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Good experience.. 

Review by JimLin on 10/15/14 10:48 AM

Overall, we enjoyed our 2 hour trail ride at Cornerstone Ranch. It was a nice fall day and the trail was very colorful. The guide was very pleasant and patient. The trail was one hour out and one hour back with some very nice views. Unfortunately, the trail was quite muddy due to the recent rain and the horses were slopping through a lot of mud and puddles (no fault to the owners). We had 10 riders in our group and followed in single file for the whole ride. My experience would have been better if we were able to ride tandem so my husband and I could talk to each other during the ride. We have been on other rides and were able to ride side by side and also pick up a little pace into a gallup. Other than that it was a very pleasant day and we are glad we went.

Great experience!.. 

Review by Sarah on 10/8/14 7:59 PM

Had a great time on the 1-hour trail ride with a Groupon! The scenery was nice and the horses were calm and controlled - it was well worth the drive out from Boston!


Review by Roger on 10/8/14 5:24 AM

Been on several guided rides; by far this was the most blah; the guide was allof and really no interaction; one factor was that this was a big group( it should have been split in two


Review by Crittercrazy on 10/2/14 8:28 AM

I have been to Cornerstone several times. Awesome trail riding! The horses are all very sweet and the owners are great with beginners and first time riders. Looking forward to many more trail rides with Cornerstone!

Fabulous Time.. 

Review by Johnson/Wells Family on 9/30/14 2:07 PM

My entire family did the two-hour trail rides on two weekends. Everyone had a wonderful time and would not hesitate for a moment to come back. We are all thinking about lessons as well as sleigh rides, etc.. Everyone at Cornerstone Ranch is down to earth and love what they do which is very apparent. They also offer Groupon coupons, but even without the prices are very reasonable! We would highly recommend to anyone. You will not be disappointed! Thank you to everyone at Cornerstone Ranch for such great times!!!!

Very Enjoyable.. 

Review by Aunt on 9/24/14 7:05 PM

Gave my 15 year old nephew a trail ride as one of his Christmas gifts. We had a great time. It was supposed to be one hour and we got a full hour ride. I had used a Groupon so the price was wonderful. I think folks will really enjoy the ranch, the people who work there, and the horses. I plan on going back in the future with my younger nephew.

Great time.. 

Review by Robin and Greg on 9/24/14 10:00 AM

We had a great two hour ride. We even saw a moose during the ride. The folks there were wonderful. The horses were well kept and well trained. We would recommend Cornerstone ranch to anyone.

Had a great time.. 

Review by 2 from Stow on 9/16/14 7:16 AM

We also purchased the Groupon for a two hour trail ride. My husband is a beginner, and I am only a little more experienced, but we both really enjoyed the scenery and our guides. It had been a long time since either of us had ridden so we were secretly grateful that we went back to the barn when we were offered to go for a longer loop that would keep us on the trails for a full 2 hours. The people handling the ranch are very thoughtful. There is a very clean portapotty at the parking lot and the helmets are all cleaned regularly. We had a great time and would go back for a sleigh ride this winter.

Great Outing.. 

Review by Betsy on 9/15/14 5:45 PM

Despite that the ride was suppose to be 1 hour and it only lasted 45 minutes we still had a great time. I took my 14 year old daughter horse back riding (she for the first time). She and I had a great time. I loved watching her on Hope. She was so excited and Hope was the perfect horse for her. I will definitely take her back again and ask for the same horse. As for me I had a great time on Malarky.

Great Experience.. 

Review by Brenda on 9/12/14 6:48 AM

We found Cornerstone on Groupon and had a wonderful time. We had the two hour trail ride. It was a gift for my daughter's birthday. We would definitely go again.

Had a great time.. 

Review by Alexa on 9/10/14 8:23 AM

I went with my husband and 12 year old daughter. (had bought a Groupon). This was a bucket list item for me as I've never been on a horse, much less been on a one hour ride. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from beginning to end. All of the people there clearly loved the horses and were very welcoming to us. One trail guide was one of the sisters who owns/works her Mom's ranch - it was great to hear how her family is so dedicated to the horses. She did a great job of matching the horses to our personalities - it made for such a relaxing ride through the woods, open dirt roads and under the power lines. My only complaint .... I should've booked 2 hours! Next time.

A fun ride on a Saturday morning.. 

