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Not Impressed.. 

Review by ak on 4/24/14 8:51 AM

I purchase a Groupon for a 2 hour ride, as mentioned in several other reviews it was along the power lines. We walked the whole time, very long & uneventful. I have rode horses several times over the past 10 years, I enjoy running and galloping, trotting not a favorite. It was a very muddy day, the trail conditions were pretty horrible, the horses were matted, & wet. Looked like they could use a good brushing. The experience was lack there of, I would have been very disappointed to pay full price. The should categorize the runs with each persons experience, so it would be more enjoyable.

Nice peaceful ride...Highly Recommended!!.. 

Review by Cheryl on 4/23/14 8:52 AM

I bought a group on for a 2 hour trail ride for 2 people at 1/2 price. I am not an experienced rider, although I have been on horse back a few times before. My ride was on a spring Sunday morning. It was a lovely peaceful walk through the woods and under some power lines. The horses were spaced nicely about 3 lengths from each other and the pace was at a walk. The staff was friendly and helpful. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Cornerstone Ranch.. 

Review by NH on 4/16/14 1:03 PM

First off this place is about 2 miles down a bumpy dirt road.I bought a 1 hour trail ride on groupon so I expected to be on the trail for 1 hour,but it was only about 35 -40 min on the trail so it SHOULD NOT BE CALLED A 1 HOUR TRAIL RIDE.Total RIPOFF.They tell you to get there a 1/2 hour early to sign in and fill out paper work for liability,but no one was there until 3:30 the time the trail ride was supposed to start. The 1 hour is getting helmets and getting on the horse and doing exercises so our ride didn't start until 3:50.Also a VERY SLOW ride.Save your money or find some place other than Cornerstone.Will never go back or recommend them to anyone.The only positive was the weather it was beautiful.Also the trail was very muddy so if you do want to waste your money and go wear old clothes.

GREAT afternoon on the ranch.. 

Review by Pam & Connor on 3/31/14 12:45 PM

A wonderful experience of riding through the snowy trails. My son'ts first time on a horse. Sue was very friendly and helpful and fun. Sometimes with Groupons, I don't feel people are treated the same as those paying full price. I did NOT feel this way this time. I highly recommend this ranch and hope to go back again sometime.

Great Experience .. 

Review by Valbear on 3/8/14 1:06 PM

My husband & I went on a group sleigh ride on Feb. 22nd and I had given this to him as a Christmas gift. Sue & Doug were so hospitable & Doug was our driver. The horses are beautiful & gentle, so you could have pics taken right next to them;while resting the horses, Doug gave a wonderful story about why these horses where the bells around their necks-you gotta go just to hear that! The ranch does rescue horses & we gave a gratuity for the care of them-it touches your heart to know they take in these animals & now they are safe & cared for. Go & enjoy!!!!

Not too bad.. 

Review by RB on 3/5/14 8:36 AM

I purchased a groupon for a two person, 1 hr AWESOME horse ride. Scheduling was made easy through the online reservation. Getting there was a tad difficult, and parking was tough as it is a very small parking lot. Cornerstone ranch is pretty efficient, so if you are patience, there are always cars leaving and going. The people working were very friendly, informative and very welcoming! My girl is an experienced rider and I've rode horses a few times. There was only walking done by the horses, that was sort of a bummer. Its like an experienced cyclist riding a child's bike with training wheels. We both still enjoyed ride! The horses and ranch look well taken care of.

romantic evening.. 

Review by Stephanie on 3/3/14 9:29 AM

My husband purchased a groupon for a group sliegh ride. Scheduling was made easy through the online reservation. Getting there was slightly difficult. We were told that the signage put up by farm to assist you on the back roads keeps getting taken down. Recommend GPS to get you there. The horses and equipment seemed well cared for. The dusk ride was beautiful and romantic even though it was a group ride. The serene backwoods of Princeton deliveried the atmosphere. only con: paths from parking to carriage very slippery.

Surprise Sleighride.. 

