived, we finally go get our dinner BBQ stuff together to cook. Then they start riding their bikes down the trail by our camp site to see who could come down the hill faster, we were eating and dust, by then at dusk. It was kind of maddening paying for a water site,the ranger drives by but the hosts were busy helping and monitoring others getting in. I kind of feel before the weekend when people are getting settled they should monitor a bit more closely the day use. We will be coming back it was the much need downtime.

reservation got cancelled, subpar alternative spot.. 

Review by local camper on 5/24/17 10:08 AM

Stayed in Sierra #85 recently. Our normal spot got cancelled on us a few weeks prior due to residual winter damage so we were lucky to get another spot. The reservation office was quick to return my call after I got the cancellation notice. Sierra is a thoroughfare for a day use area so we'll likely never camp in that section again. Too much traffic. The staff rode by on their ATVs way too often, literally every 5 minutes. Perhaps that is necessary to police the day use area. A large group tried to leave the day use area without cleaning up and the staff quickly intercepted them when trying to leave and had them come back to clean-up. My little dog unknowingly escaped our trailer when one of the kids left the door open. The staff was responsive in trying to find the owner, but was a bit condescending with their criticism of the dog not being on a leash even after explaining it had been secured. The dog had TWO ID tags with TWO phone numbers, our address, a current rabies tag and a micro chip tag yet I was treated like an irresponsible pet owner. Maybe it was just that one ranger who has to deal with rowdy day users and one who isn't suitable for interacting with overnight camping families that have a trailer, live close by and like to think that we will continue to our regular patronage of the park. On the other hand, every single staff member that we passed driving in/out of the park waved to us which was nice.

Not Again.. 

Review by JCH on 5/23/17 7:46 PM

I would give it a zero if I could. I've stayed here for many years, always in Sierra usually at site 69 which is one of the closest to the water. This last time some total idiots from day use parked themselves right on the bike trail right in front of my campsite AND halfway into my campsite. I tracked down a park employee who said he would report it, which he did since acknowledged when I called the guard shack to be sure. They said they would send a ranger down which they did BUT he drove by and did NOTHING. THEY WERE IN MY CAMPSITE WITH CHAIRS AND COOLERS. The poor people using the trail had to literally walk through or bike through the middle of this 20 person group. They were 10 feet from a sign designating it as a trail. Unbelievable! I'm not sure who was worse, the day use people or the park personnel who did NOTHING! This park has been gradually going down hill for years. It's way over priced, the day use people are rude pigs and the park personnel are about the same.

Not Again.. 

Review by JCH on 5/23/17 7:44 PM

I would give it a zero if I could. I've stayed here for many years, always in Sierra usually at site 69 which is one of the closest to the water. This last time some total idiots from day use parked themselves right on the bike trail right in front of my campsite AND hallway into my campsite. I tracked down a park employee who said he would report it, which he did since acknowledged when I called the guard shack to be sure. They said they would send a ranger down which they did BUT he drove by and did NOTHING. THEY WERE IN MY CAMPSITE WITH CHAIRS AND COOLERS. The poor people using the trail had to literally walk through or bike through the middle of this 20 person group. They were 10 feet from a sign designating it as a trail. Unbelievable! I'm not sure who was worse, the day use people or the park personnel who did NOTHING! This park has been gradually going down hill for years. It's way over priced, the day use people are rude pigs and the park personnel are about the same.


Review by Nicholas K on 5/23/17 9:59 AM

We’ve been camping at Sly Park for years and even though it’s crowded, loud and smelly (if you anywhere close to the bathrooms) we kept coming back because it’s a short drive from home and lake is beautiful. But couple of weeks ago our opinion was changed… After checking into site 76 we discovered that smell from the bathroom is unbearable and there are obnoxious neighbors in close proximity, we moved further away from the lake to Hilltop area. We were allowed to move and everything seemed to be great. But, even though we were the only campers at this campground of 20 sites, we were forced to pay for 2 sites because I dared to use fire pit of neighboring site (and we haven’t touched our fire pit) because it was closer and in view of our trailer (where my small child was sleeping). We did not add any additional work for the cleaning crew, no one reserved neighboring site, and there were no other people at this campground but our weekend was made more stressful than it should have been, Sly Park lost regular visitors and received this negative review because of this very unreasonable behavior…

contemplating ...... 

