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Great place.. 

Review by Neals on 11/29/16 8:56 AM

Beautiful camping. Great place to catch fish and relax.

Great Park.. 

Review by Mike on 11/18/16 11:17 PM

Well kept. Some of the nicest tent camping places I've ever seen. Only problem, I have a Fifth Wheel and the roads are narrow to say the least and if you run into oncoming traffic in certain areas...Yikes. Staff was great and would go there again.

Pinecone Strip Family Camp site.. 

Review by Greg on 11/8/16 11:30 AM

Great campsite and camping experience! Easy to check in and we located our campsite without any problems (clearly marked). We were a group of cub scouts and these camp sites are very kid friendly. The only reason I did not rate it 5 stars was because neither Sly Park nor the Rangers mentioned that the fresh running water was not operational. Had we known, we would have made provision and brought more water for drinking and washing. Other than that, great venue! We will be back!

Great place.. 

Review by Wel on 11/8/16 8:10 AM

Good price... beautiful place....

Team Camp.. 

Review by Coach_CyclingDEV on 11/1/16 10:38 AM

We had 50 of us up there for the last weekend in October. The kids had an amazing time, the location was perfect with instant access to great mountain bike trails. We plan on coming back!

Great time.. 

Review by StacyAgnos on 10/27/16 7:06 PM

This was our first camping trip in our own trailer and we are so glad we picked Sly Park to share our experience! It was clean, quiet, well kept, and beautiful! Our neighbors were awesome and we enjoyed getting to know them as well. The only complaint I have is that its a bummer that dogs can't go in the water. I understand why, but it sure was hard having two dogs there and not allowing them to go near the water. :) Our site was very spacious and we will definitely come again! :)


Review by JAM on 10/25/16 7:07 AM

I think fairly priced, and good amenities in comparison with what you would have at any state or fed campground. The ONLY thing I wished they would do is open the rest of the campground up!

School Camp.. 

Review by Doug on 10/24/16 2:21 PM

Took a group of 20 students to group campsite #5 for 2 nights and it was amazing! Access to the water, open spaces, and plenty of spots to camp. The only downside was the bathrooms were located by the kitchen so you would get whiffs of the smell while you were cooking.

Beautiful jewel so close to civilization.. 

Review by Mary L on 10/11/16 1:14 PM

My husband and I spent Thurs-Sunday at Pinecone campground. Loved every second of it!!! Although we had been here years earlier somehow I had blocked that experience out of my memory until the second day then it came flooding back how much fun we had that time with our kids and dogs. We had just as much fun this time. Beautiful weather, quiet campground for the most part, all of our neighbors quieted down after 10pm, loved the huge fire we built, pretty clean bathrooms although one did run out of tp but we have our own anyway. Really close to Apple Hill so we went exploring on Friday and Saturday and beat all the weekend crowds. We had a great time and I am looking forward to coming back soon. All the staff were very friendly and where else can you spend 3 nights for $108.00??? Great deal!

Lots of bugs.. 

Review by monkeymome3 on 10/11/16 9:07 AM

We were in the Pinecone Loop #15, excellent water view campsite. The beach is really rocky and the rocks are kind of sharp. Using the lake was easy because the area was not heavily used on this late fall weekend. Not heavily used by people but heavily populated by bugs. The gnats were so bad we had to eat indoors. We had great neighbors that didn't stay up late or be loud. There are restrictions on boat flow on the lake as well as restrictions on generator use that seemed a little too extreme. I was glad no one used their generators at 7am as was permitted. The bathroom ran out of toilet paper by Saturday night. All in all, after reading reviews, I think I wouldn't come back in the heavily populated times, like the summer, for a peaceful family trip. Also the $15 a day parking for our guests who were in a tent was a little much.

Meth heads and smoke.. 

Review by KBF on 10/11/16 8:47 AM

Should have turned around and gone back home. Camped next to meth heads and drunks and no rangers or camp hosts was to be seen. The hike around the lake was very nice

Bees and Loud Music.. 