Review by Black Beauty on 2/17/14 8:54 AM

Yesterday (Feb. 16th, 2014) I surprised my Mom with a Private Sleigh Ride at Cornerstone Ranch. It was her 70th Birthday and something she has wanted to do for a long time. The property is beautiful and all the horses are well cared for. The staff was pleasant and answered all our questions. My only disappointment was the Private ride followed the Group ride so it really wasn't private. I was expecting more of a carriage and it is actually 2 bench seats facing each other. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a nice way to spend some time outdoors in a tranquil setting. This is a great way to enjoy nature!

Fun, Snowy Wagon Ride.. 

Review by Buzzy on 1/26/14 1:10 PM

Enjoyed a fun wagon ride yesterday! While hoping for a sleigh ride (lots of snow is needed) the light covering of snow on the ground plus a few flakes beginning to fall set the same atmosphere. The owner drove and was very informative, while putting the tandem horse team through a variety of maneuvers and terrain! My friend and I were early for our Groupon time slot and so we enjoyed making smores by the campfire and sipping hot cocoa with a volunteer staff member. This was a gift and we thoroughly enjoyed it! I would suggest to follow the directions on the website rather than rely strictly on GPS.

Sleigh Ride.. 

Review by Deb Mattison on 1/20/14 11:24 AM

I purchased a Groupon for a private sleigh ride for four. The purpose was for a romantic proposal for our friends. Sue could not have been more responsive to my requests or more accommodating. She went out of her way to make sure the ride was beautiful and taught us all about her ranch and the horses. Her son came along on the ride and was full of sweetness and personality. We had a great time, made great memories and it was very romantic. Thanks to Sue for ensuring a fantastic ride. We appreciate it.


Review by Gift for Grandparents on 1/20/14 9:18 AM

My son paid half price from a sponsored site. After multiple cancellations they finally went yesterday. Even at half price it was not worth it. The ride lasted 15 min, the free donuts and hot cocoa were outside in 30 weather. The donuts were cold, there was no place for them to keep warm while waiting for the ride except in their car. They were very disappointed, Definitely not worth the $48.00 for two.

1 hour horseback ride.. 

Review by Briana  on 1/2/14 3:14 PM

Me and my best friend recently did the hour long horseback ride. From the minute we got there to the minute we left we had a blast! They were very friendly, informative and welcoming! My friend is an experienced rider and it was my first time but we both equally enjoyed it! They help you as much as they can see what you need and make you feel very comfortable! Awesome place to go with kids, friends, family or spouses!!!!

Wagon ride.. 

Review by Sandy & Bill on 12/28/13 7:30 PM

We had a wonderful afternoon on our wagon/sleigh ride. Beautiful horses, scenery coco and smores, Was great day to be outdoors. Very enjoyable, would like to come back in the fall.


Review by Lily on 12/28/13 6:01 PM

Outstanding ride today! First trail ride at Cornerstone but certainly not my last. Owner/Trail Master Sue was so very friendly, professional and helpful; made the experience enjoyable. The horses were great, the trails and area was/were beautiful and the overall experience was very nice (complete with campfire and hot cocoa). What Fun! Perhaps I will be back for riding lessons in addition to future trails even with an hour drive still worth the trip. Thank you!! Lily

Lovely winter ride.. 

Review by Mandi on 12/13/13 10:01 PM

This was a great way to celebrate the season. Sue was a wonderful guide and Angus the dog was so welcoming and cute. My friend and I had a peaceful ride on the one hour trail. It was snowy and beautiful. If you love being outside and don't mind bundling up...go in was magical. I can't to go again in the spring. Thanks so much!

Chilly Ride.. 

Review by Olive on 12/10/13 9:46 AM

The horses and staff were nice. As it being my first time ever on a horse I felt comfortable and would definitely go again.

Cornerstone Ranch.. 