Review by :-) on 9/4/14 3:18 PM

Very nice trail ride. I took my partner. It was her first time riding a horse and it was a fun and pleasant ride for her. The horses seemed well cared for and the staff was nice. My only complaint would be that the helmets were a little dirty, but it is difficult to maintain equipment used by a number of others and it wasn't horrible. The only "rest room" facility is a porta-potty in the parking area, but it seemed clean and wasn't bad to use. I would definitely recommend Cornerstone Ranch. They are out of the way down a gravel road but this just makes the trail ride experience more of a fun adventure. I would definitely go riding there again!

trail ride.. 

Review by Ally on 9/3/14 1:19 PM

Was a good beginner trail ride. Only walked but with so many that knew nothing about horses what can you expect. The folks at Cornerstone clearly care about their horses and the animals were in good condition. Price was great. People were very nice.

2 hour trail ride.. 

Review by 2 hour trail ride on 9/2/14 7:50 AM

While the trail ride itself was fun, I am rating it a 3 overall because while it was supposed to be a 2 hour trail ride, it was only an hour and 35 minutes. Why sell a 2 hour trail ride when it isn't? I also saw reviews that read that the 1 hour trail ride was 35 minutes. For the price I paid on Groupon it was a great deal but I would never pay $70 for the same thing.

Wonderful Time.. 

Review by SteveBowl on 8/28/14 6:27 AM

My daughter heard me talking about growing up on a horse farm and purchased a trail ride for two on Groupon. I hadn't been on a horse in 35 years after owning one as a teen. We picked two that reminded me of the Palominos from my youth. The hour long ride with a dozen other folks was just right. The staff was helpful and professional and the horses were all well behaved. We'll go back with more of my family next year and hopefully take advantage of winter sleigh rides too.

Good Experience.. 

Review by Allen on 8/26/14 7:52 AM

All in all it was a great experience. Horses were well cared for and great for novice riders. Everyone in our group had a great time. Bring your own helmet. Helmets were gross.... grounds could be better kept, but once we got out on the trails it was wonderful.

Never again. Dangerous place. .. 

Review by Alex on 8/21/14 1:30 AM

Okay, where should I start? First let me say that I have been here before and I had a pretty decent experience, nothing out of the ordinary happened for me to rate it one star, until today. Because of this experience I decided to return, today actually. I am writing this as I am on my way home from this ranch. To begin, there are no bathrooms, just a single port-potty in the corner of the parking lot. Expect to bring a GPS, because trust me, you will be lost without one. Once I got there, the owner, Sue greeted us very nicely and told me to fill out a waiver. I was standing to the side and more people began to arrive (I got there a bit early). Then she once again greeted us all and told us to fill out a waiver and grab a helmet (bring your own if you have one, they are rather gross). Then Sue gave me this look because she saw that I was not doing either one of them (I had already filled out a waiver and was waiting for people to move out of the helmet bin!). She gave me this look and said "Can you do that?" as if I am some idiot who cannot follow directions. I responded, "Yes, just waiting for them to move", and she laughed sarcastically. Then she assigned each of us a horse, I got on it and had to do some "warm-ups", they seemed pretty useless, and the way she was talking to me was just as if I was some idiot who could not follow directions. (Mind you, I grew up ridding horses, so I know a thing or two about horse safety). Okay so we begin ridding, and before we even get to the beginning of the trail, a horse decides to FALL DOWN! Yes! The horse was bothered by the bugs (which there were a lot of, I understand) but there was a ridder on it! The horse fell on the ground and started kicking all over the place, thank God the ridder was not injured. But I was just in shock that this even happened, they claim on their website that their horses are very well trained, but that clearly is NOT the case. How could a horse just fall down WITH A RIDDER! Then to make matters worse, Sue starts to laugh and makes a joke out of it to not make it seem like the situation is bad. Sue also sais that the girl should continue ridding the horse, WHAT?! How is this even remotely okay? We begin the trail ride, and the horses are SO SLOW! I understand, it is a trail ride, but if you are looking for something genuine with horses, DO NOT COME HERE! This place is absolutely not for horseback ridding, its more for scenery and just saying you have been horseback ridding. During the trial all the horses kept stopping because the bugs were going insane! This ranch really needs to invest in some bug spray. So everything is going as good as it can get, when suddenly there is a horse running across the street! With a ridder running after it! Then Sue gets off her horse, and stops the running horse. The runner is out of breath (mind you she works at the ranch). So if an employee who works with these horses everyday can't handle them, then who can? The trail finally ended, they offer to take pictures which is nice. Then all the employees say bye to you at least 5x's each, almost as a reminder to leave them a tip. Like, might as well say, "Don't forget the tip!", and I would have given them one if I felt like they deserved it. But after my experience today I can honestly say that I will NEVER come back here again. I still cannot believe that the horse decided to fall over with a ridder, I am still in utter disbelief. Once again, please reconsider before you come here. There may be great reviews but please consider this one.