Review by TLD on 10/4/16 12:05 PM

So unhappy we turned around and went back home the same night we arrived. Bees were everywhere. Our neighbors were a group of about 8 disrespectful and aggressive-looking men (no women at all) who played their music so loud that the entire campground could hear it. The rangers and hosts (although very friendly) circled around several times for the few hours we were there and did absolutely nothing about the loud music. This place is a party hot-spot now, so if your looking for a peaceful family get away - forget it. Very sad...been going here for years, but probably not anymore.

Family Camping.. 

Review by Family Trip on 10/4/16 1:22 AM

We recently camped for two nights. The site was clean, the restrooms were clean, and the parking area for the trailer was nice and flat. I would think the area around the fire ring would be flattened out as well to prevent chairs from possibly tumbling over into the fire.

Fun 50th!.. 

Review by CB on 9/25/16 8:15 PM

We hosted my 50th birthday party at group area 2 the weekend of September 16th. The site is well maintained and the hosts were very friendly. They stopped by a couple of times to see if we needed anything. We had about 50 people there and the site accommodated everyone easily. No mosquitoes and just a few yellow-jackets bothered us. We had a blast!

Outstanding 50th--relax and renew.. 

Review by Rom on 9/21/16 10:06 AM

Spent the weekend of my 50th at sly park. Picturesque views, beautiful water, tons of activities (hiking boating swimming) all amidst the beauty and smell of tall rugged pines! The dogs loved it as much as the people! Just what I needed to start a new chapter in my life!

Hill top campground.. 

Review by mfs on 9/13/16 2:36 PM

Overall we had a fun weekend camping with my workmates and family. The lake was the best part.... kayaking, floating in our rafts and sandplay for the kids. But the YELLOWJACKETS in our campground were horrible when we were cooking and eating. And I think charging $15/per night for extra vehicles was too much! On the upside....nobody got stung and there were no mosquitos!

Done with Sly Park.. 

Review by JCH on 9/13/16 11:44 AM

I've given this place many tries mostly because essentially it's a beautiful lake & close. I'm done now, after 3 years of staying 3-4 times each year, I give up. Though it's a beautiful lake, the rocky shore is horrible! The shore is covered with sharp rocks everywhere, horrible for swimming & enjoying the water's edge. The place is also definitely way over-priced. The best campsites are the ones near the day use areas which are overrun during the day with the day use people. To make it worse, this year they changed the generator allowed time. It use to be quiet time from 10pm until 8am. Now generators can be only run from 7am-9am, 12pm-2pm & 5pm-8pm. With these dictated times I have to run my weekend on a schedule, I have to plan everything within these times which may seem like no big deal but it is. Now generators are waking people up at 7am & have to be off by 9am so if you don't get your breakfast done by 9am forget it. And what if you're out on a hike or on the water between 12 & 2pm returning at 2:30pm & need to run your generator for something? You are out of luck. Fitting into a schedule when I'm camping on a weekend is not a relaxing carefree time! My generator is quiet & the day use people, boats running, etc. drown out the noise mid-day anyway so this policy change is futile & the end for me coming to this lake.

Done with Sly Park.. 

Review by JCH on 9/13/16 11:43 AM

I've given this place many tries mostly because essentially it's a beautiful lake & close. I'm done now, after 3 years of staying 3-4 times each year, I give up. Though it's a beautiful lake, the rocky shore is horrible! The shore is covered with sharp rocks everywhere, horrible for swimming & enjoying the water's edge. The place is also definitely way over-priced. The best campsites are the ones near the day use areas which are overrun during the day with the day use people. To make it worse, this year they changed the generator allowed time. It use to be quiet time from 10pm until 8am. Now generators can be only run from 7am-9am, 12pm-2pm & 5pm-8pm. With these dictated times I have to run my weekend on a schedule, I have to plan everything within these times which may seem like no big deal but it is. Now generators are waking people up at 7am & have to be off by 9am so if you don't get your breakfast done by 9am forget it. And what if you're out on a hike or on the water between 12 & 2pm returning at 2:30pm & need to run your generator for something? You are out of luck. Fitting into a schedule when I'm camping on a weekend is not a relaxing carefree time! My generator is quiet & the day use people, boats running, etc. drown out the noise mid-day anyway so this policy change is futile & the end for me coming to this lake.