Review by NH horse folk on 12/6/13 9:09 PM

The horses were sweet and even tempered. The staff was pleasant. As an experienced horse person, I was appalled that the horses did not have winter shoes on. The terrain we traveled on was extremely icy and my older mount was having trouble with her footing. She nearly went down a few times. I mentioned my concern early on in the ride and it was shrugged off. I considered just turning around. It was not fair to myself or the horse. If I had not been experienced and balanced in my seat- I easily could have fallen off. At one point the mare slipped so abruptly, she began limping on her right front leg. She eventually loosened up, and her gait evened at bit more. But the whole eide she was fighting to keep up and keep her footing. The ride should have been canceled due to poor ground conditions. I understand that you can't predict when a freeze will come, and when to fit studded shoes (which are more expensive) but the situation should have been addressed when presented.

Great Ride - thanks!.. 

Review by Katie on 12/4/13 10:54 AM

My friend and I found Cornerstone Ranch through a Groupon - it was very easy to book with them, and they were very accommodating, even though we believed we were running late. Sue led our group ride and was kind enough to ask our names and check in with us as we were riding to make sure we were comfortable. The ride was pleasant, if a little cold, but the scenery was worth it.

good time.. 

Review by lori on 11/27/13 11:26 AM

I treated my friend for a Birthday ride at Cornerstone. It was a nice way to spend time together and a great birthday gift! We had a really fun time with Sue and the horses. Sue answered numerous questions, I am very inquisitive, and she was very gracious!! We will do it again some time. It was a little bit cold, but otherwise a wonderful time!!

loved it.. 

Review by y on 11/25/13 9:59 AM

It was an awesome time, cold outside but we were dressed for the weather and nobody else had booked a ride so there was just two of us. The horses had great temperaments and were very easy to ride especially after the details and great set of instructions given by the guide. I have been horseback riding to a bunch of places before and this was by far my favorite. Extremely friendly staff, awesome horses, beautiful view, and a great overall experience

Date day ride.. 

Review by jlynn on 11/20/13 7:26 PM

This was a fantastic daytime date for me and the hubby. The staff was fantastic! I would probably go a different time of year as it was pretty cold out when we went however the scenery was beautiful. As I read in a previous comment the power lines did take away from the the serenity of the ride. Overall I would highly recommend this place for a peaceful relaxing day date!

Great for a Group.. 

Review by Colleen on 11/20/13 11:35 AM

I went with a group of friends of different experience and they were very helpful at matching us with horses that suited out comfort levels. The ride was pretty long and worth the drive and the money even though it was a bit cold in November. Gloves were a good choice! I would love to go back when it's warmer.

Great experience with a little room for improvement.. 

Review by Midfiguy on 11/13/13 7:05 AM

First off, the staff is fantastic. When we got there, we were early so we were just hanging around playing with a few of the horses and getting to know other members of the group we were riding with. Once it was time for our group to head out, Sue and the rest of the staff were great in giving us instruction and a little detail about what she was doing and some information about the horses. When all was said and done, for the 2 hour ride, we rode for about 1.5 hours, which may not sound like a long time, but it actually is. The ride is very pretty, with some of it going through woods while other is in an open trail area along some powerlines (the powerlines are not very pretty, but it's not all that bad). We did a few steep climbs and descents as well. The only area I think could use some improving is the way the ride takes place. All of the 10-15 horses ride behind one another with a decent amount of space between them. I believe they said its done this way because some of the horses are male/some are female and they sometimes don't play well together/get aggressive. Therefore, if you go with a group of people, you really don't get a chance to talk with anyone. I was maybe the 7th/8th one back in the group and I didn't get to chat with Sue at all. I spoke minimally with my family (in front and behind me). Perhaps they should break the group up into two groups with two leaders where the horses get along more so that people can ride closer or side by side, or something like that so you have someone to chat with. Otherwise, the ride can sometimes seem a bit long. However, this shouldn't detract you from doing it if you love horses. The scenary is beautiful, the horses are beautiful and the staff is great. Give it a try!

An awesome autumn activity!.. 