Review by Dragonfly on 8/20/14 10:47 AM

My husband took our 11 year old, she had been on a horse before, but he had not. They had a fabulous time and can not wait to go again. Clean, professional, horses well taken care of, just perfect...

Great time.. 

Review by LG on 8/15/14 9:05 PM

My 11 yr old daughter and I went on a trail ride at Cornerstone ranch. Everyone was helpful and put our minds at ease. The horses were lovely and well taken care of. We will go back with the rest of the family in the Fall.Great place for family time.


Review by Jayjay on 8/14/14 6:24 AM

I stumbled upon this on groupon and thought what a good surprise mini vacation for my girlfriend. Us and two of our friends all trooped to northborough and spent the weekend in motel 6, not recommended, and then early Sunday morning made our way to cornerstone ranch. We made it there 30 min before like instructed. They have a beautiful set of land and many corrals and open spaces for the horses. It had rained the day before so it was a bit muddy. We checked in and did our exercises and then we were off. It was so much fun. My girlfriend and I as well as our friends had such a blast and would return. We just wish there was a place closer to us that offered the same service.

Great for beginners.. 

Review by Jess on 8/13/14 1:59 PM

My mom expressed interest in riding again sometime in her life after not having ridden for many many years. So I bought a Groupon for a 2 hour trail ride at Cornerstone Ranch as a present for her 70th birthday. Although my mom was apprehensive about actually getting back on a horse after so many years, the horses at Cornerstone Ranch are very gentle and very accustomed to being ridden on these trail rides. You can tell that all the horses are very well taken care of, and the staff was great. I will say that as someone with a lot of riding experience, it was not all that exciting. Even my mom was wishing that there had been a chance for a little trotting or at least a slightly faster pace (very slow walk, with lots of stops for horses that started grazing on the side of the trail with inexperienced riders that couldn't keep their horses' head up!). ONE VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to bring/wear bug spray and/or sunscreen! The horses got fly spray, but there was none for the humans and we got bitten alive while in the woods! In sum, great ride for a beginner/novice to horseback riding, and a fun activity to do with someone that would like to experience just being on a horse.

Awesome experience.. 

Review by Cornerstone Ranch on 8/6/14 4:17 PM

Definitely recommend Cornerstone Ranch for horseback riding. I took my 17 yo daughter for her first ride. Bought Groupon 2 hour ride. It was very easy to redeem and plenty of reservation times were available. We plan to go back soon. Wooded trails were well maintained and horses were gentle. Stff was extremely patient too. Thank you very much.

Great experience.. 

Review by Michael on 8/5/14 6:36 PM

My wife and I took advantage of an Amazon 2 for the price of 1 offer and we went on the one hour ride. It was a lot of fun. The horses are well cared for and easy to ride. We had some issue redeeming our deal code online, but when I contacted Sue at Cornerstone Ranch, she was extremely helpful and took care of the issue. We would recommend this to anyone. My wife had never ridden a horse before and would certainly go again after the wonderful experience we had.

1 hr. ride - Cornerstone.. 

Review by Maxie on 8/5/14 7:32 AM

Did this ride because of finding a groupon - had not known about Cornerstone. My granddaughter and I went for a one hr. ride because she was very apprehensive about horse riding. Horses were just sweet and we had a really great trail ride. Staff was friendly and helpful. Horses pretty much followed each other so having no riding experience is not a problem. I will go back another time -- so glad I found this ranch.

Great Ride.. 

Review by Bob on 7/24/14 3:25 PM

This was the second ride we have made. It was a great trip, horses handle well and seem to know about horseback riding that riders. Excellent way to relax and lossen joints on a two hour ride. We have purchased another groupon already.

Fun time .. 