Great campground .. 

Review by GMA on 9/13/16 8:54 AM

Well maintained and clean campground, beautiful lake views and the water was great temperature for swimming. Camp Hosts are friendly and visible. Only downside is the meatbees. Wish the bathrooms had lights. I will say do not pick Pinecone #8 - no parking like other sites. It's on a hill with no real flat areas. Table slopes so much things fall over. Sleeping was difficult on such a pronounced slope.

Great spot for camping or day use.. 

Review by EP on 9/7/16 10:24 PM

This was our 2nd time camping in Sly this year. The park is beautiful, water temp was perfect, the view from the campsite was amazing (pine cone strip). The only negative thing was the tons of yellow jackets flying all over our campsite!!! We will definitely come back but not before we make sure they are gone.

Sierra .. 

Review by Elle on 9/7/16 2:55 PM

Beautiful views of the lake, nice campsites and friendly hosts. Only downside was the bees.

Might not return.. 

Review by Kimitch on 9/7/16 11:02 AM

It's such an amazingly beautiful place, MOST of the gate folks are very nice,BUT the camp host parked in front of Sierra made our trip miserable. He was mean, rude, and dirty. The first time he approached my daughter and myself I was a bit scared thinking he was a weirdo. I highly doubt we will camp again, it's so expensive, for NOTHING... And they charged our son and another friend $15. A night for their cars, that made the cost of the campsite, $66. A night!! Way to much for NO amenities... I did see meat bee traps , but they must be either full or old, We COULD NOT enjoy cooking or eating in our site. It was horrilbe. They do NOT patrol at night was kept up by partiers till 3 am, 2 nights, and woke up at 7 am by some jerk with a generator! And nothing was ever said...

Great Camping Experience.. 

Review by Ken and Bonnie on 9/6/16 3:04 PM

Came up on Thursday and stayed until Tuesday. Had a great experience. Camp Host's are great and WILL BE MISSED...Sorry to see them leave...

Fun weekend!.. 

Review by Camper Girl on 8/30/16 9:19 PM

Yes the meat bees/yellow jackets/aggressive flying jerks were an issue but we came prepared after dealing with them at a different camp site. Put a screened tent over the picnic table and placed some food on a plate away from the campsite, and we were pretty happy for the most part. The lake is beautiful but pretty muddy in the area we were. Next time we'll choose a different area at a nicer part of the lake. We were at he Rainbow site. Plenty of room, beautiful scenery, wish the creek had some water running to fall asleep to. Saw the Rangers drive by a lot. It was crowded, and this is a family campground so I'm surprised some posters are complaining about kids. Id say it's a wash. Many stay up late partying keeping the families awake at night, and then the pint sized, early risers wake their hungover butt up in the morning. Hey that's camping. Definitely more pricey than some nicer campgrounds I've seen. The bathrooms were pretty clean though. No showers, use the lake. Over all a fun place to camp that's relatively close to home.

not on the wknd again.. 

Review by me and my pal on 8/30/16 8:05 PM

Had major aggravation w/ the yellow jackets and small flies, compounded by happy screaming kids starting at 7:30am and then oh yeah, the parents screaming at the unhappy kids. Don't forget the poor tiny baby who cried all night (why are you camping?) and the guy who kept his truck idling all night long after being told not to by the ranger. On the bright side, rangers were all very nice and came around often. Lake is lovely and hiking trails well-marked and maintained. Heard owls and frogs at night (not the night of the idling truck of course)! Was at this park about a month ago and had similar experience (fun in lake on canoe but neighbors ran generator just for the heck of it - outside of generator hours). Have concluded that weekends are too full of inconsiderate campers so may go back during week... but no more weekends for us.

Loved it.. 