Review by Kris on 11/7/13 8:02 AM

Everyone at the ranch was so helpful and friendly and had a great sense of humor. I'm so glad I found it through Groupon! The trail was beautiful and the 1-hour ride had a really nice pace.

A lovely ride.. 

Review by Deb on 11/6/13 10:56 AM

This was a lovely 2-hour ride that felt like 1-hour but upon checking my cell phone at the end, indeed the time flew by! It was chilly but we bundled up. Sue was very friendly and helpful and the horses were sweet and well-behaved. This was a nice way to get "off-line" for a couple of hours and simply enjoy the outdoors. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because Sue is impossible to get ahold of. I had a groupon that had expired and wasn't able to use the amount we'd already paid toward the new cost. They need to find a way for their phones to be answered and their emails returned!

Cornerstone Roanch.. 

Review by Susan on 11/6/13 9:37 AM

Had a wonderful fall trailride with friends! The one hour was just enough with the loop allowing for various scenery. Will definitely be planning more rides!

Fantastic Experience.. 

Review by Eric on 11/4/13 10:49 AM

My Wife and I had a fantastic time. We were able to get some beautiful pictures of the autumn leafs in October and enjoyed the relaxing 2 hour horse ride through the woods. Thanks for the great experience!

Great trail ride!.. 

Review by Happy Rider on 10/30/13 8:53 AM

We had a great day at Cornerstone Ranch. This was actually my second visit and I am certain I will visit again. The horses were great and the employees were very pleasant and helpful. I completely enjoyed my ride! Thank you!!!

Wonderful Trail Ride.. 

Review by Noodle on 10/28/13 11:26 PM

I went with my mom on a 2 hour trail ride and had a really good time. Great deal on groupon. The horses were sweet. My only issues were that the ride ended about a half hour too early, and I wasn't ready to be done yet! And, a good part of the ride is next to powerlines, which were still beautiful thanks to the wonderful foliage, but I also like to be deep in the woods. Oh, and it would have been cool to have the option to go a little bit faster if you were comfortable doing so. Overall a really great time! Thanks!

Great Experience!.. 

Review by Tracy on 10/28/13 5:08 PM

My daughter and I did the 2-hour trail ride. What fun! The horses were awesome and knew every step of the way. They were gentle and easy going. The trail was beautiful this time of year with all the fall colors in full swing. Despite the foggy, damp, chilly day we still had a great time. Because of the fog we didn't get to see the view of Boston, but I think we will definitely plan on going again another time. Nice job, Cornerstone!

First Ride.. 

Review by Dave on 10/22/13 6:20 PM

My Wife and I went our first ride together as a couple,we are Seniors, We had a great experience . The horses are wonderful ,calm and fun to be riding. Everybody at Cornerstone did a great job !!! We came back again two weeks later for more. We enjoyed the View, the foliage and the View of Boston. I would recommend Cornerstone Ranch for a fun ride!!!!

Day of the first ride.. 

Review by Wayne Staltare on 10/22/13 2:02 PM

Myself and grand kids can't wait to get back. It was a wonderful experience, I am hoping to bring them again after the snow flies. See you soon The semi-cursive is not easy to read

Great Place for a Trail Ride!.. 

Review by Single Gal on 10/18/13 12:20 PM

I went on a trail ride recently, and I couldn't have asked for better weather! It was a gorgeous, clear and warm day! The course was very beautiful and you could see the fall foliage in the trees, making the ride even better! The horse I rode was Shiloh, and she behaved very well and knew when to stop. The leader, Sue, was very informative and helpful. The view is wonderful and I would defintitely come back here! A wonderful experience!

Fall riding.. 

Review by MayTryAgain on 10/17/13 7:55 AM

This was my first time ever riding a horse and I really enjoyed myself. The staff were awesome and gave valuable tips on how to direct the horse. One caveat, after fifteen minutes you will get the hang of it and may want to ride faster, but can't do it as you will need to stay with the group in a single line. Great way to see the foliage.

Great deal.. 