Review by Leigh on 7/24/14 6:26 AM

I bought a Groupon for a 4-person one-hour ride. When the code didn't work initially, Sue was easy to reach via email and quickly resolved the issue for us. My 3 friends had limited riding experience, and the horses were well-mannered and well-behaved. Good for people looking for a new experience or a beautiful ride.


Review by Carol on 7/23/14 7:44 PM

We took my husband and two grand daughters for Father's Day. It was a blast. We then went back a month later. Sue is very professional and helpful. Horses are gentle. We want to go back for two hour ride in the fall. Thanks!


Review by Debbie on 7/22/14 8:22 AM

I would recommend this farm to anyone. The horses are very gentle and a lot of fun to ride The trail ride was a lot of fun. I went there not to sure of riding, but the staff/owner told me that I would enjoy it. I did. In fact I went back to do it again the following week. I rode a small horse the first week, the second week I rode a much larger horse. I enjoyed both trips. The horses are so friendly and very gentle. I would go back with out a doubt if I get the chance to.


Review by amy on 7/17/14 9:55 AM

My husband, daughter and myself went here for the 2 hour trail ride and it was awesome! I have already recommended it to a few people and will probably be back in the fall when the weather is a little cooler. They are great horses and the staff/owner are very friendly and professional! 5 stars from us for sure!!

professional .. 

Review by From MA on 7/9/14 10:09 AM

As a customer, I would like to apologize for a misunderstanding at the ranch. However, the owner helped to resolve the issue in a professional manner by showing great attitude and concern about her customers and business.

Horses were beautiful and lovely.. 

Review by J on 7/9/14 9:56 AM

Caring people who abate concerns and anxiety in a professional manner. Horses were beautiful and lovely.

Pleasantly Pleased.. 

Review by Always and forever on 7/8/14 8:19 AM

As most of the others we purchased a Groupon for a 2 hour trail ride we showed up 30 min early as instructed in the on line site but waited 20 min before the owner or horses showed up. The horses were watered and fed and we mounted up. After a quick lesson in how not to fall off and how to turn we were off. Each horse basically followed the horse one in front of it and little knowledge in riding was needed with the exception of a few taps to the horse to pick up speed. All in all in was a beautiful day a lovely ride and a nice pace. If your looking to ride like a cowboy in the movies or think you'll be flying down the trails this is not for you. But if you would like a nice trail ride on a wonderful animal this may be what you want. I was a bit disappointed by the signs asking for donations for the horses but with all the Groupons being used I can see how it's needed. $45 with the tip for 2hours of time is not all that bad and we had fun!

2-hour trial ride bought from GroupOn.. 

Review by Cat and John on 7/5/14 3:37 PM

We bought a Groupon for a 2-hour trail ride. Sue was extremely friendly, helpful and professional. The horses were beautiful and we felt comfortable riding them. The trail was gorgeous and Sue was a great instructor throughout. We definitely recommend checking out Cornerstone Ranch!


Review by Catherine&Nik on 6/26/14 9:30 PM

I bought the groupon for the 2 hour ride. They have a professional setup and give a mini lesson before riding. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful trail. Sue was a great trail leader. The horses were great. Thanks for the nice ride.

wonderful day at Cornerstone ranch!.. 

Review by debcaroline on 6/26/14 9:21 PM

I found the Ranch online and purchased two groupon tickets. The day I went for the 2 hour ride was a beatiful one and I as well as my daughter really enjoyed the trail ride. The horses were well cared for and very gentle, doing the entire 2 hour ride without any issues. It was a long and beautiful ride and the horses followed each other and were strong and gentle. I cannot wait to do this again..thanks Sue and your family for a wonderful day.


Review by Carol on 6/26/14 7:35 PM

We purchased a groupon for four to take our grandchildren horseback riding. The horses were beautiful and Sue was awesome. We are going again with my daughter and her boyfriend. I highly recommend it. Arrive early visit the other horses, goat and donkey. The cost is extremely reasonable so tip well.we need places like this to continue on so others can enjoy it.

We had a blast!.. 