Review by Jomama on 8/30/16 11:06 AM

Very clean sites and restrooms. Our host brought us a very long hose and helped us hook up to water to fill our rv water tank. He checked on the area many times only making sure everything was going well not ever being too nosy. Our host took immediate action when I mentioned someone was at the beach shooting a bow and arrow at a target. The ranger sold us fire wood and even carried it from the street to our fire pit. Very nice! Good times I will come again.

Awesome Sly Park Trip.. 

Review by FamilyOfSeven on 8/30/16 9:42 AM

We came up Thursday - Sunday and it was amazing. Yes the bees and flies make you feel crazy but next year we'll come prepared with more traps and probably a screened in porch. Overall this was a great spot for kids - we had 4 running wild and our site was nice and big and allowed for them to roam. I won't tell you where our site was because then you'll take it. Lake time made up for the no showers, the bathrooms are clean for vault toilets and the Rangers frequently drive by. I agree with everyone else that $15 per extra car is steep but overall and in comparison to other campgrounds we've been to in Northern California Sly Park was a hit. We'll be making this an annual trip and next year probably stay a week!

Nice lake, but...... 

Review by starfish galaxy on 8/29/16 12:59 AM

When we arrived there was someone using our campsite for day use, even though there were at least 4 signs that we saw saying it was not for day use. This person seemed upset that we were asking her to move, even though the actual day use was right next door..... Campground host was very friendly. Yellow jackets were terrible! Also, day use is allowed until 9pm. There was a large party in day use until 9pm on the dot-think next time we won't camp near the day use area. Joggers, bikers, try to cut through the campsite, despite the signs. Other than that, a nice peaceful place. Lots of stars at night. Wear water shoes to swim in the lake.

Awesome Experience 8-14-16 - 8-19-16.. 

Review by chris on 8/24/16 6:13 PM

Great campsites and lake was clean, weather good and lots of sunshine. On the down side there were some noisy drinkers that partied into the night (4am) but I simply told the camp host and they promptly dealt with it (within minutes) This is a very well run camp w/ rangers and camp hosts that will help you with just about anything. Yellow jackets and meat bees were an issue (bee warned) lol , but camp host told us to how to make trap out of water bowl / stick and meat.. very effective over 5 days there. (drowned over 70) with the reduced numbers of yellow jackets it was ok. Rented kayaks from SIERRA OUTDOORS , and they delivered to lake at campsite. frequent dips in lake made it possible to do the trip with no showers. Overall this was a kick ass camping trip. THANKS SLY PARK AND THE EXCELLENT CAMP HOSTS .

Pro's and Con's.. 

Review by CJC on 8/23/16 11:49 AM

Pros: Sites are clean Cons: Sites are little on top of each other and law enforcement on water harrassed swimmers and stand up paddle boarders, yet allowed multiple boats to go beyond 5mph marker at high rates of speed, as well as one boat which was flying across the lake Friday 8-19-16 after dark. Every boater should know 5mph after dark and what a 5mph marker means.

Great place to camp usually.. 

Review by Slimurbanite on 8/21/16 10:07 AM

We have been coming here for years and love it's proximity to Sacramento. The camp sites are always very clean and they do a good job of keeping the restrooms clean. There is only one problem , the yellow jackets and small flies. They made it unbearable to just sit and enjoy the camp site. We had to resort to eating in our tent. The lake is awesome and fun to fish.

great time.. 

Review by baddad1962 on 8/20/16 1:54 AM

came in on a sunday by monday very very quit and nobody around!! outhouses well taking care of!! yellow jackets were an issue but set up traps and was better but should of brought my inclosed screen room would have been better. lake was nice bike trails were not for begginers (elevation) didnt help that.lucky to see the falls on tuesday cause went back wednesday no host very helpfull.need to go earlyer in the year to catch me some trout..

I love Sly Park.. 