Review by carebear on 5/23/17 9:45 AM

Ive been camping at Sly Park for years !!!! Its close to home, beautiful lake, great fishing ...BUT this year for the first time I'm contemplating on ever going back (at least overnight camping). If I could rate the staff separately I would give a high rating...`at checkin they were polite, prompt and explained that there was logging going on and to bear with the mess (no problem), the camp host AWESOME ! But to camp on pine cone peninsula is $45 per night to camp now, HOLY COW prices are getting ridiculous to go camping anymore but honestly the real problem was how close the other sites were to us...we were in site 28 and come Friday afternoon/evening the campground was so full it was like we were camping with our neighbors ! it was almost impossible to not see or hear everymove and we are friendly outgoing people so its not like we are prudes we enjoy a few drinks and good conversation but this was to much in your face- plus we were also next to a "group site" which is what prompted us to leave a day early. The group had all 9 sites from site 29 and down, they did not abide by the noise curfew nor did any staff come around to check or monitor....i was livid and wasn't able to go to sleep sometime after 1 am. We couldn't get out of there fast enough ! it took our trip from a 10 on Thursday to a 1 on Friday which makes us sad to think we won't come back. To leave this on a positive note the lake is full, clear and stunning, fishing was great and so was the weather...the campsite was left very clean including the grill, so we have discussed to maybe use the dat use area in the future :)

Loved it!.. 

Review by Renee and Chuck on 5/17/17 8:03 AM

Just spent Mothers Day weekend there and absolutely loved the park.The size of the sites are big enough that you feel like you still have some privacy.Park Rangers are awesome. Very friendly and made sure we had a good night when we were the only campers in the campsite after everyone else left. There is a lot of logging going on but they are trying to get rid of all the trees that died due to the drought. So be prepared for logging trucks and some noise during the week. Camp Host Virginia and her husband that were in the Sierra campground are very friendly also. We will most certainly camp here again!

Beautiful Lake.. 

Review by BL on 5/16/17 10:09 AM

This was the first time for our group of seven to camp at Sly Park. I reserved a site at Pinecone Strip that overlooked the water - scenery was BEAUTIFUL. It was the best site we've ever camped at. Rangers were incredibly nice - when my sister and I walked to dump trash, they offered to carry it in their truck bed! I will definitely return with the rest of my family.

generator hours.. 

Review by raftbetty on 5/16/17 8:16 AM

After coming to this lake for 50 years and paying for a premium for waterfront sites that are not level - they now have generator hours for RVs that make NO SENSE. We were handed a slip of paper at checkin that says we can run the generator from 7AM - 9AM, 12 - 2 and 5 - 8PM. All hours when I would normally NOT run a generator to charge my battery because people are either still sleeping or eating a meal with their families. Most campgrounds have a general rule that you don't run the generator before 8 or 9 AM and after 8 PM. Is this really what the people on patrol should be monitoring? Yet, we don't see them at night when people are making a ton of noise, playing music after 10 PM... Very frustrating.


Review by CJN on 5/16/17 7:59 AM

Spent Mother's day weekend at the lake. Camp host was very nice. We were shocked to see sites 10 and a few others down the hill in PINE CONE had recently been demolished by some large equipment, and all trees are GONE. There are now several huge piles of logs and debris. Crazy thing is that the sites that were torn up had cards on the post saying the site was reserved for that weekend, so this must have just happened. I am certain there were some dead/dying trees, but it looks like they just bulldozed entire areas and left behind a big mess. Someone who works at the park said he heard the piles might stay there until the winter when they can be burned??? I hope he was wrong and that there is a plan in place for this summer.

Great time!.. 