Review by Kristen & Marianne on 6/12/14 7:51 AM

I bought the 2 hour trail ride for my horse loving mom as Christmas, our ride was Sunday June 1st and we both loved every minute if it. Beautiful ride, friendly (and funny) staff and very professionally run business. All of the animals at Cornerstone are very well taken care of and seem happy to be there! Goes a long way for us as huge animal lovers. Other reviews speak to making a reservation... umm yeah of course you need a reservation. They only have so many horses! Smarten up people. The reservation process couldn't have been simpler if you read and followed the directions. Groupon is a discounted site for consumers to experience what they otherwise wouldn't due to expense. I would not only return at full price but tip as you are supposed to! Keep up the good work Cornerstone!!! Love to my girl Hope and that adorable donkey :)

I'm Going Back!.. 

Review by Sarah on 5/29/14 10:27 AM

The farm workers were so caring and knowledgeable. My only regret is that I was farther back in the line, and could not talk to Sue more about the ranch and its mission! After the first introduction, Sue knew everyone's name, and would check in with each rider personally throughout the trip. The ride was along power lines, but you hardly noticed after a little while. I bought my ticket on GroupMe for a 2 hour ride. It was very worth it for the price.

This place SUCKED.. 

Review by SHEBA on 5/26/14 7:00 AM

Very unprofessional service. I went there for my anniversary and drove 2 hours out from Boston. We bought our ticket through Groupon. My boyfriend made reservations specifically for our anniversary day and the woman Sue said we weren't on the list and basically just told us to leave even though she had 2 extra horses, AND we were already on our horses. GEE shouldn't she have looked at her reservation list before she decided to put people on the horses? And I KNOW we DID make reservations because the website even asked for our weights and once the reservation was done it said "Congratulations, see you there") What really pissed me off was that when she didn't look at her "reservation list" yet, she was WILLING to use the 2 extra ponies for two people who came late. POOR customer service and she had no sympathy that we took the time to drive 2 HOURS to ride her damn horses. I will NEVER recommend this place. And when I asked how I could get a refund all she said was "OR you can just book another day". NO I will NOT drive 2 hours again for the customer service that I received from this place. Also, check out the reviews on google. Looks like there were many more people who didn't enjoy cornerstone's "customer service" either. I should have done that before buying the groupon.

Not good for a first-time rider.. 

Review by If you've NEVER ridden, don't go here on 5/22/14 11:12 AM

Having NEVER ridden a horse before, I thought Cornerstone Ranch would be a good starting point, based on their website saying they deal with all levels of riders. Not so much. After helping me on the horse, they gave some instructions for steering the horses, which was abbreviated at best. They DID ask if anyone needed a stirrup adjustment, but having never ridden before, I did not know I needed one. In hindsight, the fact that my left foot was not in a stirrup should have tipped me off, but again – rookie. It was not until I fell off my horse that they adjusted my left stirrup, but still told me to work on my balance. What I was looking forward to an enjoyable afternoon with a peaceful ride turned out to be the complete opposite. Good thing is that I’m not deterred – I’ll try riding again, but will take some lessons first.

Excellent first experience for my son.. 

Review by bcp on 5/22/14 5:07 AM

We had a terrific afternoon at Cornerstone Ranch. My 10 year old had never ridden before, and he was warmly welcomed and put at ease. Our ride was pretty and the horses were well behaved. Sue was attentive enough to ensure that all the riders had what we needed to enjoy our ride, and also allowed us space for lovely moments to enjoy both the ride and the scenery.

Lovely peaceful ride.. 

Review by Kim & Luba on 5/15/14 9:32 AM

Exactly as advertised, my daughter and I enjoyed a 1-hour guided trail ride on with the lovely horses at Cornerstone Ranch. It was a cool and windy day, and it rained off and on, but we knew we would be sitting atop a horse outdoors for an hour so we came prepared. It was my daughter's first time on a horse, and Dusty was the perfect horse for her! He was very gentle, followed her instruction well although she was very timid with the reins, and followed the lead horses. I've been to several places for similar trail rides, and all of them required that you walk the horse. This is for the safety of both the horse and the rider. I believe the few negative comments you see here are a result in a difference between expectation and reality - You will not be speeding down the trail atop a wild beast, as exciting as that sounds. However if you come to Cornerstone Ranch expecting that you will take a peaceful walk through the woods on a lovely gentle beast, and come prepared for the weather, then I believe you will be quite pleased with the experience. I recommend it for children or adults who want a good first encounter with horses, or for the urbanite who is looking for a peaceful afternoon in the woods.

Consistently great time.. 