Review by Maria and Steven on 8/18/16 11:48 AM

I came to sly Park 3 years ago with my camping Group and I fell in love then.. The surroundings the Lake and just the place itself. I immediately compared it to Lake Tahoe, just a smaller version of it.. I just was there this past week with my Fiancee.. I had told him how I loved this place and how I wanted him to see what I loved about it. We came Sunday and stayed thru Tuesday so it was a bit quiet and couldn't of been better. We hiked through the trails, and my Fiancee highlight was able to actually see a nice flowing Waterfall.. I truly enjoyed it too, as in the past it was a bit over all experience yet again.. WONDERFUL.. I have recommended this place to family and friends.. they also loved SLYPARK too.. so I will be back before winter and as often as I can..

Night in Rainbow site.. 

Review by camper from Davis on 8/18/16 9:21 AM

Stayed 1 Monday night in August with my teenage daughter, her friend and another mom. I am glad we came after Sacramento schools were back in session and on a weeknight because the campground was quiet and mostly empty. The sites were very close together so a crowded site would not have been as nice. The bathrooms were clean, the lake was lovely and we had a great time. I think the trail junctions on the way to the waterfall could have been marked more clearly. And for this August, the yellow jackets were really problem. We didn't have a netting tent for over our table, but if I came again I would. And we were not even cooking meat and everything stayed in containers and in the ice chest. You can't beat the ease of the location, but I wouldn't go during summer on the weekend. Way too cramped if full. We enjoyed it and timed it right though.

Been going to Sly Park over 20 years. . . .. 

Review by Tammy on 8/17/16 12:10 PM

Our family loves Sly Park. We swim, fish and hike. It has something for us, our kids and grandkids.. Rangers and Camp Host were nice. The cost of the 2nd car ($15) is a little steep though.

We All Had A Great Time!.. 

Review by JohnPaul90 on 8/17/16 11:26 AM

I'm from Sacramento. What a beautiful place and so close to home!! I hadn't been to "Sly Park" since I was in the 6th grade and stayed in dorms. Apparently, this is not the same area but so much better. The lake was beautiful, the bathrooms clean (the signs in the br saying to keep the top shut is cute but needs to be more clear. It took a couple of us several reads to figure out what it was saying. Just say, "keep the lids shut and it will smell so much better in here.") ANYWAY, there was a little bit of aggressiveness at the gate for our guests who had a hitched trailer, regarding space, etc. but they finally let them in and said they would stop by later to make sure it was all cool, which it was. They should do that first before setting a bad tone "at the gate"! Thomas the park ranger was awesome and informative and our new friend. Also, I can't remember their names but a gray haired woman and gray haired man with long beard were also awesome and nice and informative (they also had a cute pug). Great crew!! We had a 2 great spots, about a 4 min. walk to the water (not telling you where cuz you'll take it)! It was all of our first time (14 of us) and we decided then and there to book exact spots, same days (adding 1 more day) for next year. Done deal!! Camp site was clean, neighbors were cool, water was beautiful and all so close to home, for us! Thanks for the great stay.

Lake front Camping .. 

Review by Sharona on 8/17/16 9:14 AM

Had a wonderful time.. Stayed in pinecone 010.. Loved it!!


Review by NOT PLEASED on 8/16/16 12:06 PM


Nice Campground.. 

Review by MoreSmores on 8/16/16 10:34 AM

Overall, Sly Park is a great place to camp. You get that woodsy feel but you're still close enough to civilization. They have all the basic elements--a decent sized lake, hiking trails, bathrooms, even a waterfall and swimming hole. The staff is friendly, responsive, and they have a visible presence throughout the campground, unlike some other places. Our site was clean, flat and pretty basic with its fire ring and picnic table. (There's not much privacy as sites are stacked on top of one another.) The water faucets were easily accessible, which we found helpful. Now the major drawbacks...yellow jackets. Lots and lots and lots of yellow jackets. They made eating, hanging out by the fire, and relaxing in general quite difficult. There were traps hung in the trees when we arrived, however, there were so many bees that it was still uncomfortable. The worst part of our weekend camping trip were the loud, obnoxious people camping around us. "Quiet hours" were a joke. We complained after the first night, staff addressed it immediately, but this group was large and completely dominated the area where our camp site was. Unfortunately, the blaring music, yelling, laughing, and dogs barking at 2:30am drowned out the sounds of nature. It was disappointing. We were so fed up that we packed up early on our last day. Sly Park itself it still a great little campground, and we'll try again next summer.