Review by Chappy on 5/14/17 8:17 PM

We went in the second week of may for a WED-Friday stay. We were the only ones in the campsite area which we actually really liked. We stayed in the Pinecove area, originally we chose spot 26, but we called and they allowed us to switch to a better spot. All of the staff were really friendly, and never seemed annoyed to answer any of our questions. The hike to waterfall was very easy. A deer came running down to the lake which also awesome, and we saw a Bald Eagle, about three times over the stay. Bathrooms were clean, and did not smell. Campsite had a large firepit, and there was plenty of firewood to gather. Even though logging was going on at the campgrounds, we didn't hear any of the whole time. They staff also recommended we call Sierra Outdoors to have kayak rented. Over all very please with how friendly the staff/rangers where, and the campsite was large. Also, pet friendly was great.


Review by Sierra on 5/9/17 8:11 AM

We stayed in sierra, number 67. The view was awesome. The only problem was the picnic tables and the area around the fire pit was not level and it made it uncomfortable to sit at an angle all the time. The area needs to be flattened out some then it would be all good. Hook ups would be good!

PInecone Peninsula.. 

Review by blondekittee on 5/2/17 1:49 PM

Overall great place to camp, bathrooms are clean and fresh. Camp Host, rangers and staff are friendly. We love it up here. Only problem is noise(yelling and chopping wood) after hours, 10:00 PM and on. It would be really great if the rangers came through a little more often in the later hours. I wonder if campers are aware of quiet hours. Some are new to camping and may not know.


Review by Just Us on 4/28/17 8:08 PM

We only spent one night on our way through but enjoyed our stay. Feel bad about the tree damage from the storms but it was a nice stay none the less.

Family of Three.. 

Review by Flawlesscountry on 4/23/17 10:54 AM

We had a great time. We wanted to spent time together and fish, which we did. It was super quiet as the season has not quite started so that was great. Rangers checked in on us the first day but never had any issues with them. They were friendly with us. Only bummer were things out of our control like wind the first day, rain during the night the first night and we didn't catch any fish. However the best part was it was a perfect next couple of days for my 5 year old to learn to cast all by himself and he fished for the next hour with a jig casting and reeling casting and reeling. He's totally HOOKED now. Greatest family time together. Can't wait to go back soon. Thank you Sly Park for all your friendliness.

Disappointed .. 

Review by Wounded Vets on 4/11/17 7:56 AM

Not enought room for everything rangers would not leave us alone they would come early in the mornings to bother our women about things done by previous campers as the men slept in and to top it all off we were all retired or active veterans not some teenage high school group. all and all beautiful but will not return

Great place.. 

Review by Neals on 11/29/16 8:56 AM

Beautiful camping. Great place to catch fish and relax.

Great Park.. 

Review by Mike on 11/18/16 11:17 PM

Well kept. Some of the nicest tent camping places I've ever seen. Only problem, I have a Fifth Wheel and the roads are narrow to say the least and if you run into oncoming traffic in certain areas...Yikes. Staff was great and would go there again.

Pinecone Strip Family Camp site.. 

Review by Greg on 11/8/16 11:30 AM

Great campsite and camping experience! Easy to check in and we located our campsite without any problems (clearly marked). We were a group of cub scouts and these camp sites are very kid friendly. The only reason I did not rate it 5 stars was because neither Sly Park nor the Rangers mentioned that the fresh running water was not operational. Had we known, we would have made provision and brought more water for drinking and washing. Other than that, great venue! We will be back!

Great place.. 

Review by Wel on 11/8/16 8:10 AM

Good price... beautiful place....

Team Camp.. 

Review by Coach_CyclingDEV on 11/1/16 10:38 AM

We had 50 of us up there for the last weekend in October. The kids had an amazing time, the location was perfect with instant access to great mountain bike trails. We plan on coming back!

Great time.. 