Review by Family Gal on 10/13/13 3:30 PM

What a great ride. It was so beautiful where we rode, and the staff were great about assigning each of us a horse. Totally worth going again.

Highly Recommend It.. 

Review by Momof3WonderfulKids on 10/10/13 7:41 AM

I went with a group of friends for the 1 hour trail ride and we all had a great time! My only tip would be in the fall to choose an earlier time slot than the 6pm one as it was almost pitch black by the middle of our ride and I would have loved to have had it been lighter so I could enjoy the surroundings.

Wonderful time.. 

Review by enprice on 10/6/13 10:37 AM

I used a groupon for a 2 hour trail ride and had a wonderful time. The staff was friendly and helpful. The horses were all very sweet and well cared for and the trails were nice and scenic, you could see all the way to Boston from one of them! We just walked the whole way on the trail but it was relaxing. I would definitely go back again!


Review by Ann Marie on 10/3/13 6:48 AM

I went with a group of four and had an amazing day. The horses were friendly, the trail was pretty and the staff was great. I had such a great time that I didn't want to leave. I am looking forward to going again. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to have a great day and meet some amazing horses!

Wonderful birthday.. 

Review by Pia on 10/1/13 6:11 PM

I took a group of six girls on the two hour trail ride for my daughter's 11th birthday. The staff, weather, views and horses where fantastic. We are beginner riders and enjoyed the easy going slower pace. My daughter and her friends loved every minute of it. Thank you for a wonderful day. We will be back!

Beautiful Day!.. 

Review by Klehrmy on 10/1/13 6:37 AM

I took my daughter for a ride for her 16th birthday. We weren't sure what to expect, but after driving the 2 hours to get to Cornerstone Ranch (which was a beautiful drive too, btw), we were greeted by Sue and the horses. We got our helmets and were assigned to our horses. Now, this is a mild trail ride - in that you really have well mannered horses who know what they are supposed to do, so this is great for a beginner. However, even though I had a little experience and maybe could have handled a little more control of the horse, it was still extremely enjoyable to just sit back, relax and enjoy the view and the ride. I look forward to going again!

Utterly disappointing.. 

Review by Jen on 9/27/13 9:20 PM

I showed up for a 2 hour trail ride that I had booked in advance with a groupon. That day it started raining with thunder and lightening. The daughter who was going to lead us on the trail wanted to wait it out for a few minutes but guarenteed us that if we would like to reschedule instead it would not be a problem at all. So I decided to go home. I tried contacting Sue via email as well as phone and did not get a response until one of my friends who did the same thing threatened with a bad review. After a while we were able to reschedule and came for our two hour trail ride. Another dissapointment was that we were back at the barn after one hour and 15 minutes. That was including getting the horses assigned and doing little "exercises" as the called them. The trail was along powerlines back and forth, not a circular track and it was so slow and unexciting. I would never go back. Maybe if you have a really unexperienced rider but not for me. The customer service was aweful.

Great Experience.. 

Review by Jenny on 9/26/13 9:45 AM

I have been here 3 times already. My first experience was a Sleigh Ride Groupon. Unfortunately that happened to be the year we had no snow! We ended up getting a hay ride instead, and it was still fun! I have also been on two- two hour trail rides and enjoyed myself each time! It's quiet and peaceful and beautiful views. The only part I didn't like was the hill towards the end of the ride. Just me being nervous! Over all they do a great job and the horses seem happy (except when there's flies around)!

Great fun for the family.. 

Review by Cora on 9/12/13 6:08 PM

If you are looking for something fun to do with your family then look no further! We had an absoulte ball on the trials. Between the sights, the awesome staff, and the horses, what more could you ask for. We will be back to Cornerstone Ranch as soon as we can! Hope you have as much fun as we did! (it's pretty much impossible not to)! (:

Overall Great Time.. 