Review by Corey on 5/13/14 4:30 AM

I had a horse growing up and have begun introducing my young, very timid daughter to riding. She loves it! Sue was very patient and understanding, very supportive! Needless to say, I now have a riding buddy! I have been to many horse ranches over the years and I am so impressed with how well all the horses are cared for. My daughter and I go back to Cornerstone as often as we can. It is a great time, the views from the trail are beautiful.

We're coming back!.. 

Review by Sue  on 5/6/14 10:31 AM

Bought Groupon for my niece who has had some riding experience. She loved the trail ride & Sue and her staff were wonderful with the horses and the customers. Our day happened to be an especially busy day and their schedule was a little off - but Sue's care for her animals and for providing good service to her customers was certainly evident. She ensured all riders were properly equipped AND reviewed the rudiments of properly managing one's horse prior to setting out. Thank you for a good day.

Fun time.. 

Review by Margaret on 5/5/14 7:43 AM

Sue was very accommodating to my kids when we got there and even went searching for extra gloves as it ended up being a chillier day than we expected. She took the time to make sure everyone was comfortable before heading out. The horses were very gentle. Louie refused to give me a little gallop when I wanted it, but that was ok. The only minor thing that I did not like was that my kids were at the very end of the line and Sue was in the front leading the group. They had miniature horses and were slower (though they could get theirs to gallop occasionally). We did have to cross roads (granted less travelled country roads, but still around a curve) and they were significantly behind the group and out of sight of Sue. It made me nervous that they were on their own so much. I did a trail ride with another organization in the past and when crossing roads, the leader stayed in the road to make sure everyone crossed safely and then went on to lead the group. They were also on their own when going up/down the steep hills. They felt a little bit nervous that most of the group was out of their sight during those times. Overall, I thought it was well worth it and would recommend it for the reduced price. Also, tipping was strongly encouraged which seemed a little odd to tip the owner.

LOVED IT!!!!.. 

Review by Val on 5/1/14 8:22 PM

My amazing husband knows I love horseback riding and found this place on Groupon and surprised me for my birthday in Feb. We have been to NH, ME and out on Caribbean Islands horseback riding. Yes, I love to run a horse but I understand it is a liability issue on these companies that they are not allowed to do so and that is ok with me. A trail ride is exactly what it is a walking trail ride. We always go during the spring, summer or fall but this time we went while there was still snow on the ground. There was about a foot or little more of snow and it was Awesome. The horses are so well trained they walked in a narrow 6 -8 inch path. Yeah they trip from time to time but they knew how to correct the issue quickly so you didn't feel like you were going to fall to the ground.. I would recommend this place over and over again. The 2 individuals on our tour were talkative which was very nice. We got to know a little about the place and the horses. So if you are looking to have a nice long trail ride take a chance and go to this place. You will enjoy.


Review by Maggie  on 4/30/14 9:16 AM

Super nice people and horses!


Review by Jezebel on 4/30/14 9:07 AM

Always wanted to ride a horse but never had the courage to do so. One day I was on groupon and stumbled upon the cornerstone ranch, the deal was great and I said "let me scratch this off my bucket list". So I purchased it, it took me almost a year to schedule the ride but I finally did and I'm glad I was able to enjoy it with my brother and a wonderful horse named Louie. I will def go back and only ride Louie. He was so pleasant and funny too (he never wanted to step in the mud, so he would take me into the branches and wouldn't care about hurting me lol).......LOVED the day and the especially the people there.

Not Impressed.. 

Review by ak on 4/24/14 8:51 AM

I purchase a Groupon for a 2 hour ride, as mentioned in several other reviews it was along the power lines. We walked the whole time, very long & uneventful. I have rode horses several times over the past 10 years, I enjoy running and galloping, trotting not a favorite. It was a very muddy day, the trail conditions were pretty horrible, the horses were matted, & wet. Looked like they could use a good brushing. The experience was lack there of, I would have been very disappointed to pay full price. The should categorize the runs with each persons experience, so it would be more enjoyable.

Nice peaceful ride...Highly Recommended!!.. 

Review by Cheryl on 4/23/14 8:52 AM

I bought a group on for a 2 hour trail ride for 2 people at 1/2 price. I am not an experienced rider, although I have been on horse back a few times before. My ride was on a spring Sunday morning. It was a lovely peaceful walk through the woods and under some power lines. The horses were spaced nicely about 3 lengths from each other and the pace was at a walk. The staff was friendly and helpful. It was a very enjoyable experience.


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