We've started to explore all the parks within 2hrs of Sacramento.. 

Review by Martin&Nancy on 8/14/16 9:46 AM

We bought our camper and have began to explore parks within 2+hrs of Sacramento. The area is gorgeous and easy to find. The staff is relaxed and very helpful. The park rangers are professional and easy to talk to. Cons: Yellow Jackets everywhere. We could just barely cook outside but had to go inside the camper to eat. NO SHOWERS! To me, this is silly with a park of this size. It was not clear to us on their website, where we could park a pop-top. The spot they assigned us was for tent camping since we never use hookups. Unfortunately there was no way to back our rig in. The website shows pictures but you would have no idea the road is a one way, the wrong way to back in. In closing I would recommend this park.

Great Stay.. 

Review by Peter & Judy on 8/13/16 1:20 AM

Camped at Sierra 066. Beautiful site, clean and safe with a beautiful view of the lake. Great access for the paddle board. Nice hike to the water falls and a gorgeous evening with a campfire. The staff was wonderful and helpful in any way they could. Our car overheated and had to be towed the next morning but did not dim our enthusiasm of the great camp experience at Sly Park.

Nature Close to Home.. 

Review by Sactown5 on 8/11/16 11:04 AM

We a site on the Pinecone Strip. We felt very blessed to have the lake right at our "doorstep". We had ample level areas for tents, though I could see how other spots on the Strip might have trouble. We also had enough room for 2 vehicles, and it was a pull through spot, so vehicle plus small trailer would have worked. Some campsites had very small parking areas due to the nature of the terrain, so if the site description says "one vehicle": believe it! Some areas of the park had sites that were crammed too close to one another for our tastes, so again, we felt blessed to be on the Strip. Our can toilet was conveniently located by our site, and the odor was managed most of the time. The odor of our neighbors' smoking materials was sometimes mistaken for toilet odor. The drinking water spigot was also very close. The bees came as soon as I opened a pack of meat. To us they were no more bothersome than a flock of flies, but I could see how someone with allergies might get nervous. The stars at night were big and bright. Not quite like deep in the heart of Texas, for there were pines and mini-mountains unlike the unobstructed views in Texas. Still, very beautiful. And eerie if you wake in the night. Silent and dark but for the crickets and stars. We liked that feature of this park. The teens went lakeside and watched the shooting stars! There were plenty of trails for a four day visit. The waterfall was beautiful, though the concrete walls guiding it (and protecting the surrounding area from erosion) were slightly distraction from the natural beauty. We rented kayaks (available 9:30 - 4, not 9 - 4 like the pamphlet handed out at the gate said). Two hours would have been plenty, as you are only allowed to use them on part of the lake, which, again, I understand Why: it's the no-wake portion of the lake, and a restriction imposed for our safety. Besides lack of showers - of which we were informed ahead of time by the website - the less than 5 star review comes from the non-family-friendly word choices by some patrons. I don't mind the loud volume of the voices so much. I get it, they're out here to have a good time, too. BUT, the foul language ought to be left at home. And again, on the lake, some people like to blast their music. Not my preference, but ok. Unless, again, what they are choosing to blast is laced with foul language. What's the point? I understand cursing when we're mad, but as an everyday word choice? Every other word in a sentence, interjected with laughter because we're having "fun"? No thank you. And last, but not least, the water was very nice, but the "beaches" very rocky, so wear water shoes. Don't make our mistake of using the water sandals with the thick bouyant soles, because you'll have a hard time putting your foot down. Thank you, and have a nice trip!

Parking fee way to high.. 

Review by cjpines on 8/10/16 3:40 PM

This is an addition to my review. The parking fee $15 is for the second and third vehicle. First vehicle free.