Review by StacyAgnos on 10/27/16 7:06 PM

This was our first camping trip in our own trailer and we are so glad we picked Sly Park to share our experience! It was clean, quiet, well kept, and beautiful! Our neighbors were awesome and we enjoyed getting to know them as well. The only complaint I have is that its a bummer that dogs can't go in the water. I understand why, but it sure was hard having two dogs there and not allowing them to go near the water. :) Our site was very spacious and we will definitely come again! :)


Review by JAM on 10/25/16 7:07 AM

I think fairly priced, and good amenities in comparison with what you would have at any state or fed campground. The ONLY thing I wished they would do is open the rest of the campground up!

School Camp.. 

Review by Doug on 10/24/16 2:21 PM

Took a group of 20 students to group campsite #5 for 2 nights and it was amazing! Access to the water, open spaces, and plenty of spots to camp. The only downside was the bathrooms were located by the kitchen so you would get whiffs of the smell while you were cooking.

Beautiful jewel so close to civilization.. 

Review by Mary L on 10/11/16 1:14 PM

My husband and I spent Thurs-Sunday at Pinecone campground. Loved every second of it!!! Although we had been here years earlier somehow I had blocked that experience out of my memory until the second day then it came flooding back how much fun we had that time with our kids and dogs. We had just as much fun this time. Beautiful weather, quiet campground for the most part, all of our neighbors quieted down after 10pm, loved the huge fire we built, pretty clean bathrooms although one did run out of tp but we have our own anyway. Really close to Apple Hill so we went exploring on Friday and Saturday and beat all the weekend crowds. We had a great time and I am looking forward to coming back soon. All the staff were very friendly and where else can you spend 3 nights for $108.00??? Great deal!

Lots of bugs.. 

Review by monkeymome3 on 10/11/16 9:07 AM

We were in the Pinecone Loop #15, excellent water view campsite. The beach is really rocky and the rocks are kind of sharp. Using the lake was easy because the area was not heavily used on this late fall weekend. Not heavily used by people but heavily populated by bugs. The gnats were so bad we had to eat indoors. We had great neighbors that didn't stay up late or be loud. There are restrictions on boat flow on the lake as well as restrictions on generator use that seemed a little too extreme. I was glad no one used their generators at 7am as was permitted. The bathroom ran out of toilet paper by Saturday night. All in all, after reading reviews, I think I wouldn't come back in the heavily populated times, like the summer, for a peaceful family trip. Also the $15 a day parking for our guests who were in a tent was a little much.

Meth heads and smoke.. 

Review by KBF on 10/11/16 8:47 AM

Should have turned around and gone back home. Camped next to meth heads and drunks and no rangers or camp hosts was to be seen. The hike around the lake was very nice

Bees and Loud Music.. 

Review by TLD on 10/4/16 12:05 PM

So unhappy we turned around and went back home the same night we arrived. Bees were everywhere. Our neighbors were a group of about 8 disrespectful and aggressive-looking men (no women at all) who played their music so loud that the entire campground could hear it. The rangers and hosts (although very friendly) circled around several times for the few hours we were there and did absolutely nothing about the loud music. This place is a party hot-spot now, so if your looking for a peaceful family get away - forget it. Very sad...been going here for years, but probably not anymore.

Family Camping.. 

Review by Family Trip on 10/4/16 1:22 AM

We recently camped for two nights. The site was clean, the restrooms were clean, and the parking area for the trailer was nice and flat. I would think the area around the fire ring would be flattened out as well to prevent chairs from possibly tumbling over into the fire.

Fun 50th!.. 

Review by CB on 9/25/16 8:15 PM

We hosted my 50th birthday party at group area 2 the weekend of September 16th. The site is well maintained and the hosts were very friendly. They stopped by a couple of times to see if we needed anything. We had about 50 people there and the site accommodated everyone easily. No mosquitoes and just a few yellow-jackets bothered us. We had a blast!

Outstanding 50th--relax and renew.. 

Review by Rom on 9/21/16 10:06 AM

Spent the weekend of my 50th at sly park. Picturesque views, beautiful water, tons of activities (hiking boating swimming) all amidst the beauty and smell of tall rugged pines! The dogs loved it as much as the people! Just what I needed to start a new chapter in my life!


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