Review by Cdidt24 on 9/12/13 10:31 AM

We went to Cornerstone after purchasing the 1 hour trail ride for 2 groupon. The staff did a great job at matching the horses to the people. We had several riders that were fearful and the staff was very encouraging and ensured that everyone had a fun and safe time. I would've given 5 stars but the ride did fall a bit short in terms of time. The staff was professional and friendly. We even got to know the story behind our horse and learned about horse rescue effors. We did leave a tip, the horses were well cared for and the staff was hardworking. The experience was great for first time riders or people with a little horse experience but might be boring for those that are more advanced. We'll be returning guests for sure!

Something Fun to do in the Area.. 

Review by Thia67 on 9/12/13 8:29 AM

I bought a groupon for a 2 hour trail ride for my daughter and myself and thought it would be fun to do since we are camping in the area and it is not far from where we were staying. After missing the turn into the ranch (wish there were a little bit more signs up), we arrived and soon got settled onto our horses. I rode Dakota and my daughter rode Bud, both were very gentle horses. This was my daughters first time riding a horse for a long period of time. She had fun.The staff was friendly. We rode along a path along the power lines and had a nice scenic view. There was one area that has a little steep incline but the horses handled it very well going up and going down. We had so much fun that I bought another groupon to use next year when we are in the area again.

best escape ever.. 

Review by Jim on 9/12/13 1:36 AM

When everyday nonsense seems overwhelming, you need to escape to soothe your soul. What better way than a 2 hr trail ride @ cornerstone ranch. I have been around horses for a while and I was very impressed at the way these horses were cared for. The staff was top notch and very professional. Safety was their main theme and they were reassuring to those who were not as comfortable as I was. It was never boring but not too challenging that you had to worry. Two hours is just the right amount of time for those of us "up in years". I will definetly be back again. Keep up the good work. I can see this place being around for a long time.

A&E! Awesome Expierence!.. 

Review by Chivlaryi on 9/5/13 5:51 AM

We arrived at Cornersone Ranch, nestled our of the way in a quite New England Country Setting. A modest establishment with Beautiful well kept Horses and gear. I've ridden at other Ranch's yet this was my first trip here. The trail ride was sunny and shaded through wooded glen and hills, the Steed was magnificent and handled well. My Lady Friend and I had a Wonderful time and I would highly recommend Cornerstone Ranch for your first our One Hundred and First riding expierence. I shall be returning! Thank you Sue and Staff for making a Great Day...Awesome!!! GOD Bless You and Your Efforts, James W. Smith

Perfect Trail Ride!.. 

Review by Leeny on 9/4/13 8:52 AM

Totally impressed with Cornerstone Ranch! My daughter (13 yrs.) and I used a Groupon to go on the two hour trail ride. We had the perfect day there. The staff was knowledgeable, super friendly, and very accommodating. The horses were friendly and gentle. The trail ride was scenic, and extremely peaceful, in a semi wooded area, with small challenges, (like a rocky hill), to make it exciting. Really can't say enough positive about our day, it was simply wonderful! I had taken riding lessons as a young girl, and was so impressed, came home and purchased two more trail ride coupons, emailed the staff for riding information, they answered all my questions promptly, and I enrolled my daughter in riding lessons. My daughter is ecstatic and can't wait to go back!

Nice twilight trail ride.. 

Review by Bella on 9/3/13 4:37 PM

My partner booked a two hour ride for us for my birthday. We found it very easily, and the wait for the previous group to finish wasn't too bad. There was a slight delay in getting our group started as there were three people who showed up that weren't on the list, but it was sorted out quickly and then we were good to go. The ride was quite nice, especially on the way back as the sun was setting. At one point, we got an amazing view of the Boston skyline. I really enjoyed the views. The owner, Sue, was very friendly, and helpful. I really enjoyed having her lead the ride. I definitely recommend this ride for beginners. I'm an intermediate rider, and it's probably a ride that I won't do again, due to the slow pace, however my partner has hardly ridden before, so it was really special to do with her. I'd do it again if I were in a group of friends or going with beginner riders.

Fun time with the kiddos.. 

Review by Christina  on 9/2/13 10:13 AM

The staff was friendly and the ride nice and long!


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