Parking fee way to high.. 

Review by cjpines on 8/10/16 3:30 PM

We stayed in Sierra Area sites 73 & 74 which were nice private sites. And short walking and views of the lake. This was Aug 4th and 5th, 2016. We had no problem with noise and seemed to be quiet at night. We had all our family members camping and because of the fees we paid the total for these sites knowing they would have to pay for parking, dog fee and boat fees. One person with two dogs and parking for three nights came to $75. That is quite a lot for one young person to pay. But the lake is beautiful and hiking and waterfall was great. Because we are close by we will probably go for the day fee and not camp again.

Noisy at night.. 

Review by Dale on 8/10/16 7:52 AM

This is the third time I've used the group camp and usually its great. Its a beautiful spot. But this time american indians were holding a "pow wow" in another group site. Even though they were about a quarter mile away we were kept awake all night by their loud shouting and celebrating. And I do mean loud! I looked at my watch at 2am and they were still going strong. I'm not upset with the indians but at the park athorities for not doing something about this. They showed complete disregaurd for others using the campground.

I forgot to add Something...... 

Review by MyOpinionCounts on 8/9/16 7:41 PM

if you forgot to buy/bring something to your camping experience..........civilization is just around the corner. A short drive away there is a Raileys or Safeway, starbucks, burger barn, as well as other food places. So don't go to the rip off shop by the entrance.

Good Place to Camp.. 

Review by MyOpinionCounts on 8/9/16 7:16 PM

but there were a couple of things that could have made it a five star place. 1. The meat bee infestation. The moment we stepped onto our site bees began to swarm. None of us were wearing bright colors or scents. We just pulled out our ice chests and grills, setting up camp, and here they came. We had to eat all meals in our vehicle it was so bad. Funny thing too, is the rangers and staff can get a hold on this if they actually tried to. It also happened down by the water as well so it is the whole park that is infested. 2. Showers. They have water hook ups everywhere, they could invest in some working showers. I would travel to the front if I they had a shower area. Portable showers are no good. Other than those two things, I liked our site. It was quiet, even though the park was packed. The place is lovely, lots of shade, stars, wood was available for purchase and was even brought to the site! The outhouses were the cleanest I have ever seen. Oh, I did not like the fact that they charged me a reservation fee for each reserved site in the same transaction! That is ridiculous. Each transaction should have it's own fee, not multiple fees per site.

Love It!.. 

Review by Big Bob on 8/9/16 6:49 AM

Been coming here for years. Brought our boys when they were small and now they bring their kids. Many improvements over the years. Just need to add more water spigots and a community shower and it would be perfect.

nice but pricey.. 

Review by wildrose on 8/6/16 12:24 PM

beautiful lake... but $33 for a small site with room for only one tent? $15 extra for second car? $5 extra for a dog? site and restrooms clean and well patrolled but, really? $53/night for least expensive site at a campground with no showers? very little privacy because sites are so close to each other and non stop hikers and bikers using the trail right in front of us? really?

Love this place, but fees are ridiculous and some organization needed at the front gate.. 

Review by MJ on 8/4/16 3:21 PM

When we arrived at our spot on a Saturday afternoon, there was a ranger parked in it to keep day use people out. That was appreciated, because he said he had been fighting them off all morning. But maybe they are letting too many day use people in if they cannot find places to park except right in someone's campsite?? We love this campground, and always have a good time, but I agree with previous reviews in that it seems to have gotten steep on the fees. The economy is no longer an excuse Sly Park!! My issues with this campground: (1) There should be two cars allowed per spot- $15 a night for a second car is ridiculous! (2) There needs to be some clarification at the front gate about the second car issue. I paid the ridiculous fee for the second car for our spot, and left the pass at the gate for my mom, and they still charged her a day use fee just to get past the gate. (3) Our entire stay, we had to fight off other campers walking directly through our spot to get to theirs. There needs to be some sort of path in the Hazel Creek area to prevent those going back from the lake to the Rainbow area from walking right through campsites that are inhabited.


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